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Found 11 results

  1. Toyota Corolla KE70 $700

    KE 70 Corolla. Runs and drives, brakes work good. 4K engine, manual gearbox, new spark plugs. Comes with 4 spare wheels. Bit of rust in bonnet and boot lid. Also below fuel filler. Good project car, it's fully stock has not been modified at all. Pick up from Horsham Vic... $700ono
  2. s13 non rolling shell

    S13 non rolling shell track car it has some damage but is mostly cosmetic has rust in places no hanging panels Currently being used as a place for storing random parts that will go with the shell As is $500 Located in albury Contact me on 0466343140
  3. WTB: S13 or 180SX shell

    I am looking for a s13 or 180sx shell needs to be at least rolling not fussed about condition but no rust buckets. Not looking to spend an arm and a leg but NEEDS to be Re-Registerable PM me what you go,. p.s: Willing to pay freight for the right shell at the right price
  4. 1991 nissan silvia s13 " rolling " SHELL ONLY -DOESNT COME WITH ENGINE -LOOM -ECU,BOX,MANUAL conversion parts . White 2 tone with GOLD Electric everything including a HUD window speedo display 160 od kms on the clock sunroof used to have a RB25det in it, still has RB20 X cross member can can supply SR crosmember engine bay is black you will have to bring your own wheels as the wheels pictured are not supplied, a set of stock/aftermarket wheels can come with the car for an extra $200 vehicle is complied and used to be registered few years ago, has been an ongoing slow project, interior is in fairly good condition needs a clean up, body suits respray has some dents and rear bottom corner where bumper attaches has a big dent where surface rust has started, some common rust bubbles around sunroof, going for a cheap, throw your setup in and register or great for a track or donor car $950 make an offer, pickup Southside Brisbane.0433377325
  5. Hey guys, new to nissan silvia and just looking for a bit of advice.. ive been on here while but never really made any posts. im thinking about buying a S13(possibly r32) and doing a lot of DIY work just to learn a bit and understand how they work. Im new diy work and have never really done much with cars. im a young apprentice electrician, so im not exactly loaded with cash. but im very interested in engine/mechanical sort of work and its something id love to do as a lifelong hobby. bit of a weird question but here goes: should I look for a cheap, running S13, not exacty in top engine condition, and learn to do a bit of DIY sort of stuff myself? Or should I spend a little more in looking for a good s13 that’s more reliable and then do it up myself,? other thing is, or should I buy an R32 (Rb20), play with that and learn a little bit; and then eventually swap an SR into it? .…- doesn’t seem to be too many around and probably not experienced to that but R32’s are becoming harder to find and I just thought that would be a way to have an older/unique sort of car with an awesome setup. (car will be more a weekender and project…. But cant be an absolute lemon that it wont run and be rendered undrivaeable lol) ps, im new so don’t flame me, just looking for a bit of advice thanks guys!
  6. The life and times of my two s13's Okay so three months ago I had a pretty major stack on my motorbike which means i'm out of that game for at least 12 months, so sitting in hospital I decided I would finally get myself that s13 that I have always wanted. A pretty reasonable two tone sr20 n/a q's popped up in my price range. -sr20 n/a which seems to have done quite a few k's as the cams have worn down a considerable amount. -auto (can't drive manual for aaaaaaaages which is gonna drive me nuts) -paint work has seen better days, front and rear bars are peeling few scratches here and there and some mad looking undercoat over surface rust on the roof. -factory sunroof which amazingly doesn't leak and does what it should do. -interior has seen better days the driver seat is torn and theres a few plastic bits and pieces missing that will do my head in. -blown standard muffler (sounds like ass and it's loud as hell) -suspension and steering is in quite good nick and it's all bog stock. -ugly as hell, filthy dirty 16" chromies the insides... the plans were to keep this one pretty standard maybe some coilovers and some wheels and just drive it around as a daily hack until i'm well enough for a manual conversion, that's what I was telling myself anyway, plans now change depending on what time of day it is, currently it isn't going to be registered and it's going to be a track hack with a possible turbo conversion (hand grenade motor hell yeah) and when things get serious I love the idea of a 1uz with itb's. it's now sitting in my front yard being raided for parts to get the other one regoed. This is where the trouble started! then this thing popped up for sale at a very reasonable price and me being me just HAD to go and check it out, within about 5 minutes of me seeing the car I had arranged to buy it. So a couple of days later we departed for home, smacked up front end and all. The good -sr20 auto n/a with ALOT less k's than the first one -wheels that don't make me want to vomit and stab myself in the eyes -nice clean interior -suspension, steering and brakes are all decent -body is generally in better condition than number 1 The bad It has been riced a little bit -bonnet was sprayed matt black for some reason -it has a huge cannon on the back of it (bit to hektik for me) -a scissor door that didn't work properly. It was welded on the the body instead of bolted because someone forced the wrong size bolt into every single hole! WTF! -quite obviously it has had a tap in the front which has bent the rad support a bit. current plan is to get it regoed and on the road. The future for this car will involve a full suede and leather interior, a decent audio package with a built in double din touch screen and possibly a supermade kit with a full respray. Also does anyone know if I can yank out the sunroof from the other one and stick it in this? the offending scissor door, yes only one. (photo blatantly stolen from previous owner)
  7. Hi Guys, We have the ever popular Project D1R wheels back in stock. Picture 1 - Mattblack with red groove Picture 2 - Hyper silver Picture 3 - Mattblack with mattblack lip - ONLY AVAILABLE IN 17 x 10 +15 Here is the list of what we have in stock. ****These wheels can be purchased in pairs or sets only* Here is the list of the possible combination in sets: Set 3 Front: 18 x 9 +32 Rear: 18 x 10 +22 Colour: Hyper silver Price: $999 for the set Set 4 Front: 18 x 9 +15 Rear: 18 x 10 +22 Colour: Mattblack with Red Groove Price: $999 for the set Set 5 Front: 18 x 9 +32 Rear: 18 x 10 +22 Colour: Mattblack with Red Groove Price: $999 for the set Set 6 Front: 17 x 9 +17 Rear: 17 x 10 +15 Colour: Hyper silver Price: $899 for the set Set 7 Front: 17 x 9 +17 Rear" 17 x 10 +15 Colour: Mattblack with red groove Price: $899 for the set Set 8 Front: 17 x 10 +15 Rear: 17 x 10 +15 Colour: Mattblack with red groove Price: $899 for the set Set 9 Front: 17 x 10 +15 Rear: 17 x 10 +15 Colour: Mattblack with mattblack lip Price: $899 for the set Set 10 Front: 17 x 10 +15 Rear: 17 x 10 +15 Colour: Hyper silver Price: $899 for the set Set 11 Front: 17 x 9 -4 Rear: 17 x 10 +15 Colour: Hyper silver Price: $899 for the set Please contact us on sales@autotechnik.com.au or pm regarding delivery cost.
  8. Rb25DET Neo Cefiro

