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Found 23 results

  1. Diff Clearance - 4.6 - 4.9 - Kazz

    Hi guys I'm having a diff clearance to go GTR rear. Hence I am negotiable on prices and will look for trade or swap on GTR rear axles, hubs, diff, diff centres, half shafts etc. Ideally chasing a GTs4 4.375 diff. 1 x 4.636 - R200 Kazz 2-way. Shimmed super tight and professionally assembled in Melbourne by previous owner. In good condition and never had any issues. 5 x 1 and Non ABS. - $900 1 x 4.9 - R200. This is only a weldy, but has been properly welded and assembled. 5 x 1 and Non ABS - $800 As everyone knows these ratios are super hard to get and the price of the 4.9 reflects the going rate for just 4.9 crown wheel and pinions. Willing to post and have nothing to hide, I have both 4 and 2 bolt rear hats, so can sell with either. Location - Launceston, Tasmania. But postage is no issue and looks to be around $100 for VIC/NSW Pictures on request, but honestly these are diffs guys. Thanks Brodie Maher
  2. Was looking at changing my diff after doing the RB box conversion as the RB box with the stock S15 3.69 ratios are a bit tall I understand that any R200 diff that has ABS should bolt in just fine. Was going to try and track down a 4.11 ratio ABS diff out of a R33 skyline. A workshop/wrecker is having a clear out this weekend that is close to me and is selling heaps of parts for only $10 gearboxes diffs panels etc. I noticed that there are 2 kinds of R200 a long nose and a short nose. I am pretty sure that I need a short nose but just wanted to see if anyone could confirm ? Cheers
  3. Hey guys, Just purchased a 180sx, it has the standard VLSD in it. I just want to know how it is for drifting? I have done a couple of small slides so far, and it does seem to single peg when going slowly. But that might be because I was going pretty slow, and it only seemed to be singling in the wet? Considering just shimming or welding. Let me know your thoughts guys! Thanks!
  4. For Sale is a z32 LSD in housing located sunshine coast qld happy for pick up or can deliver between Caloundra and northlakes msg Luke on 0415 200 606
  5. Hello all. As a long term Nissan Sports Car Club member I built up my last S15 to the point where it was working pretty well. That was then, this is now and I have moved on (Golf R). A lot of the juicy stuff has been sold and the remaining parts are now offered here for sale. Prices are listed on all items and are cash only pick up. Parts are located south of Canberra but I will be travelling to Sydney regularly so pick up can be arranged in Canberra or inner west Sydney (airport - Marrickville area). Actually I'm in Jindabyne so if you ski you may know it ..... plan a ski trip and get bonus parts !!!! Otherwise shipping can be arranged at the buyer's expense. If it isn't listed then I don't have it. All prices and details can be found by following the links here. Track wheels and tyres http://maiyoubingder...me-wheeels.html Bilstein custom coilovers http://maiyoubingder...lt-for-s15.html Brembo front brake setup http://maiyoubingder...silvia-s15.html includes free 5 stud conversion *** Z32 AFM http://maiyoubingder...03/z32-afm.html Pedders Xtreme coilovers http://maiyoubingder...-coilovers.html Some suspension arms http://maiyoubingder...16/04/arms.html S15 ECU with Nistune daughterboard http://maiyoubingder...04/s15-ecu.html Roadholder swaybars http://maiyoubingder...r-swaybars.html AIM lap timer http://maiyoubingder...-lap-timer.html Stock T-28 in perfect nick http://maiyoubingder...-turbo-s15.html VCT gear new in box http://maiyoubingder...w-vct-gear.html Wal, bro ! http://maiyoubingder...-fuel-pump.html Bits and pieces http://maiyoubingder...and-pieces.html PM or reply here if you are interested.
  6. My car is an ADM S15 with the standard helical diff. I want to do a gearbox & differential oil change using Redline oils. I understand which grades of oil I need to use for both, but can somebody please tell me which is the correct type of gear oil I need for the diff between the Redline 75w90 & 75w90ns (non-slip) gear oil? Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. Hello there, I know there are alot of topics regarding the same question, But i need some clarification. I am doing a major service on my completely stock S15 Spec R i am thinking of putting Motul Gear 300 75w-90 in the gearbox and helical diff. The oil is API GL-4/GL-5 does that mean i can use it in the diff or does it have to be GL-5 only oil and would full synthetic be okay or would it need mineral and is the grading 75w-90 okay since the manual is saying to use 80w-90. Sorry for all the questions just need a bit of help thanks
  8. .
  9. Garage clean out

