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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, Following items for sale - pickup up available in Wollongong, NSW 2500: Tube baffled, AN-10 fittings with breather (not supplied) with drain. Has been powder coated grey. Been fitted, however not used. Bolts to passenger strut tower so cannot be used with ABS models. Can be used to breathe to atmosphere or recirculating Not negotiable, but will ship. Only selling as I have changed setup. Can come with braided lines and fittings if you want for another $60 - currently setup with -10 off rocker cover where T piece is on factory S13 SR20DET rocker cover and deleted PCV setup (-10AN) in place to catch, pic for reference. $220 + postage 13020-8H610 SR20VET Exhaust Camshaft. Brand new OEM, Nissan have now discontinued. This is in the box, still wrapped and unused. Good for SR20VET conversions and to use with P11 heads. Selling as I have gone for a bigger camshaft and surplus to my needs Not negotiable, but will ship $750 + postage Please PM and I will get back to you if you are interested. Cheers.
  2. Hi All, Have a genuine Ø15mm hose universal 0.3L capacity Cusco catch can BNIB for sale. Only opened to take pictures! The catch can is small enough suited for tight spots in the engine bay. This was the reason I bought it as I didn't have much room in my bay and wanted to keep it looking clean as possible. I never got the chance to fit it as I sold the car. Picture should tell the story! Everything you see is what you get BNIB. Also included is a spare (used) Ø15mm hose, with an adapter to lengthen if required. I actually bought this separately many years back (hence the paperwork/manual in the picture) when I had another catch can to plumb it back into the intake. Can't remember what I paid for this, but given it was from Cusco and being genuine, it did cost premium. Am including this for free, in case you also wanted to plumb it back into the intake! Pretty sure I paid close to the vicinity of $180 or thereabouts to have this delivered to me. I'm after $100 firm, and will Express Post this to you anywhere in Australia. Pick up available (Burwood East VIC), however still firm on $100. Contact number via sms zero four two one 1 2 1 eight one eight. Cheers, Andy
  3. triple core koyo rad suit sr20 $300 ono custom catch can also suit sr20 $100 ono in adelade but can post if need be at buyers expense, ring chris on zero four 01483906
  4. I have a ASE catch can that has been collecting dust for years that I purchased it for my 180sx, but sold the car before I got around to installing it Figured I may as well install it on the S15 Feel free to correct/point out anything which is wrong Did a bit of searching about catch cans and came up with a few things The PCV valve "back of the rocker cover same side as the plenum" is one way and wont vent blow by gasses when the car us on boost. It will however open under vacuum and allow blow by gasses to be vented/sucked into the plenum and thus get burnt off. Because of this there is no real need to hook up the catch can to the PCV valve On the turbo side of the rocker cover there is an outlet at the back of the engine which gets left alone "think it drains back to the sump or something" On the turbo side of the rocker cover in the middle, there is an outlet which is connected to the intake elbow of the turbo. This vents blow by gas into the intake which is then burnt in the engine along with the normal air which has been sucked in. So basically I would want to hook up the catch can to this outlet to capture blow by gasses rather than have them burned off. But what do you do about clogging/plugging the hole in the turbo elbow ? The picture I have attached pretty much shows what I was wanting to do with my catch can, would have a hose running from the catch can with a breather on the end discretely stashed out of view to vent the gasses. Setting up the catch can like this should be ok? I know that the EPA conscious folk wont bee to happy but out of sight out of mind.
  5. hey there i have a quick noob question for anyone that can help!! with the sr20det over radiator catch can i can see where one of the the lines in connected to the motor but i don't know where the other line is connected up to in the photo below. is there specific area that these lines have to run to or there is a few places??
  6. hello comrades, ive been just looking at catch cans of late (im bored and i have assignments due and its just something ive just never got my head around) and ive stumbled across catch cans which instead of being plumbed to the intake it being plumbed to the exhaust and seems to be use by a few of the 2L FSI Audi and VW boys. (noob part) now from what i think i know about how it works. venting crank case pressure is needed (obviously) and plumbing it to the intake 1) uses the vacuum of the flowing air to extract the dirty, oily air out the engine, and 2)sending it back in the engine to burn this pollution. but this method (when blow by increases) puts oil in the intake system which causes problemos, but installing a catch can 'catches' (wow really?!) the oily dirt air, yay! Yeh? all good thus far? at this part there is the usual plumb it back to the intake pipe (which can still get the oily crap in the intake?), or vent to atmosphere (pollutants are let out to atmosphere... but does this still have the vacuum properties of plumbing it to the intake or just gives it somewhere to go when the pressure builds?) from what i have seen, plumbing the breather set up to the exhaust uses the vacuum of the exhaust to extract the stuff but (obviously) wont go back in the intake. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo after all that: 1) is this a good system ( catch can>exhaust) or it venting it to atmo just as good/just stick to 'back to the intake'? 2) with plumbing it up to exhaust, do you even need a catch can? BONUS 3) With a set up like this: is the thingy-ma-jig on the driver-side of the rocker cover; is that another crank case breather point, AND would the breather in this set up (if a hose was put there) then go the the exhaust (im thinking yes, but just want clarification) thanks for reading my rambling crap