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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys, recently took my car to the tuner after my rebuild. The cars a s14 sr20det 9.0 comp with a t28 on 14psi. He started to tune it but realised it wasnt coming on full boost until 4000rpm and it should be there by 3250-3500rpm. Any ideas what would make it lag this much? He mentioned it may be the vtc gear stuck or the cat being blocked. Seems really odd
  2. Car got stolen while in VIC so I'm selling the random bits I had lying around. [Edit] - I've also got a stock T28 BB turbo (JDM). Needs a rebuild / New CHRA as its been pulled apart. Shell and all outer components are in good condition. I can get some pictures if anyone's interested. Item: rear seat plastics Description:all the trim for rear seat area. Price: $5 each Location: indooroopilly area Willing to post?: no Contact: 0490690561 Please msg my phone if you're interested you'll get a much quicker response. Boot Lock plastic trim $5 Left and Right rear seat side plastic parcels. $5 Steering Column plastics + driver side sub dash $5 Boot Carpet Lining Right $5 Boot Carpet Lining Left $5 / Rear Seat plastic trim $5 Boot Carpet Lining Rear $5 / Boot Carpet $5
  3. Hey guys got some parts laying around and looking for offers on it all as I'm not totally sure what they are worth. Apexi Power Intake (http://justjap.com/a...an-s14-s15.html) s15 T28 Turbo s15 Stock Cams s15 Stock Valve Springs s15 Stock Retainers s15 Stock AFM s15 Stock Fuel Pump Will post photo's on request. Happy to post anywhere in Australia as long as postage is paid for, shoot me offers, worst I can say is no! -Jumunji
  4. A quick announcement I wish to make is my workshop is now opening to public. We will be carrying out all sort of engineering service to every one whom needs any sort of turbocharger related work for very reasonable prices, and for 9 years of turbo related engineering experiences, you will not find better workmanship. So If you wish to build you own dream turbo your own way, here is where you start. Here are some prices for some basic services. I will keep the list updated. Individual component balancing for compressor and turbine wheel or Assembly balancing: $100 VSR simulation and corrections, this is ideal for checkup for used and brand new CHRAs. Turbocharger Compressor profile and machining to suit specific compressor wheel and back plate $150: Turbine housing profile and machining $150: Turbocharger Wastgate porting and machining $50 This is a engineering service re-shaping turbocharger back plates to suit different radius and height of given compressor wheel and housings. The cost for this service is $50 This is a compressor wheel re-bore and re-size service. Our tolerance to perform this operation is under half a thou (1/80 of a mm). This service is perticular useful when people wish to mix and match compressor wheels in between different turbocharger manufactures. Ie. GTX Comp to TD06 Turbine. The cost to re-bore is $50 and cost to re-size is $50 Per phase (Can be taken from top or top and bottom depending on the length of the turbine shaft and bearing housing used.
  5. Hey so Ive been searching around the web for a while now and cant find the answer. What sparkplugs should i run in my s14a sr20det? All the pages i found on it were from around 2006... Whats the best plug and gap? Im halfway finished the engine rebuild now it has slightly higher compression, stock turbo will be running 12psi for a bit. Until i save some more money for a bigger turbo
