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Found 7 results

  1. MCA Gold Coilovers for S15 - 30,xxxx kms

    Selling my beloved S15 MCA Gold series coiloverscheaper than the MCA Red series. The Golds are all custom hand made and designed for all road setups. Springs are King Springs, 400 lbs (7.1 kg) front and 325 lbs (5.8 kg) rear spring rate, linear springs. Only used for 30,xxx kms, daily for a year and then a weekend only car with the odd hill run. Not required yet but these can either be rebuilt at any motorcycle shop or at the MCA workshop in QLD. Car was defected so had to change back to stock and decided to save for an engine build. Has many adjustments for travel, castor (over 9 degrees each side), front camber, front toe, rebound and dampening. They can get very low but depends if you want to look cool or care about roll centre correction for handling. You can call Josh or Murray Coote for support on these from the MCA suspension website: https://mcasuspension.com/ Asking $2500 or near offer. Local pickup welcome from West of Adelaide or southern suburbs area. WILL POST FOR $50 ANYWHERE IN AU. Any questions, just ask. Cheers.
  2. Make : NISSAN 180SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 89,000 Price : $8,500 ono Condition : Excellent *DRIFT / CIRCUIT / TRACK CAR* 1995 Nissan 180sx SR20DET 89,000 kms Selling our 180SX Drift / Circuit car, this has been a great car for us, we have only done 3 drift days in it, but now have a new car underway and unfortunately she has to go. SR20DET Black Top Aftermarket Cams Rocker Arm Stoppers Blitz BOV Apexi Filter HKS FMIC Oil Catch Can Battery Isolator Full 3" Exhaust, HKS Muffler, Rear Exit, No Cat Tein C/overs all round Rack Spacers (xtra lock) Adjustable Caster Rods (Front) HD Tie Rod ends Strut Braces (Front/Back) NISMO 2-Way LSD XTREME Heavy Duty Clutch Kit (near new) Project MU D1 Pads 2 Sets of Wheels 4 x 17 x 8 with Federal 595s 4 x 16 x 8 with Federal 657s 4-point Bolt-in Roll Cage with diagonal brace. Bride fixed back drivers seat w/ Willans harness. Velo Fixed Back Passenger seat.HKS Electronic Boost Controller (Low / High / Manual Settings) Running at Max 1.0 Bar Pivot Speed Cut Override / Digital Speedo GReddy Turbo Timer GReddy Data Link GReddy Gauges (Water temp, Oil Temp & Boost w/memory) in carbon wrapped custom dash panel Handbrake "Drift Button" Interior stripped except for front door cards, headlining and dash. Sound deadener fully removed & Interior painted in Machinery Grey. Perspex Rear Window Carbon Wrapped hatch This is an excellent car in very good overall condition. Body and paint is very good with zero rust. A well prepared car that handles great and is a ball to drive. Still has all street car features such as Cold fully operational Climate control A/C, heater / demister etc No Rego, Import / track use only $8,500 Negotiable. Gerry 0414 205 414
  3. Cusco RS 2way & 1.5way

