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Found 16 results

  1. Spent hours and hours searching for this large poster that came in the fsm's. All links are dead since they're from 2006/2012 etc. Here's a 2019 one I stitched together quite seamlessly (not fully) to make it readable/usable compared to the A4 sections. Would need to cut it back up to be printed if desired though
  2. Hey guys, I recently had to reshell my S13 Silvia and my new shell was originally a CA18de, while my original was SR20de which I've now converted to turbo while reshelling. When I went to start it and after cranking for a bit, I noticed it didn't even sound like it wanted to start at all. So since the fuel pump was priming (although it doesn't anymore which is a mystery to me now since fuses seem good) I figured it wasn't getting spark, so I decided to test to see if it was getting spark but holding a coilpack with a sparkplug in it against a bolt on the engine while cranking the motor. After I saw no spark there I decided to crack the test light out and locate the issue. I started at the coilpack loom and quickly found myself at the ECU and realised it wasn't getting any power, which I then traced to the plugs where the passenger headlight is (which I rewired for the conversion according to what I found on the internet) and wasn't getting power to the ECU there either. I also noticed that the EGI relay is only getting power on 1 pin with the ignition on, where as the other relays in the fuse box get power at 2 pins. Is the EGI relay related to the ECU getting power? If so, where does the relay get it's power from? Or would it just be that I wired those plugs at the passenger headlight incorrectly? I just colour matched the wires as per what I read. Any help would be greatly appreciated because I can't figure this out for the life of me, among other electrical issues such as the cluster backlights not turning on, foglights not working, rear parkers/brakelights and only one headlight working, but those are all the least of my worries at the moment.
  3. Hey guys so I recently purchased a speedo correction kit from humming bird I am having trouble wiring it,ground and 12 volt all sorted just the VSS wire...I am using the yellow with blue stripe wire to wire from the VSS to the speedo correction kit and the other half to the speedometer however nothing is happening Is that the right wire to use? or is it another wire,the speedo was working but was like 30kms off and reading slow and as soon as i cut that wire the speedo stops working so im presuming it was the right wire.. there was another wire yellow and green stripe and i think a yellow black if i remembered correctly car is a s13 nissan silvia sr20de,it was a auto previously but has been converted to manuel any help would be appreciated thanks
  4. Hi, I've got a '93 180sx that's got a SR20DET from a '97 Type X. I've search all the wiring diagrams I can find and none of the wire colours match up to what I have. I've gone through manuals 91' - '01 English and Japanese without luck. Does anyone know if the type x wiring harness is different at all?
  5. Hey guys, I'm having a few problems with an engine conversion I'm doing on my KE70. I'm trying to wire up a S14 SR20DE VCT motor and being my first conversion I'm getting frustrated and confused by all the different information I'm finding online. The main problem being that I can't find a wiring diagram for the S14 non-turbo SR20DE and the DET diagram I've been looking at has different coloured wires from the ECU. I also only have the engine harness so I've had to make a fuse/relay box (for the important stuff) and once I have the wiring diagram I will have to install it and figure out how to hook up the ignition barrel switch. Does anybody have a wiring diagram to suit my motor? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks heaps for any information you can provide.
  6. Wiring Help

    Hey guys! Ive recently bought a S13 SR20DET Blacktop and i'm trying to tidy up the wiring in the body. Now. Here comes the strange part. My car was running fine and all of a sudden a cloud of smoke came from under the bonnet. I turned it off and lifted the hood and couldn't source where the smoke came from. I turned it back on and no smoke was present. But i noticed that my alternator wasn't working. So i believe that it blew the Voltage Regulator inside? So, i thought i might try and see why this happened. I did some continuity checks and noticed that my power distribution block was connected to ground. They were big resistances, but it shouldn't be there at all.. I found some wires that were grounded, but simply pulled out the fuse in the drivers footwell due to not needing them. I thought that fixed it. I did some more testing and found that when i push on the 2 x 20AMP Fuses in the engine bay (H/Lamp L/H & H/Lamp R/H) it grounds to earth? When i mean earth i mean, resistance goes from OPEN to 0.410MegOHMS Not sure if anyone can help me out. But is my whole fuse block stuffed? If there is any information that i missed that could help. Please let me know! Thanks heaps.
  7. ok so i'm at the point where i'm in need of some wiring fingerbanging guy/chick to come and say have you checked this and its 1 little wire or something i've missed and then she starts. So i done the whole SR20de to SR20DET conversion and the 2 wires behind ze headlight bridged (thanks to wizard and his mad soldering skills) now this is all that should have needed to be done to go bang bang but no... issue 1. No power to ecu pin 36 Issue 2. No Fuel pump priming issue 3. Passenger window wont work now... (No its not the amp) issue 4. Wiper is turned on After repairing a few wires from a doner loom (Another thanks to wizard) she seems to be getting spark to all coils and all injectors are pulsing and she wants to start buuuut NO FUEL! the EGI relay seems to be clicking off and on like it should and ive checked every fuse 3 times now after every attempt to fix and my fingers are killing ive tried grounding the thick blue/red stripe wire from fuel pump and that still dont work i removed old pump and replaced with a walbro new cradle and wiring just coz and still no priming. i tried bridging the power wire to fuel pump wire in brown plug but think i hit the wrong wire as thats when the wipers turned on - obviously i disconnected it but its still acting as if its on when its off. Any thoughts of saving me from going insane is deminishing at an alarming rate and would happily accept anyones thoughts or ideas on what possible things i can check PS. wipers and window can go to hell for the moment its winter anyways
  8. Hey everyone, i really need some help on finding a supplier to but a Headlight harness for my PS13. ive tried all over the internet but cant find anything. even called nissan and they cant help me. can anyone help!?!?! thanks in advance!
  9. Hello All, I have a 1997 Type S 180sx, Came Factory with a SR20DE Manual. I have just purchased a Blacktop SR20DET from a S13. My issue is the wiring loom is not plug and play there is two plugs behind the passenger side headlight instead of 3 aswell the plus near the ecu is different. I can't get my hands on a TYPE X SR20DET Wiring Loom and Ecu. If anyone has one or knows how to put the type x plugs on the older style loom. Cheers. Slydin.
  10. S15 Engine in S13

