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Found 11 results

  1. Hey all, For the S15, are there decent tow hooks that fit with the stock front bar? not the aero front. I've looked around a bit but this is the best one I've found for rear: https://www.rhdjapan.com/gp-sports-g-sonic-rear-tow-hook-s14-s15.html Essentially it needs to clear the front and rear bar so they don't get damaged when being towed. If anyone has pictures of their installs I'd appreciate a look. I'm not going for the tow hook in in the engine bay though. Thanks!
  2. Hi Everyone ! I have designed and manufactured a bracket to suit the classic Skyline into Silvia front seat swap which is currently in pre-sale for shipping next week ! So gone are the days of having to weld on your own custom plate or even running just 3 bolts (hopefully not to many people have gone this route). Now all you need is a spanner, a ratchet, a couple sockets and a nice Saturday arvo and your ready to hit the track with some sweet new seats ! Here is a link to my website where you can have a look if your interested Also use the code "presale20" for 20% off until next Friday. http://www.guerrillaautomotiveinnovation.com.au/#!product-page/cba4/e5d5ea33-8a57-5899-bf68-4a47dd2615f5 Any feedback, questions and even criticisms are encouraged ! Happy cruising Michael @ GAI P.S Moderators I checked with Loz before posting this to confirm it way okay
  3. Hi all, Im looking for some S13 or 180SX front lower control arms. In good condition (ie not bend or cracked) but Im not fussed on the condition of the balljoints. Looking for pickup from Brisbane / Bayside area but will pay for postage if need be. Cheers, Jon
  4. Item: Nissan 200SX S14 Rear Adjustable Suspension Arms - will separate Description: Adjustable suspension arms that came off a Nissan S14 200SX. These components may fit other Nissan models such as S13/S15/R32/R33 but please do your own research on that. All items have been USED but are in excellent condition as they have only done two track days and very small amount of street driving which would be less than 1000kms total. The rubber boots seem like a good idea but most of them split straight away. These arms were removed when I sold the car a few years ago. Included: - SRI Rear Lower Adjustable Control Arms - Nissan RWD - SRI Rear Upper Adjustable Camber Arms - Nissan S14/S15/R33/R34/WGNC34 - SRI Pillowball Tension Rod Set - Nissan SOLD - SRI Adjustable Rear Toe Rod Set - Nissan SOLD - SRI Adjustable Rear Traction Rods - Nissan - SRI Front Lower Adjustable Arms - Nissan SOLD - *** SRI Rose Jointed Adjustable Tie Rod Ends - Nissan (14mm) *** MISSING MISSING HARDWARE ON ONE END AS SEEN IN PIC Price: Make an offer (not retarded offers) Location: Ferntree Gully, Victoria Willing to post?: YES Contact: Dave 0407 192 887
  5. Looking for some 5 stud hubs with front uprights with necessary holes for the ABS sensor. Send me a PM if you have any available. Thanks
  6. S13 K's Front Bumper Bar

    Hey all Looking for an S13 K's front bar (one with the vent on the passengers side at the bottom) prefer in factory metalic green, but not to bothered by colour, south eastern vic (closer to dandenong the better) Txt me on 0439 627 638
  7. CA Lip

    Gday all just looking for a CA lip for my S13, in the south east of vic (dandenong pref) just wondering if anyones got one lying around? send me a txt on 0437704583 or email kusted27@gmail.com
  8. Keen on a DC2R Interga front lip to take some of the scrap-age blows instead of my front bumper, done some research and I have confirmed that I need a ADM/JDM oem dc2r front lip off a 94-97 Honda Interga (looks like this: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/94-97-JDM-DC2-Integra-ITR-Type-R-Front-Lip-Kit-Coupe-PU-/300566791858?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item45fb2d46b2 ) What I can’t find is how people are fitting these to their s15's? From the pics in the link and looking at the mounting surface of the lip I can’t see how I would attach it to the s15 front lip? Anyone done this before that can help me out? Thanks
  9. As nice as the stock silvia bars are, the positioning and Jap-spec number plate brackets let them down. The plate hangs too low and doesn't align with the plastic border; bad airflow combined with bad fitment. You could buy a personalised slimline plate, but that doesn't fix the alignment, the government now has your beer money, and you look like a fag. Mounting the plate to one side will get you an emissions test, so why not just jack it up? Difficulty = 2 Where 0 is driving into the pits, and 10 is having them measure your ride height with +/-10cm accuracy. Time Required = 1 hour Disclaimer Don't cut off your hand or fingers. Tools Required Pen 3mm aluminium plate Number plate Drill and a range of metric drill bits Angle grinder with 1mm disc Safety gear (gloves/mask/goggles/apron) Aluminium oxide sandpaper (wet & dry) Usage Increased airflow Visually impoved fitment Decapitating falling midgets Process Step 1. Remove the front number plate, and determine by how much you want to raise it up. I raised the plate by 60mm, hence I drilled a second set of holes 60mm lower on the aluminium sheet than those traced from the number plate. Step 2. Trace the outside and holes of the number plate onto the aluminium sheet. For my generic yellow NSW plate, I made the sheet the full length (370mm), but only 100mm in width (so I can fit other plates if needed). The mount holes were 80mm from the edges (6mm holes all round). Step 3. Cut the outside markings of the aluminium sheet. Step 4. Drill 6mm holes for all the holes in the top and center. Drilling all the holes can give you better mounting options should you ever change plates. Step 5. Champher the holes using a larger drill bit, or a countersinking bit. Step 6. Sand the aluminium sheet smooth, sanding in only one direction for a brushed alloy look. Ensure the corners are sanded smooth, with a little curve to avoid careless injuries. Step 7. Test fit the alloy sheet to the bumper, using bolts with low-profile heads. Step 8. Fit the number plate using a short bolt with a locking-nut. By raising my plate 6cms, the nut on the back easily clears the paint of the bar.