    CUSCO RS 2WAY LSD Install into your Diff and away you goor Change the configuration and Lockup to suit your driving style, Have all the information which shows this! Not massively clunky, Was driven on the streets! Price - $750 For alot more pictures - http://imgur.com/a/DQQC5
  4. Hi guys, I already had a build thread but now I have a better idea of what I am doing with the car and decided to just start again. Bought this S13 of another forum member. It was originally a CA18DE Auto but has been converted to an RB20DET Manual. So here it is... Goals • Have a reliable track car that can perform street duties and be driven to the track and back • Lightweight and responsive • Clean inside and out. Don’t want a track bitch. • Something to learn circuit and Hillclimb racing and grow my skills for the future Inspiration - Why do I do it? A number of cars have caught my eye and given me inspiration and ideas. Over the year I have seen quite a few and the last few months I have really looked at a few and realized how much time, money and effort goes into preparing something like this. Here are just a few: SXDevelopments 180SX PSR Tuning 180SX Time Attack Car Speedy Refrigeration / Option1Garage OUTLAW Sil80 Racecar Stage 1 – Basic Track Preperation and Setup This stage is all about getting the car ready for its first track day. I will be getting new suspension components and making some minor weight reduction. 1. Parts to be installed: • Buddyclub BR Coilovers (10kg/8kg) • Gktech Camber arms • Gktech toe arms • Gktech traction rods • Gktech slip on sub collars • Nardi Steering wheel • Bride Brix 1.5 Drivers Seat • Apexi Boost Gauge • GKTech Radiator overflow bottle • Braille Dry Cell Battery • Service (Filters, Coolant flush etc.) • OEM or Nismo Thermostat • Turbosmart Plumb back BOV 2. Wheel Choice: 4 x P1 Buddy Clubs in 17 x 8 +22/+32 2 x P1 Buddy Clubs in 17 x 9 +37 plus Semi Slicks for all 6 wheels These are currently white. I will be getting them powdercoated bronze or gunmetal after first trackday. 3. Complete Rewire: The current wiring job from the previous owner just doesn’t meet my standards. I don’t have the skills to pull it all out or extend the wiring more so that it’s neat and tidy. I am sending the car and an uncut engine loom to Anthony at Dahtone Racing to get fixed. The plan is to remove the current wiring and replace it, place the fuse box back into the engine bay and most likely move the battery back in too. The battery I am using is a Braille B106. Only weighs 3.5KG and puts out 500PCA (Pulse Cranking Amps – 5sec instead of 30sec with CCA) 4. Tune: Once the car is returned from the rewire it will be going straight to Jez from DVS Tuning. He is going to be installing a NIStune board and getting the initial tune done on the car. This way I know that the car is running right, I can continue to put out reliable and safe power on the track without worrying and I can also have a base power output to work from. 5. Weight Reduction: I have removed the following as initial weight reduction: • Rear Seats • Rear seatbelts • Rear interior trims + boot trims I intend to try and get the car on a scale at some stage to work out what the current weight comes in at. Again, I will then have a base weight to work off and can set my goals from there. EVENT 1: Ringwood Hillclimb April 21st, 2013 Stage 2 – Suspension Tuning, Weight Reduction and Tidy Up After the Hillclimb I should have a rough idea of where the car is lacking in. This stage will be about fine tuning the suspension setup so that come the next track day I am more confident in how the car will handle and thus allow me to learn more from it. 1.Parts to be purchased and installed: • Nismo TT 1.5 Way Mechanical Diff • Suspension Components • More… 2. Suspension Tuning: I will be installing new suspension items if required. Most likely will get adjustable sway bars and then will play with the wheel alignment. I will also be installing an AGI Bolt-In Halfcage. More to follow… 3. Weight Reduction: I am still undecided on this. I am unsure wether to remove the sound deadening or not. Here are the Pros and Cons I can think of: •Pros oReducing Weight oLooks much cleaner and will most likely paint interior afterwards •Cons: oApparently noisy as hell – haven’t been in a car without it yet though. 4. Tidy Up: I will be painting the half cage before it goes into the car. I haven’t decided on a colour yet. Probably either gloss black or gloss white as an offset. Apart from this I intend to go over the car and replace any hoses that look like they may fail and replace most of the hose clamps. I will tidy up the front half of the interior as well. I want to replace the steering column surround and will try and have the gauge mounted in the air vents nice and neat. Stage 3 – Braking and Power After the next couple of events my next stage of mods will be to assist me in developing my skills. I want to increase the braking capacity as I feel that the SR20 brakes just won’t hold up under track conditions. If I feel the need is there I will also use the opportunity to increase the power. I still want to keep the car very responsive so power figures I am looking at would be no more than 220-250kw. 1. Parts to be purchased and installed: • R33 5 stud conversion • 5 Stud wheels • Turbo + Accessories 2. Braking: Although I have put this off for a while I can’t deny the fact that I am going to have to go 5 stud. I will look at R33 5 stud conversions and use that. Mostly they go for about $800 at the moment. That may fluctuate in the future but hopefully it will go down and not up. Due to this I will also have to sell my Buddyclub P1’s and go to something else lightweight. May end up spending an extra $1000 but will see how I go. 3. Power: This will either happen now or later down the track (no pun intended). I will look to increase the power of the car whilst still keeping it very responsive. I’m not looking for high power but usable power. No point having 400kw+ and not being able to use it. Also, I don’t believe that I would be able to handle it. Will look at Turbo options later on. Stage 3 – Let the good times roll…and then move on! For a while I will continue to grow and build my knowledge and skills. I will continue to enter as many events as possible and keep enjoying myself. My intentions will be to keep doing Hillclimbs, Motorkhanas, Supersprints and Time Attack for most of 2013 and possibly 2014. If I start to feel my skills have improved enough it will be time to move on. I would like to end up doing Circuit Racing. Probably start off doing the iRace Championship. If I do this I will sell the Silvia and move on to a R32/R33 GTR. Pictures: As of now... Front by Peter Mackellin, on Flickr Nardi Wheel by Peter Mackellin, on Flickr Bride Seat Installed by Peter Mackellin, on Flickr Interior Rear 2 by Peter Mackellin, on Flickr Engine Bay by Peter Mackellin, on Flickr Things that have changed since these pics are: • Braille Battery swapped in • GKTech Coolant Overflow Bottle installed
  5. Ok i'm now onto my 3rd 180sx fuel tank due the baffle or fuel bowl inside the tank breaking loose. "just buy another one" is not working for me. I want to ask if anyone has done a custom tank setup or run a external surgetank for a 180sx? *** My car is still a part week daily driver and gets used for all sorts of motorsport ( drag, hillclimbs, rally, drift & circuit ) so I can't do a fuel setup inside the cabin. I've been quoted to make a full droptank style fuel tank but am unsure if its my only option? If I do go down the custom tank method what's the best pickup baffle design, a similar trap door design to the tomei/greedy sr20 sumps?
  6. I've been checking out a lot of the circuit orientated builds on here lately and figured its at least time to put up a link and some basic info to my 180sx build in progress. The plan started out simple enough to have a mild powered dedicated circuit s chassis but soon got out of hand on the fabrication front. So now its a lightweight mild horsepowered build that I hope to run in supersprints, door to door events such as iRace and some hill climbs too. http://www.facebook.com/ProFab180sx
  7. Wakefield Park 2013

    Guys, I am planning to organise a day at wakefield park for anyone in canberra.. It would be a whole track being hired through the workshop where you may have a drift or bring a car to grip drive it. Knowing the prices of how much it would be to hire it out for a day, It would be on a friday so a day where you are able to organise a "long weekend" but depending if there is sufficiant numbers I may look at doing it on a Saturday which costs a bucket load. I would look at around 75 people at $125 each or 100 people at around $100 each.. passenger rides would be for free but passengers may not drive unless they pay for a 2nd driver fee of about $40.. I am just trying to get a idea of interest if people show enough interest I will go ahead and book a day at the track for us. Thanks Bren