    Hi all, Cleaning out the garage and i have the following available. Located in Campbelltown, Prefer pickup but willing to post smaller items at buyers expense Negotiable to some extent but lowballers can eat a dick Front and rear height adjustable camber tops. Bought them for a project that i later stripped and sold. Ball joints still tight, didn't knock when in the car. Includes the spanners i made for them and spacers. Also includes a second set of rear threaded inserts with an 8x1 thread from memory to suit the koni's i had in the rear at the time. $300 Koni yellow adjustable front struts in s13 housings. Drilled to suit s14 knuckle. Travelled a grand total of about 200km. $200 Tuneagent s13 toe arms $100 Xforce 3.5 inch universal cannon, new in box $80 Nismo LMGT3's, 17x9 +20 all round, ok condition, pretty nasty rash on one rear but not very deep, minor rash on all the others. No buckles or leaks,missing the centre bolt thingys. Come with near new 235/45 f and 255/40 r tyres $1100 S14 manual diff, i think that makes it a 3.7? $50 S15 rear calipers, hand brake cables, sold S13 manual cluster 170k on it, $20 S14 Fronts LCA's $120 ono 2 pairs of 6 bolt drive shafts $120/pair
  10. So I've been seeing that a lot of people are changing their old subframe bushes to solid. I've found a new shimmed diff for my 14 and I though while I'm down there, I may as well change all the bushes. I'm just wondering what are the pro's and con's of these mods? And is there like a tutorial on how to get te subframe bushes out? I've seen that a lot of people have a shit of a time getting the factory old ones out Any help would be appreciated. Cheers heaps.
  11. Cusco 2 Way Diff R200

    Hi guys, Cusco 2-way diff. Bought from Jap Import Spares a few years ago now. Used at the track once on my s14 and definitely made the day worth while. Unfortunately didn't get back to the track as much as I would have liked. Diff has been sitting there every since. Priced to go. $ 650 Dave 040 55 23 252 Please call or SMS
  12. ADELAIDE Kazama Alloy Subframe Spacers $40 Solid Steering Column Bushing $30 Z32 Air Flow Meter + Apexi reducer $200 Nardi Steering Wheel 200mm + Alloy Spacer $220 Pair of SSR Longchamps XR4 15” x 7” -1 (4x114.3) [one wheel has dent from a ripple strip but still holds air] incl. 80% tread RE001s $550 S13 CUSCO ZERO-2 Coilovers SOLD S13 NISMO 2-way 4.08 (5-bolt) SOLD S13 Kazama Castor Rods SOLD BRIDE Brix1 Drivers (Deep Bolsters / S13 Super Low Rail) $OLD BRIDE Brix2 Passenger (Shallow Bolsters / S13 Super Low Rail) SOLD SSR Mesh 15 x 8j -3 4x114.3 MINT (tyres are dead) $OLD JAMES 0 4 3 9 0 3 0 5 5 6
  13. Blitz SD racing gauges for sale: 1 x Boost 1 x Pressure ( brand new ) 2 x Temp ( One of them doesn't light up though but works it was dropped) 1 x water temp port with rad hose to suit S14/15 1 x Shadow oil plate brand new suit SR20 They come with all the senders and wiring. All gauges branch off each other so you don't have to hard wire them in individually. Only had the boost and water temp gauge hooked up before. Those two were in my center vents in the cups with the rings cut to make them look nice in my S15. Will not separate these items unless i have a buyer for all $500 firm S15 Diff - 140000 km broken abs sensor $80 S15 Xforce front pipe with cat punched out $60 S15 Doors pearl white. Paint has some chips $150 each S15 Carpet no rips just a little heel wear $60 S15 Pearl white drivers OEM skirt $80 S15 Tail Shaft $50 S15 Fuel lid pearl white $50 S15 Front brakes and pads $100 S15 Front Left LCA boot is worn $50 Pick Up from Sutherland Shire ( Not ACT ) PM or SMS 0403916947
  14. Cusco RS 2way & 1.5way

    CUSCO RS 2WAY LSD Install into your Diff and away you goor Change the configuration and Lockup to suit your driving style, Have all the information which shows this! Not massively clunky, Was driven on the streets! Price - $750 For alot more pictures - http://imgur.com/a/DQQC5
  15. Hey guys Been reading about this a bit today, mainly for curiosity's sake.. but also because i'm wondering if anyone has done this before. Google search shows others on other forums have thought about this idea as well, but never seen any evidence of it being done - maybe due to complexity or cost? Apparently there is a model of the Nissan Navara which came factory with a air lock R200 diff. This type of diff is more common on 4x4's but i'm wondering if anyone has considered this setup for a street / occasional track car. Benefits seem to be while disengaged the diff acts normal, when activated it behaves like a welded / locked diff. This would have none of the chatter and other side effects of a 1.5 way or 2 way. The air lock ones seem to rely on a fitted air compressor, but the site below seems to have a kit which is vacuum operated, and it appears to be pretty strong. http://www.mcnamaradiffs.com.au/difflock1.html http://www.mcnamaradiffs.com.au/difflockmech.html Thoughts / comments, or is the complexity not worth the risk / benefits ? Cheers
  16. hi guys is there meant to be play in the gearbox on the tailshaft, i'm rotating the drive shaft and its moving a bit, and makes clunks when you quickly lift of accelerator i thought it was the diff at first but its coming from the gearbox, i did a bit of research, and the play looks like its coming from the tailshaft yoke, any ideas if this is normal? http://youtu.be/PgKJvZivGMQ
  17. As the title states I'm looking for a place that shims up Nissan viscous diffs. I've called all the places I can think of and no one seems to do it. Google is no help today either. If anyone has an idea as to who does it that would be awesome! Cheers
  18. im looking for a replacement for my standard S15 helical, looks like Kaaz only have a 2way to replace it... Anyone know if Nismo or anyone else does a 1.5way to replace the S15 helical ? Or does anyone know how to do the change to another r200 diff, just worried about the ABS on mine.
  19. Help me pick my next upgrade

