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Found 8 results

  1. Precision 6262

    Wanting to Sell Precision 6262 Anti Surge Front T3 0.63 V-band rear housing Purchased for a project but I will never get around to using it. Will include braided oil feed and return lines for high mount set up Paid $1200 Asking $1050 inc postage 0419 856 391 for pics or info Located Alice Springs NT
  2. 180sx upgraded fuel system e85

    hey guys due to chasing more power im now selling my stealth e85 fuel system which consists of: 4 x ID2000's with rail powertune billet twin intank bracket twin aeromotive pumps (340lph each) inline filter speedflow fittings and all the braided lines from front to back -10 $2750 the lot Contact Troy on 0403 131 921
  3. My word, the forum classifieds are back! ------------------------------------------------------------------ A good friend of mine's, partner's father (bear with me) has been working on a few high-power drag racing builds for a few years now, and he's now clearing out his surplus parts. I'm really posting these items as a favour to my friend, but also you guys as I genuinely think there's some good deals to be had amongst these parts. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Contact Details: Tim on OFourO1 180 472 - please list what you are texting about Worst Case Conatact; I can be contacted on 0Four27 300 096 - Remember I don't have access to the parts, but I will make sure that you can get in touch with Tim. Location: Pickup from Brisbane city during the day or Ascot night/weekends Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: If you can organise it - heavy items Lowballers will know where to go, but I think there's some room for negotiation here. Unforuntaly I'm slightly light on the part specifics here, just working on the information I've been given. If you post any questions or quiries here though, I'll chase it up with the owner. Item 1: Toyota Carolla 4AGE Arias Pistons and Carrillo Rods Price: $1,800 Condition: New - never used Item 2: Procharger Blow Off Valve Price: $500 Condition: New - never used Item 3: Tomei Pistons for SR20DET, Gold plated rings, ceramic coated tops, teflon coated skirts Price: $700 Condition: Minimal use - coating done after Item 4: Tomei sump Price: $350 SOLD pending pickup Condition: New - never used Item 5: Rollmaster SR20 gear sets (x2) Price: $250 per set Condition: New - never used Item 6: GFB EX50 wategate Price: $600 Condition: New - never used Item 7: Garett T04Z turbo and dump pipe Price: $1,500 Condition: Minor use - 5 hours on a dyno - run in use Item 8: Tomei rods for SR20, I beam, with uprated Carrillo SPS Carr bolts - Standard stroke as far as I'm aware Price: $1,200 Condition: New - never used Item 9: Tomei rods for SR20, H beam, with uprated Carrillo SPS Carr bolts - Standard stroke as far as I'm aware Price: $1,200 Condition: New - never used Item 10: HKS T51R turbo Price: $3,200 Condition: New - never used (this thing is beautiful) Item 11: JE Pistons for SR20 - I think designed for a VE Head? Price: $450 Condition: Minor use Item 12: JE Race Pistons for 2JZ 3.2L stroker Price: Sold Condition: New - never used Item 13: AFCO aluminium radiator, twin fans, made in USA Price: $350 Condition: New - never used Item 14: Darton sleeves for SR20 (2 sets) Price: $450 each set Condition: New - never used Item 15: Haltech Platinum 2000 with full loom for SR20, Price: $2000 Condition: New - never used Item 16: XR8 rear LSD, 35 spline spool, diff centre with steel caps, 2xratios - 4.1 and 3.7 Price: $2,000 Condition: Used - good condition (spool is new) Item 17: R200? Diff housing Price: $120 Condition: Used - good condition Item 18: Intercooler - built to handle the 900hp Datto ute (300x600mm and 75mm thick) Price: $350 Condition: Very good condition Item 19: 350Z brakes to suit Brembo's - RDA slotted discs and Greenstuff pads - front and rear Price: $600 Condition: Used - 5000km old Item 20: SR20 VE head Price: $1,800 Condition: Used - P11 Head, pretty much complete. Does come with an intake manifold, which I believe is foward facing - will clarify for anyone interested. Item 21: R32 GTR Front calipers Price: $300 for the pair Condition: Used Item 22: SR20DET blocks x3 Price: $350 each Condition: Used but good condition - light surface rust in some areas which can be buffed off
  4. So im new to this forum as i've just acquired an s13 180sx 1989 model which was originally a CA18DET, but has been converted to the SR20DET, coming from a BA falcon xr6 turbo, the feeling of the car, the way the power comes on everything is such a big change, and im LOVING IT haha. I swapped it for a four wheel drive which i was not using i got it stock, still has japanese rego sticker, stock air box, stock cooler, pretty much stock except for an exhaust & boost tee! Specs: Engine: SR20DET redtop Tomei 256/256 Drop in cams 11.5mm lift Tomei Rocker arm stoppers Tomei valley cover Hotside: Powertune highmount manifold Precision 5557 4" intake pipe with k&n filter Tial 44mm External gate (screamer) 3" dump to 3" exhaust, hot dog & cannon. Coldside: Standard intake manifold Aeroflow billet fuel rail Bosch 2200cc injectors -8 full flow fittings and -8 250 series fuel lines Engine management: Haltech ps1000 "soon to