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Found 7 results

  1. Item: Borg Warner EFR 7670 Description: Latest in turbo technology by Borg Warner. EFR series 7670. Not cheaper or older design turbo. Done 7000km and hardly any high speed/rev work. Virtually brand new. Sabbadin automotive can verify this. Internally Wastegated 0.83a/r. T3 Single Entry. 3.0" V-Band. 375-650hp. Price:$1650 ono, RRP $3055 GCG turbo Location: Beaumaris Victoria 3193 Willing to post?: At buyers expense Contact: 0421133842 Item: 6boost manifold Description: To suit SR20 T3, only done 7000km and is in new condition. Will throw in custom v-band stainless dump for $100 Price:$500 Location: Beaumaris Victoria 3193 Willing to post?: At buyers expense Contact: 0421133842
  2. I just wanted to gather as much information as i could about intake manifold/ intake plenums for the SR20DET as i found it to be very interesting personally. I will provide product link info also an approx price. As i find it very interesting in both design and hopefully we can get some feedback also /. * will update more as i find more information PLAZMAMAN https://plazmaman.co...mid=302&cate=71 Price: $995.00 Suits S14 and S15 SR20DET engines Billet CNC base with hand made sheet metal dome Utilizes OEM long runners for strong mid range torque 20+kW / 30+hp gain with supporting modifications Uses Plazmaman billet throttle body, 60, 66, 72mm available Ram tubes optional The ultimate plenum for your SR20DET, simply bolt on, tune and make power! Ikeya Formula 4 Throttle Chamber http://www-en.ikeya-...ry/1983341.html\ Price : 3k Increased air mass flow by turbo tuning will become resistance if normal throttle and surge tank are used. From these reasons behind, - Review on the capacity and structure of surge tank to deliver the increased air mass flow to each combustion chamber effectively. - to stabilize the even air suction system to each combustion chamber by having quadruplet throttle. By solving these issues, it's made possible to produce smooth/ powerful force and torque in addition to clear engine responsiveness at high/ middle revolution range. Mazworx S13 SR20DET Hi-Port Intake Manifold Link: http://www.mazworx.c...e-Manifold.aspx Price: $1095.00 Recent tests showed a substantial power gain over stock manifolds with compromising low end torque. With its revolutionary CNC billet runners, full upper plenum, 90mm throttle body provision, IACV and vacuum ports makes it ideal and a must have for all high horsepower SR20DET applications. State of the art design for optimum flow. Also includes a Mazworx top feed fuel rail -10AN in/out. Fits both RHD and LHD configurations. Fits 14mm x 60mm injectors. Greddy intake manifold link: Ebay Price: $200-300 knock off $600-1200 genuine This one will be tricky to review or find information because this manifold is extremely common and is a realistic modication given its price its definately "bang for buck" out of all the manifolds. That and also the fact it looks 10x better than stock. Hypertune Nissan SR20 link: http://www.hypertune.net/ Price: $2800 The design process begins by assessing the original vehicle and engine characteristics, as a guideline for the products development. Considering our customers requirements and installation limitations, parts are designed and analysed using advanced computer software to produce prototypes for testing purposes. The characteristics of the intake manifold are developed to increase overall efficiency, particularly in the mid and high RPM range, whilst minimising detrimental effect on low RPM response. Consideration is made for modified engines (camshafts, turbochargers, etc.) to assure the products performance and suitability for high output applications. Initial designs are sent to our highly experienced distributors worldwide, for testing and refinement. Once the design has been perfected, manufacture of the production parts begins. MANUFACTURE Hypertune Intake Manifolds are manufactured using state of the art CNC machinery, and metal forming techniques developed in-house. The goals of the manufacturing process are: + faithfully represent the CAD designed and developed parts + produce a high quality, structurally sound and reliable product + maintain the fit and appearance expected of a class leading product To maintain accuracy of critical dimensions, the entire intake runner is CNC machined to accuracy within .005mm. This tolerance is well beyond the capabilities of most porting services, and guarantees that your intake manifold will be suited to the best prepared cylinder heads. Although this process is very time consuming and expensive, we believe it is the only way to achieve perfection on a part that is critical to the performance of the intake system, and often difficult to prepare by hand. Plenum chambers are produced using a unique hydroforming process, developed in house. This allows us to produce a light weight, structurally sound part, with smooth surfaces for maximum flow potential and good appearance. The manifolds are finally welded and assembled by true craftsman, who pride themselves on producing some of the highest quality and most unique products in the industry. We recommend that this manifold be ordered with a 77mm throttle body flange. It can also be ordered with a 90mm flange for high-power applications. Currently, this product is only offered in a 4 injector configuration. It is designed to suit 11/14mm top-feed injectors and must be used with a Hypertune fuel rail. Kit Contents Hypertune Inlet Manifold Hypertune 77mm Throttle Body Hypertune Fuel Rail (Please Specify 11 or 14mm in Checkout )
  3. gaskets questions

    I have changed my turbo setup to a hks t3 stainless manifold onto a garret 3076 v band rear. I was wondering what is the preferable gaskets that will not leak on me eg 7 layer exhaust gasket ect... and for example I've been told to use copper max turbo side because it holds tight in heat? Any suggestions or personal experience would be greatly appreciated and suggestions from quality sellers
  4. Hi guys as above need to know the size/thread of the stock manifold heat shield bolts My heat shield is holding on with 1 bolt as the others seem to have come loose and dropped off so i'm getting lots of lovely rattles from it at the moment need to get some new bolts but want to know what to get cheers
  5. Hey guys just wondering if anyone has used the DOC race manifold and if they any good?
  6. I am modelling up a new Low Mount SR20DET T25/T28 manifold at the moment and am looking for a little advice. I am reading conflicting articles on runner lengths. Some say equal is not important, while others say it is important. Some say just keep the runners as short as possible. I have been looking at a few manifold designs and I like the idea of the merge collector collecting 1/4 and 2/3 separately, however, because the turbo inlet is pretty well inbetween the #3-#4 exhaust outlets and not central to all cylinders it is really difficult to get #1 cylinder short in length. I can lengthen the #2, #3 and #4 runners to suit the #1, however, all I am doing then is introducing extra surface area. I am heading down 2 paths: 1 - Long Runners 2 - Short Runners (#1 is not quite finished but you get the idea) I have attached 2 images for reference. I understand that there are members that make these already and that I could buy one, however, I have all the resources to make one myself and get mor out of customising my own car (where I can) rather than bolting on bought items. I am just lacking some of the technical knowledge involved with manifolds. Any advice welcome. Thanks in advance.
  7. Sup yall, in a nut shell im sick of my POS ^%#* ($^&@ stainless manifold and wish to repalce it with somthing chunky , and get some more steam pipe in my life. my only issue is im low mount and external gate whitch is not a really off the shelf kinda set up. I only run a HKS GTRS so im not keen to go high mount, so far ive got powertune who can make me one for $950.00 but for 2000 i can buy a high mount kando set up with new turbo and sell off my old sh*t So basically im asking for any reccomendations for a low mount ex gate mani or if you can build me one for a decent price? rock/