    I'm getting to the point where my S14A is fairly complete and I want to improve some of the existing key parts, it's just going to take some saving between each one. Usage of the car is 1 lap street sprints up to 5 lap circuit sprints. It's still street registered and full weight. I haven't done a while lot of events in the car, upgrades won't be at the cost of seat time. Current mods are listed further down, the 3 next major outlays I'm choosing between are: Coilovers: Upgrade HSD 7/5 coilovers to KW v3 6/4 coilovers. I've chosen these over the Koni/Bilstein options for a few reasons including no binding issues with Z32 uprights, but mainly because I can just order and install vs sourcing parts and assembling konis. Net cost approx $1700. Calipers: Upgrade standard gear to Wilwood Forged Superlites with 310mm 2 piece curved vane rotors. These are quite a bit lighter and replacement rotors/pads are cheap. Will help with temps and fade resistance in longer sprints, not so much the 1 lap sprints. Cost approx $1000. Diff: Swap S15 HLSD 4.08 ratio to 1.5 way 4.3 ratio to improve traction through and out of corners. Approx $700. Current mods: Engine- Currently 230rwkw, needs a tune to get around 250rwkw. Not enough E85 availability here to change over. Cooling is good (typically runs 68-73 degrees), engine is reliable (forged internals, all quality parts and accessories). Wheels/tyres- Nitto NT-01 255/40/17 on Enkei RPF-01 17x9+22. Better semis would be worth a few seconds but I'll upgrade these when the current set are done. Have ordered a tire pyrometer to assist setup. Driveline- S15 HLSD with 4.08 ratio, Exedy clutch, standard tailshaft and flywheel (will upgrade these to lightweight items next time clutch needs replacing) Braking- Standard calipers with A1RM pads and DBA solid face rotors front, TRW pads rear, braided lines, master cylinder stopper, will make some air deflectors Suspension- HSD HR coilover 7/5 springs, Whiteline swaybars, strut bars, all adjustable arms (Neotech & GKtech) except LCAs, have ordered subframe risers, awaiting GKtech knuckle development to correct front roll centre Interior- Bride fixed back bucket seat, Power FC & AVCR for monitoring, have ordered lap timing gear Aero- CWest wing, vented bonnet, will fabricate splitter/undertray/air dams after next event Stolen pic from last event (awaiting originals from photographer)
  20. Differnetial

    Hey guys, I'm looking to get a more daily drive friendly diff for my s15 autech. It currently has a 1.5 way (bitch in car parks), which i am selling to a mate (sorry guys), and i'm looking to put a diff in which will reflect that of one which came stock with the car. I do not know a great deal about differentials so i have come here for some advice, what sort of differential should i be looking to replace the 1.5way with and where could i buy one of these in the Sydney area? Thanks in advance.
  21. Kazz 1.5way LSD

    Hey guys just got my p plate liscence, and bought myself an s15 autech (SR20DE)- CHEERING! Came with a kazz 1.5way LSD Having troubles when i am taking 90 degree turns- come to a T road and go Left or Right- my rear wheels drag along the ground. Is there anyway to stop it from doing this, I.E. accelerating more while taking these turns. Or alternatively, how much and where can i buy a normal diff cost which will eliminate this aspect as i do not intend to use this car to drift- (Saving for a s13 as a project car for that). Thanks in advance
  22. 1.5 vs 2way

    should i get a 1.5 or 2 way for the s14?????
  23. hey guys, i had my diff apart tonight to shim it up and i have been having trouble getting one of the stub or "half shafts" back in. i think it would be because of the little circlip and i have had trouble trying to get the circlip out of the diff so that i can put it back on the shaft. any ideas? it should go in any way even with it in the diff because it came out easily like that. it stops with about an inch or so to go. any help would really be appreciated. cheers.