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Found 2 results

  1. Every once in a while I get a PM regarding E85 setup, tuneability, etc. Best I bang my ramblings into a post Just to give you an idea, I'm just an enthusiast with some tuning knowledge & experience. I mainly just tune my own car and my mates for shits & giggles. To date, have not blown a motor Here goes! Q: Power should never dictate E85, there are so many benefits of E85..I often here people say you're not making 200kW+ why would you want to run E85 for? Let's start off with a few things. Being a 4 banger Nissan motor, they have relatively a longer stroke vs. their bore size.. nothing wrong with that, however this creates loads of torque and hits max VE quite early but also noses over, i.e. torque decays vs. RPM much quicker. Now this means the timing map would have a dip where max torque/where max VE is achieved.. Let's make up some timing values vs. RPM: 3600rpm - 15 4000rpm - 13 4400rpm - 12 4800rpm - 12 5200rpm - 14 5600rpm - 15 6000rpm - 17 See how the timing value drops where max torque is made? now with E85 you have these benefits: slower flame front, i.e.takes longer to ignite - awesome, means you can dial in more timing burns cooler - awesome, means you can dial in more timing and EGT and cylinder temps are low knock resistance, awesome just dial in timing till it makes no more power So let's revisit that timing map again, with E85 you could potentially do this (once again making up timing figures): 3600rpm - 17 4000rpm - 17 4400rpm - 17 4800rpm - 17 5200rpm - 17 5600rpm - 19 6000rpm - 21 So now regardless of power achieved, etc. you've just altered the motor's torque curve.. this also equates to more power before max power is achieved. Your torque curve will drastically look different and not to mention you'll be baking tyres quite easily. Q: I want to convert to E85, but is it really worth it? There's no real cost to going E85, just need to address old crumbly fuel hoses, a decent enough flowing fuel pump & injectors that will flow more fuel. Say if your injector setup is flowing at near max - with E85 you would need around 30~40% more "injector". i.e. 550cc on 98RON you're going to need 715cc+ for E85 thus a good choice would be 740cc Nismos OR just fuark it and convert to top feed 1000cc injectors. However say on your current setup you're only hitting 50% duty cycle on your 550cc injectors then going E85 means you'll just operate them at 80%+ duty cycle.. i.e. happy days! Being old Nissans, I recommend you change your fuel lines to new ones (not necessarily ethanol compatible ones but might as well) just for piece of mind. Also when you first convert I recommend changing your fuel filter every 2/3 tanks for the first few months (if you have a dirty fuel tank). Other than that, convert now and bake tyres!
  2. About Us ALPHA OMEGA Parts and Services is a high performance parts designer, developer and manufacturer. We are a specialist group of certified automotive engineers and experienced industry experts who will bring you new technology and exciting products for your racing needs and street modifying enjoyment including drift, drag, circuit, motorkhana, hillclimbs, skidpans, supersprint and time attack. ALPHA OMEGA Parts and Services is proudly made and owned in Australia, supporting local forums, local clubs and local businesses. If you have any suggestions, would like to propose sponsorship, interested in wholesale or want to organise a group buy, we'll be happy to hear from you. Please feel free to Contact Us. --- FUELING: Injection We are holding a pre-release sale on the new (top feed) Fuel Rail Kits for our favourite car the Nissan Silvia/200sx. Engineered and made right here in Sydney Australia we have both 1000cc and 2000cc kits available to suit the s14 and s15’s standard intake manifold without the use of spacers. This is perfect for those that are looking for more power whilst keeping the low/mid range power the standard manifold is known for, and for those going to E85/eFlex ethanol fuels. For more info on the top feel Fuel Rail Kits please see our website: http://www.ao-ps.com/fuelrail.php Contact Us for pre-order special pricing. --- FUELING: Ethanol We are also pro dealers of the award winning Zeitronix products. Just arrived we have the Ethanol Content Analyzer kits. This product uses the genuine Siemens ethanol content sensor which is OEM factory fitted to eFlex/e85/ethanol cars. Combined with the Zeitronix analyzer and wiring kit you can now see the exact percentage of ethanol your car is running in real time. Use this to get the best performance from your ethanol car as well as making sure it's running safely. More exciting is that this product can talk to your car's ECU so that you can tune the car to run regular pump 98 (zero ethanol) all the way up to e100 (100% ethanol) and anything in between! No need for switches and dual maps or dual tanks, no need to plan road trips, no need to keep a map of ethanol petrol stations or bringing stacks of jerrycans. Run any mix of fuel you want, when you want. Contact Us for introductory pricing In stock now. --- ENGINE: Camshafts UN1CAMS, the subject of many a discussion. From what many have seen and some have experienced they are the best overall/area under the curve set of camshafts available for our much loved SR20DET. It’s pricey but well worth it. For more info on the UN1CAMS please see our website: http://www.ao-ps.com/camshafts.php Contact Us for promotional pricing. --- DRIVETRAIN: Gearboxes VERSION 2 of our Z32 gearbox conversion kits now available, which feature re-engineered components, revised tolerances, new jigs, individual hand finishing and inspection and sharper pricing! For more info on the Z32GCK please see our website and select your car: http://www.ao-ps.com Contact Us for package deal pricing. --- One off special: SR20 gearbox We have one and only one 5 speed manual SR20DET gearbox left by a customer who upgraded to the Z32GCK. Contact Us for the we-want-the-space-back special pricing. --- NEWS: We’re now on Facebook: http://www.facebook....artsandservices We’re now on Twitter: https://twitter.com/.../alphaomega_aus We now blog on the homepage: http://www.ao-ps.com We sponsor the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation.