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Found 1 result

  1. Official Kaixen website: www.kaixen.co.kr/en Australian website coming soon. THREAD INDEX 1. INFORMATION 2. APPLICATION 3. PRICING 4. PAYMENT Certified Manufacturer ISO 9001 Quality Certifications: E13, TUV, QS9000, KQA KAIXEN SEMI-SLIM KITS with inbuilt IGNITORS/CANBUS(European compatibility chip) 24 MONTHS WARRANTY QUALITY, PRICE, RELIABILITY, INTEGRITY HIGH QUALITY, 100% KOREAN MADE - INSTALLED AS OEM IN HYUNDAI LUXURY CARS IN KOREA SALE!!!! $195 INCLUDING EXPRESS POST, LIMITED TIME ONLY! sorry no pickup RRP $295 Kaixen Catalog There has been an increase in re-branded kits with company logos. These kits may likely be comparable to very cheap kits you see on the market. The extra price you pay will basically cover future replacements for the company. Extra price does NOT mean better quality. We ask you, is extra warranty and savings worth the trouble of the kits failing at crucial times, not to mention time, effort and waiting time for warranty replacements? Comparable to OEM Phillips and GE HID systems, these kits are 100% OEM made in Korea. Kaixens HAS the lowest defect rate in the industry at less than 1%! Infact, Kaixen worked with Philips Korea to produce xenon globes. 1. I N F O R M A T I O N ======================== MAIN FEATURES: - 2 YEARS FULL WARRANTY - 100% OEM made in Korea - 100% Plug & Play - Low 35watt consumption - K2 Ballasts (4th Generation Kaixen ballast released late 2007) - Built-in 'canceller function' technology in ballast; compatible with 97% of European cars. - ISO2001 registered, E13 certified, KQA quality assurance certified. PARTS: x2 Bulbs/Burners x2 Ballasts with inbuilt igniters and Cancellor Function for European cars x2 Connectors for specific bulb type x2 20Amps replacement fuses x2 Zip ties x2 Double sided Adhesive Pads for ballast x1 Instruction manual KAIXEN BRIEF: Kaixen Hid kits are made by Autoline (founded in 1994) they started to develop and manufacture HID Xenon Lighting Systems for Automobiles from 2001 under the brand name of KAIXEN. They are the largest manufacturer and exporter in Korea producing all kinds of HID Xenon Lighting Systems using their latest advanced manufacturing line technology. These are now sold in all major countries and Kaixen HID kits were first sold using Philips/Matshushita ballasts and bulbs. Since then, Kaixen has received their own license as well as hiring several key engineers from Germany to develop its own high quality ballast / bulbs since 2002. WHAT SETS KAIXEN APART FROM OTHER XENON BRANDS: - High Quality: Consistent, Accurate, Clear colour temperature and contrast, strict manufacture guidelines - Reliability: its high quality results in one of the lowest defect rates in the industry, lower than Philips! - Affordable: Very competitive price for its high quality; Kaixen produces ALL their parts, WE are the distributors knocking off about $50 per kit. - Integrity: Sold and recognised around the world. Installed in race cars, super cars AND as OEM xenon kits in HYUNDAI luxury Cars in Korea. - Kaixen is highly Comparable to OEM Philips & GE bulbs. In fact, Kaixen used to supply parts to Philips korea! - High Quality OEM ballasts, bulbs, wiring, OEM quality fit & finish - All parts direct from one source, one factory meaning best technological integration and development - Not re-based parts like expensive Philips kits / Xenon Depot and other 'high-end kits' - No inferior parts outsourced from poor quality factories (alot from China) THEN Rebranded like MANY kits with high and low price tags - Many low quality kits market themselves as "German/Japan technology" which really means nothing because they do not define what is the actual' technology.. it can be as little as the igniter timing! it is really just a cheap way to market their product. - Igniter left outside the ballast is marketed as 'slim ballast', it is basically a form of marketing. Kaixen ballasts have inbuilt igniters which prevent heat damage. - Kaixen Quality will only improve, No outsourced parts to cut costs at times of high competition like MANY companies do. - Autoline has existed since 1994 and continue to provide high quality products for the long term. - Only other company other than Philips to develop the diamond-cut bulbs (no longer available because Kaixen found them very fragile; Not to worry! Kaixen bulbs are now even better!) 2. A P P L I C A T I O N ========================= H1 S15, R33/R34, R32 (91+, please check) H3 R32 (projector style) H4 180SX, S14 H7 350Z S14a Hi beam - H1 Lo beam - H1 S13 - Dual Square (please check your car, some differences): Low beam - H4 OR H4 hi/lo High beam OR Fogs - H3 - Triple projector: Low beam - H1 High beam - H3 Fog light - H3 - Double projector: Low beam - H3 High Beam - H3 Fog light - H3 3. P R I C I N G ================ To order please specify: 1. Single or double kit 2. Bulb type (not sure, email me car model, year, any headlight mods) 3. Colour temperature / Kelvin BULB TYPES: H1, H3, H4, H7, HB3, HB4, H9/H11, 9007: $as advertised above H4 hi/lo: +$60 more than single D2C Kit: +$15 more than single Hi/Lo (Double Type Bulbs): - 9004, 9007, H13, D4C: email for price COLOUR TEMPERATURE / KELVIN: DOWNLOAD PICTURES IN ZIP FORMAT Ranked from most popular: - 6000K Crystal White - White / Very slight blue tint - Recommended colour - 8500K Crystal Blue - White / Blue - 5000K Crystal Natural - White / Very slight Yellow tint - 6500K Crystal Purple- White / Very slight Purple tint - 4300K OEM Colour - White / Yellow Colour (+$20) - 4000K Crystal Yellow - Yellow Fog Colour (+$20) Kaixen Motorbike Kit - $195 inc Express post. 1 Waterproof Slim Built Ballast with Inbuilt Canceller and ignitor + 1 Bulb + all necessary wires Individual Parts Pricing: BULB - Pair of Bulbs (Single type / D2C) - $87 - Pair of Bulbs (Double H4 hi/lo type) - $147 BALLAST - 1 Piece Ballast - $87 - 2 Piece Ballast - $165 RELAYS - For 1 single kit: x2 Relays $25 - For 1 Double Hi/Lo Kit: x2 Relay + x2 Controller $39 The Relay is recommend for special case as follows: - For unstable lights, due to lack of output power in battery - Long distance between lights and battery located in trunk. 4. P A Y M E N T ================ - Bank deposit - PayPal (3% PayPal Fee) PLEASE EMAIL FOR BANK DETAILS.