    Hey mates Im currently in the middle of doing a A31 Cefiro Rb25det Neo project. Thought id share a few pics here and there and offer any help to those doing the same or similar conversion. just to let you know progress has gone a little slow as money and time have become tight recently, but hopefully il be looking at getting her legal, certed and tidied up by may. Btw this is my first forum post as i only ever use forums for infomation not showing off lol Alright enough rambling. Happy posting
  9. I've recently found a 2000 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T half-rolling shell for $1000. It is missing the following; Engine, gearbox, rear cradle, brakes, master cylinder, fuel pump, climate control, gauges and coil overs on boostclassifieds.com.au It also can't be registered so I will be buying it as a project drift car and something to keep me busy around the house for a while in my spare time. Just wondering how much effort and money will be needed to get it back to driving (or drifting) condition and if it would even be worth the hassle. I'd prefer to drag the re-build out for quite some time just so when it is finally finished I will have more of a sense of satisfaction, just because I am weird like that and still on my L's so I still have yet to learn how to drive properly first, haha. Not sure how good of a condition the chassis is but if you think I should go ahead with it then I will definitely take a thorough inspection for any rust/bends/cracks etc. that could cause unneeded headaches and money being spent later on. I don't want it to be anything fancy, just something drift-able that will stand a beating that I no doubt will give it. Also if anyone in the South East Melbourne area wanted to help out if I do get it (the more the merrier!) that would be greatly appreciated. This is it.