be lots of haltech sensors & e-flex sensor & boost control etc Driveline: Als race glides jatco 3 speed with overdrive on a switch Billet planetary gears Billet input and output shaft Fully manulised reverse pattern 3800 converter Transbrake Fuel system: 460LPH walbro intank pump 1.5 litre surge tank Genuine bosch 044 all -8 fuel lines throughout All Parts have been supplied by PJ at Pjs quick bits Hit him up on his facebook page for good parts at good prices https://www.facebook...6329024?fref=ts Tuning is done by glen kelly at extreme street performance canberra. How i got it, disgusting tail lights.. i think id like to upgrade to the type X or Dmax, tell me if ive said them wrong haha.. Mix match wheels, i have bought some 18s off a mate that will do for now The new 18"s on! Just before had to do some cutting to fit new Greddy FMIC Rear brakes were completely worn so had to do a replacement Lurkin with some mates, Blue r33 is making 305 rwkw on 15 pound with, a haltech, gtx3071R & 6boost manifold, 50mm gate (screamer) some 800cc injectors and bigger intank pump.. And the grey s15 is ALRYZE on the forums just recently purchased it and its a WEAPON! And the first minor problem, did some rather.. enthusiastic driving.. the end result haha Turbo setup Dummy fitted all the turbo setup Painted the wheels black, chucked on some stockies to go and have a play, doesnt look to bad i dont think. So now ive have full fuel system run which is -8 line from external bosch 044 to the rail which is an aeroflow item with bosch 2200cc injectors Full turbo setup is mounted and dump pipe all plumbed in Tomei 256/256 cams are installed.. and a brand new haltech ps1000 took for an baby drive & the engine has developed a lifter like tick, lifters have been changed but to no avail the sound is still there.. Fuel system all plumbed up Got some type X lights! couldnt be any happier to get rid of those rank other tail lights. Me & ALRYZE Not 100% sure what this does haha Almost twins Precision, Welcome to the dark side.
  5. Here is my 2000 Nissan 200sx Spec r S15. Details below: Head: Chemically cleaned, x-rayed, ported and polished head Tomei 280 degree inlet and exhaust cams Tomei adjustable cam gears Tomei oversized valves Tomei valve springs Tomei retainers Tomei valve guides Tomei Solid lifter conversion Tomei rocker arm stoppers Nitto multi layer head gasket Arp Head stud kit Bottom End: Chemically cleaned machined x-rayed and full balanced bottom end JE forged lightweight pistons Eagle forged H beam conrods ACL race series big end bearings ACL race series main bearing ARP main stud conversion Engine Externals: 850cc twin spray sard injectors Stainless exhaust manifold Garret GT35-66R ball bearing turbo Tial 38mm external wastegate Custom 3" stainless exhaust Greddy type S BOV Greddy Oversize oil sump HKS oil filter relocation and cooler kit Braided lines and fittings SX Fuel pressure regulator with Oil catch can Black Plazmaman Pro Series FMIC 3'' heat coated piping R33 5 Speed gearbox with machined synchros for quick smooth gear change OS Giken twin plate clutch R33 diff and drive shafts Balanced tailshaft HKS coilovers, height damper and camber adjustable Endless 6 pot caliper brake upgrade still allowing the stock rims to fit Slotted rotors Adjustable suspension arms Haltec Platinum ECU 4 bar map sensor Eboost 2 boost controller BOSCH 044 intank fuel pump UPDATE 28/3/13 - After Solenoid was replaced it is now doing same power but on 22PSI which it was making the same power before on 23PSI UPDATE 11/4/13 - After taking in my car for another tune it now had 3 boost setting 18PSI, 23PSI and 26PSI on pump fuel. Now it makes 360rwkw. I was going to upgrade my fuel pump but found out it already has a Bosch 044 intank fuel pump.
  6. Just Letting everyone know ACC Car Club Is having a Track day event held at Tailem Bend next month on the 29th (Sept), everyone is welcome, its a $100 and that covers you all day. Cams Licence fees included, also comes with a free Tyre Changer all day and Good Prices on new and used tyres if needed Unlimited drifts, Burnouts and Drags/Go To Woah, One Fee Covers them all. you can swap and change back and forth as much as you like, No limts! if you need any more Info or want to enter and register, Simply contact ACC On Facebook Inbox them Or Contact Warren On 0413 019 664
  7. Gas Motorsport a Sydney based workshop was formed in 1994 as a development program to test the boundaries of Toyota's cult engine the 2JZ. After a large investment of research and testing into the 2JZ Gas have dominated Sports Compact Drag Racing. At this years Fuchs test and tune day Joe Signorelli piloted the Gas Motorsport 2JZ Celica down the Sydney Dragway quarter mile in a world record breaking 6.38sec at over 223mph. Gas Motorsport exclusively uses Motuls off the shelf oils for their 1000HP+ drag & dyno motors for it high film strength , high heat resistant temps and excellent lubrication properties . Gas Motorsport Mechanic takes us through one of their 2JZ motors. This particular motor was running 55PSI making 1400HP for over 3 years on Motul oil. check out the video . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laXApz3-8LE For more technical info on Motul oils click here: http://www.motul.fr/au/en