    Hey everyone! I'm only new to the forum, signed up because I'm well and truly stuck. I've searched online for hours or multiple forums to no avail, so I'm hoping some Silvia guru can help! I've dropped a S15 SR20DET into my S13. Everything is bolted up, just need to make some new intercooler pipes to fit. My issue is with the wiring. I'm completely clueless; no idea where to start. I have the S15 ECU and wiring loom, so the engine side of the wiring is done, easy. It's the wiring to the S13 dash that has me stuck. I can't even find any sort of diagrams to help me. There doesn't seem to be much info out there regarding S15 engine's in S13's. However, the guy I bought this S15 engine from had it running perfectly (dash and air con, etc included) in his S13. Unfortunately he isn't very available to get information from. Obviously, a step by step walk through would be amazing hahaha But I understand people wouldn't have time to do that for me. So any help would be useful! Advice, pictures, links, anything! I will post pictures of the build when it's finished I'll also gladly post any additional information or images if needed, just ask. Thanks again in advance! I've heard a lot of good things about this forum
  11. Hey guys. I'm wiring up a few gauges onto my s13 ca18de, At the moment it's just water temp and oil pressure, I was wondering if I can just splice them into the original senders on the motor? Not to worried about looks cause in a year a new motor will be going in and gauges will to installed properly. Does anyone know where the coolant temp sender is and which wires to splice into and also with the oil pressure sender? Cheers mark
  12. Okay, need some opinions on this one.. So i've just dropped a type X SR20DE motor into my S13 sil, it came with a loom and I purchased an ecu separately (fingers crossed it's actually a type X ecu like it said it would be) So i've ofcourse found that not all the plugs match perfectly and i may have some extras (for the headlights perhaps?) But i've found one that doesn't fit at all and i believe you'd agree with me in saying it's probably important... The plug that connects the engine loom to what i think is the body loom? or interior? (not sure what you call it) but the white plug just next to the blue ecu plug. So. I just want to clear up if it would be easier to purchase a silvia engine loom or. Attempt to splice the loom with plugs that actually fit. (which will be my next question) Because the type X engine loom has 13 wires and my silvia only has 12. also not all the colours match up perfectly (from memory the type X loom has 3 black wires, and the silvia has 3 green?) i've got some pictures here, they weren't taken by me so they may not show everything intended too. But yeah, opinions, advice would be great even wiring diagrams? Cheers.
  13. I have myself an S14a, basic mods such as Tomei turbo, 1000cc injectors, 264 cams etc. I got a Microtech with a running tune for the same mods from a friend and wired it has half piggy back half stand alone if that makes sense. The ignition and injector wires were cut from the standard ecu and connected directly to the Microtech. The power, ground, water temp, throttle position and 'crank 1 & 2' were spliced into the original ecu's wires. The car cranks but the orange light on the Microtech won't flash when it does. Checked both spark and injector pulse and have nothing. Any help or advice is appreciated ! Cheers
  14. FUUARK my 14

    Hi NissanSilvia, I've usually been posting up a lot of stuff on JDMST, but I have now seen better light and found NissanSilvia is actually a lot more technical and better suited to me. Anyway, majority of the following will be cut and paste from the other forum, so I can keep it as detailed as possible of the process and build status I have had with my 14. Please feel free to join us aswell if you own a s14 Click me to join TEAMS14
  15. hey all, just asking if someone is willing to wire up a sr20det vct manual series1 motor into a s13 which was once a sr20de auto. I want someone who knows what their doing ie. done wiring conversions more than once. As i want all my sensors and speedoes and other functions all to work. Loacted in western suburbs willing to pay EPIC stacks of cash Contact: pm or 0403 269 349
  16. im looking into simplifying the body loom on my s13 (sr20det) so its the bare minimal but hopefully keeping the original dash cluster working. will be a street car, but just a toy. so ac not needed, but windows and the usual lights/indicators etc. want to tuck the loom so there is basically no visible wiring in the engine bay. wondering if anybody has any pointers as to what i can and cant chop out of it, and what the little computer boxes are that are joined to the stock body loom? (the one in the passenger foot well above the ecu and the little black boxes behind the strut towers.) did a search, but couldn't find much. thanks.