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Found 8 results

  1. Hello friends. I have an s15, stock turbo with all basic bolt ons. Boost controller set at 14psi/1bar. Its been dynod at approx 195rwkw. Would spending approx $1000 on a nistune and tune make any significant differences to response and how nicely it runs? Maybe even more power?
  2. Having recently done a RB box conversion I am looking at doing a flex tune upgrade on my car in the not too distant future. Currently running a nistune with a set of nismo 740cc injectors and a walbro 460 Turbo setup is a precision HP5130 and I am running un1cams +springs Car is currently making 310hp @ the wheels on a "safe" 98 tune I know everyone is going to tell me to throw out the 740s and go top feed etc, however I was wondering if anyone on here has seen how far the Nismo 740s can be pushed on E85 with a bit of help from a fuel pressure regulator ? Not wanting to go top feed I guess the other option is to go some five O 1200cc side feeds which seem to work ok for the SR20 but are rubbish when it comes to RB engines. I'm thinking that Dose pipe might be the man with the most nistune flex experience who is active on the forums so any input would be appreciated
  3. Hey guys just need some advice on some work I'm looking at doing. It needs new cams, so we're going with Camtech 260 and new valve springs. Is there anything else that will need to be changed along with this. They quoted me 2093 for cams and valve springs that includes labour. Also I currently have a haltech PS1000 and I still have the stock computer as well. They recommended I go with a nistune on the stock computer and sell the haltech, to improve the cars driveability, idle, cold start. So on top of the $2000 another $1100 for the nistune, bringing it to $3100. Does this sound reasonable or am I getting ripped off?
  4. advise on a 200sx s15

    Hey guys, (located brisbane, gold coast) i've finally started the upgrades on my 15 now, but looking for advice on tuners and mechanics, ecu's ect. also an idea on power id make?? so far ive done: Blitz FMIC, splitfire coil packs, k&n pod filter, Z32 AFM, GFB BOV, GFB ebc, turbo timer, 3' turbo back with hi flow cat. thinking about going a nistune type 4 board because of nats and also because inconspicuous is always good! Thanks in advance.
  5. After Screwing around with an old aftermarket ecu for a whole day and playing with very coarse injectors pulse increments using 450cc injectors I finally spat the dummy and decided to integrated a sr20det 50F00 ecu , loom and Nistune board to our customers van which we earlier converted to 4G63 turbo (rvr evo ) engine with all the factory 4wd drive line. The end result was exactly what i was hoping , perfect cold start and warm start, excellent mixtures and stable idle during warm up and very stable mixtures through out the whole map. The gtir rnn14 AAC controls idle as if it was fitted to the vehicle by Mitsubishi on the production line, this has been a pleasure to tune, the set up responds to every key stroke almost like a motec The power output is more then we had hoped with the tune 70% complete and the last of the steady state tune done at 5200 rpm, we have 820nm peak torque @ 3400 rpm , 144kws, 13 psi @ 5200 rpm with a very conservative ignition map as it's running a small td04 turbo which makes full boost by 2600-2700 rpm, I'm amazed at how well it tuned and it was a pleasure to tune This really proves the flexibility and quality of the factory Nissan ecu's especially with the Nistune boards fitted, We will be trialing nistune fitted ecu's on a few different vehicles in the future , we are hoping that all motor enthusiast would consider running Nistune as an alternative to aftermarket ecu's. This would really benefit budget builds and the smooth factory drive ability plus all the features ( cold-warm start, accel enrich decel inj cut off, crank enrich etc...) work exactly as they should and this would be very time consuming and expensive to achieve with an aftermarket ecu. A small clip of start up ! http://youtu.be/Ods0jGFcUOI Pics Of The Build
  6. Hey guys, Having dramas with my 2001 ADM S15 since I had a Nistune supplied and installed late last month. I noticed after the install that the alarm light on the dash on the passenger side near the windscreen was staying illuminated once the car was started, where previously it would flash when the ignition was off and then turn off once the car was started. Now tonight the alarm went off when the car was in the garage (nothing could have set it off), I have unlocked it and tried to start it and the car won't crank anymore. No fuel pump prime, but all dash lights are illuminated like usual when on ignition. I have no idea what the aftermarket alarm is, but I do know it was installed way back when the car was near new by the previous owner. Any ideas on where to start? Cheers, Cal
  7. Turbo/ ecu

    Hey all so heres the situation i bought s15 injectors, z32 afm and a nistune thats been tune for the injectors and z32 aswell as a kkr330 turbo. Ive recieved everything but the turbo and I need to drive my car asap (drive my car to get on the spirit of tas). So what im wondering is will it be fine to install and run the s15 injectors, z32 Afm and nistune on the stock t25g untill i get th new kkr330 turbo? Cheers
  8. Hello NS. Got probably a noob question. I know theres another nistune thread at the moment but i have a different question and dont really wanna hijack his thread. Had my s15 for half a year now, im considering getting a nistune fitted and tuned just to make sure the engines running nicely and also hopefully getting a lil more power out of it. but yeah i dont know if its really worth it on my really basic ass mods.. currently got, pod, greddy fmic, full 3' exhaust with split dump, heatwrapped stainless steel exhaust manifold.. blitz id3 boost control. its been dynoed at 178rwkw at 0.8 bar. could i expect much of a power gain with those mods on a nistune? would it be worth the 900 or so just to know that the engine is running well.. as in not lean or whatever..? uni holidays are coming up and im tossing up whether to save up for some nismo s-tune shocks n springs, or the nistune.. any info / opinions would be appreciated. cheers =D