  6. Hey guys, I'm looking for a stock standard S15 turbo with actuator/wastegate ASAP. Cash waiting.
  7. I have a highly modded RWD SR20DET (red top), but it isn’t performing as I would like. Basically the powerband is too narrow and high in the rev range. I’m fairly new to SR20’s and turbo cars in general. Can anyone help me out? The motor is in a gravel rally car. The ideal attributes of a 2WD gravel rally car are: No lag A fairly progressive (i.e. linear) power curve (to limit uncontrolled wheelspin) No need for more than 185-200rwkw (as you can’t put that power to the ground on gravel in a 2WD car) On boost as early as possible in the rev range Big torque down as low as possible. Targeting 150rwkw by 3500rpm (earlier if possible), max power in by 4500rpm (earlier if possible) Motor shouldn’t need to spin over 7000rpm Reliable (Fairly similar to a good/basic street setup?) The motor already has had a fair bit of coin spent by previous owner, and currently has: E85 setup (1000cc injectors/ fuel rail/ pumps/ surge tank/ etc) 11.4:1 static compression Billet crank, forged rods and CP pistons Custom exhaust manifold, similar to a twin scroll/ scavenging setup, very professional External Tial wastegate plumbed back into dump pipe (feeds primarily from cylinders 2/4 on header manifold but is fairly close to collector) Custom dump pipe and 3’ exhaust, no cat, very minimal muffler BC Stage 3 cams – 272 degree with 12.5mm lift Solid lifters, Tomei rocker stoppers, BC retainers and springs, adjustable cam gears T25G turbo? I'm guessing its a T25G, it has 0.86 turbine housing and a 0.8 compressor housing and looks (to me being a noob) like the stock S13 turbo. Internal wastegate is currently lock wired full open(?) Electronic boost controller Inlet manifold of unknown origin (single plenum and throttle body, with short/straight inlet runners), all vac lines disconnected/plugged (external oil catch can) Unknown Nissan throttle body Runs a Link G4 Stock intercooler/ water spray bar/ 2 ¼ inch inlet piping Pod filter At this stage, I am looking primarily for advice around the following as I think these are the areas where I can most easily achieve my goals: Which stock SR20 turbo would be the best for this application – i.e. T25G or T28XXXX, and what trim/ wheel size combo etc. The rules permit only OEM Nissan stock SR20 turbos to be used - nothing else. Is lock wiring the internal wastegate full open and relying on the external electronic boost controller a smart move? Surely with the wastegate open all the time this is slowing the build of boost? For the target power and revs, could that be accommodated by the turbine alone and the internal wastegate lock wired full shut, or do I need something to control the internal wastegate so it’s switchable? Which inlet manifold to use. I’m thinking S14 or S13 would be better than the large plenum type, given the longer intake runners to bring the mid-range torque up, and of the two I am thinking that the S14 one has longer runners and should be better? Are they bolt up to the S13 head? Would a throttle body setup be of any benefit (i.e. the EFI concepts ones)? What throttle body would best suit (does it need to be a larger one than stock if I am only chasing less than 200rwkw)? Which cams would work best for this desired powerband? With the minimum of compatibility conflicts with the rest of what is in the head already? Is there anything else I should be doing to make it better? I’m interested in the ‘why’ as much as the recommendation. All advice greatly appreciated – as I am fairly noob at SR20! Thank you!
  8. Wanted: T28 ball bearing turbo in good condition Brisbane
  9. Hi Guys, I've got a fair few parts I need to sell as I no longer have any silvias. All prices are negotiable within reason. 1. S15 injectors (480cc) with rail and loom $100 ONO Came off the car at the same time as the turbo. Perfect working order and come with complete loom and rail (no fpr). 2. S15 AFM $30 ONO No longer needed as upgraded to Z32. Perfect working order. 3. Recaro side mount rail to suit JZX100 $150 ONO Only just bought this but it doesnt fit my Sparco evo 2 well so im just going to floor mount it. Rail is in perfect working order. All items located in Rouse Hill, NSW, 2155. Pickup is preferred but will post at buyers expense. Any questions pm me here or SMS me on 0403858714. Thanks, Brett
  10. S15 ADM T28 Turbo, Stock injectors

    Hey all, Upgraded some bits so stock items are up for sale. Nissan 200sx S15 ADM T28 turbo. Never had any issues with it. Condition and shaft play look fine to me. ~190,000kms. $200 Stock S15 480cc Injectors $100 Pickup in Glen Waverley / Clayton area Call / txt on 04 three eight eight eight 1592 Kurt
  11. Hey Been trying to search and haven't found any one else to have this problem. Basically im doing a t25 > T28BB conversion (done 1000s of times before) When i went to mount my old exhaust back up (dump and front in one combo) it was fowling on the gearbox. The pipe needs to be rotated clockwise(looking at the turbo exhaust outlet). The flange seemed to line up, as 2 studs slipped in, but couldn't go any further due the exhaust pipe hitting the gearbox. I also changed my manifold at the same time(second hand). Came off as S13 afaik. Could it be the new manifold changed the position / angle of the turbo? As far as i know all aftermarket manifolds for sr20det are the same? Any one seem to have this problem before?? Regards, Ash