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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys, just a general post. I got into a car accident couple of weeks ago as a passenger. My friend who is the driver was at fault. It was a pretty heavy accident but we survived with only minor injuries. Another friend of mine who is the owner of a panel beater shop where the crashed car was sent to was telling me about an "opportunity" to use this incident to get compensation from the ctp apparently. At first i was skeptical, because of the fact that my mate was the one who caused it. But he's telling me that you can still claim money from that incident by reporting any injuries by which the CTP will pay for. I took on the opportunity, only because i dont have to pay a cent, all the solicitors etc were provided by him, he has friends who are lawyers, paralegals etc. I know the process of how this all works and what to expect and do. My application is not finished yet for them to begin the case. So i want to take this time to get some feedback from the community as to whether i should go on with this and if this will benefit me or bring me unwanted issues.
  2. Nissan 2002 S15 project car for sale. Rolling Chassis with dash and centre console which will go with the car. Full drift works knuckles and suspension arms Drift works braided brake lines Drift works hydraulic hand brake and braided lines ISC coilovers Nardi Steering wheel Aeroflow Fuel cell Custom boot mounts for fuel cell Custom metal work for rear bash bar, chassis rails, jack point Custom Metal work short rear parcel shelf and sealed partition between cabin and boot. Rota GTR-D 18x10 rims all round (same wheels being used on Drift Works UK S15 2J 1000hp drift car) There are probably heaps of other things but that's the main build so far. Selling due to just bought a house. Car is stripped and been building for 3 years and only used new quality parts. Full interior painted. Sell price $7,000 Ono Contact me for any questions or queries. Damien 0404009828
  3. Hi Everyone, My school is having their formal in December this year and I'm needing/wanting cars to drop me and probably 3 other people of at the venue. I'm just wondering if any one is willing or knows anyone who can drop us off? Since everyone in the ACT have booked out all the decent formal cars in Canberra I just need help finding one. I was thinking this could turn out to be a cruise or something and any help would be appreciated! It will only be for 1 or 2 hours If anyone is willing I'm happy to discuss payments or just give more detail in a PM. Thanks Brendan
  4. Hey guys and girls of NS. Friends and I have started a new automotive based blog down here in Melbourne called Zero Clearance.. So what is Zero Clearance about? "Australian Automotive Blog, bringing coverage and reviews on track days, meets, events and even driver profiles to the public all in one place. A place where enthusiasts all over the globe, can gather, and appreciate a stanced ride. We're not all about focusing on one market and one only, anything that can be appreciated, will be. From JDM, all the way to Euro, anything goes and anything is welcome. You don't have to particularly like a certain car, to say it's really nice." Based in Melbourne Victoria, we are hoping to have coverage of as many automotive events that AUS has to offer. We are going to attend future events and feature them on the blog to a worldwide audience, so we are looking to do features of cars from Melbourne, so if you have stance, you built your car from the ground up, you run 6 seconds flat or you just plain think your car is down right awesome don't hesitate to contact us! Best of all it's free Come check us out over at http://zeroclearance.net/ Our next event will be JDMST this month in Melbourne, so if you want to jump on board and support us, we will have stickers available on the website soon but also at the meet. Cheers, Jono
  5. HI Everybody

    Hi All, Just a hello from a new user, i have recently purschased a Mazda Familia 1993, its quite clean... still needs a few minor things! hoping this is the place for it!!
  6. I currently own a stock s15spec s and just wanted some advice and recommendations as to whether I should do a manual conversion ($1900) first or start on the performance eg. exhaust, boost control, intercooler etc. I have already been recommended to sell my auto s15 and purchase a manual, but I got my car really cheap for only $10,900 which why I'm willing to spend money 'for a manual conversion.
  7. I'm getting 430km from a full tank with my s15spec s turbo, I spend around $75 "FULL TANK" using BP ultimate 98octane, normally driving around suburban areas, whereas others i know with r33, spec r etc. get 500km+
  8. Yo everyone, not sure if this has been asked or created before, but im just wondering the cost of insurance for p platers with a modified car (in my case an s13). Im getting my p's hopefully in February, and apparently insurance is going to cost an arm and a leg even for just basic mods, so whats the cheapest option out there? cheers
  9. What car to get?

    Hey guys! Selling my S14 as i've had a great offer! getting more money back than thought of. Basically have an $18 000 price limit! What do yall think? Quite like my s14, but want something a bit newer.. Maybe 1999 onwards Love the idea of a twin turbo supra! also like the idea of an s15 as its similar mechanics wise to my s14. But im just recently falling for xr6 turbos and xr8's. ( 2004ish BA) anyone with any experience with these, would love to hear some words. Especially with the whole 4 speed auto vs manual i love the power the s14 has, power wasnt quite early enough, but if taking off in first, then the boost into second was enough to get it going. Cheers guys, throw some educated comments out here! Glen