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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all and welcome back to another tutorial. I hope you have been well, if you are reading this, we have a video detailing the process just below, and below that we have a write up for those who prefer some good reading material. Today we will be installing the Option B Blue Seats into the S15 Note: Most seats out of all S Chassy's are compatible with one another. If you have an old 180, 240, s13, s14, s15, then all the seats are interchangeable as the rails remain the same. So you can swap new seats into your old car, or if you have a nice set of aftermarket seats, and you're buying a new silvia to sell your old one, then you can slap them right into the new one. Now let's proceed with the installation. If you have aftermarket seats, then you will need to make sure you purchase S-Chassy rails, the bride rails sit well in the s15 and are a nice option. Step 1: You will need to remove the old seats from the car, this is quite straight forward. You will need a socket set, from memory i believe the size of the bolt was 12mm but i cannot remember exactly, as long as your set ranges from 8mm to 18mm you should be fine Step 2: Locate the 4 bolts on each seat. You will find that there are 2 on the floor under the front of the seat, and when you move the seat forward, there are 2 at the back you will need to remove, one will be on the floor and the other against the transmission tunnel. Step 3: I recommend unscrewing the front bolts until they are barely still in the hole, and can be removed with fingers, then sliding the seat forward to remove the rear ones and then you can reach underneath and undo the front ones. but, this is just how i did it, you find a way that suits you Step 4: Tilt the seat backwards, you may see 1 or 2 connectors under there. Most people will only have 1 connector which is used to check if your seatbelt is plugged in, you will need to unplug this to remove the seat. Now you might be special, and have 2 connectors, this is not very likely, but if you are, shoot me a PM if you're removing your seats and you have that yellow connector you have an extra step that needs to be taken Step 5: Gently remove the seat from the car, without breaking anything or scratching anything. Step 6: You might notice that your new/old whatever seats do not have the seat belt buckles on them, before you put them into the car, it would be a good time to remove the buckle off your old seat, and attach it to your new one. should be the same size bolt which is used to anchor the chair to the ground. Step 7: Gently install the replacement seat into the car and pretty much repeat steps 4 to 1 in reverse order. (Again, for those of you with the yellow plug, PM me for step 4.5) Step 8: Make sure all the bolts are nice and tight because this is what saved you from flying through the windshield at a sudden stop or crash Step 9: You're done! If you enjoyed this tutorial, you should consider checking out my other ones. I have quite a few videos focusing on aesthetics for the s15 and i plan to release a few more in the near future. Please also feel free to check out my channel for video guides and vlogs. Thanks for your time. Peace!
  2. Hey guys, thought I'd start a build thread more for myself to keep track of my progress with the car and post results of mods verified at the track with times, dyno sheets etc. On the weekend I picked up a 100% stock (down to the headunit) S15 Spec S Silvia. I had a few specifications for the car when looking and they was that it had to be Blue, stock or as close to as possible, non-sunroof and straight. The car I picked is a one owner Blue, Spec S, automatic, Australian delivered 2002 S15. It has 180,000kms, the interior is in very good condition, the engine seems in good condition and the exterior is in average/good condition. I paid $8000 for the car however it is in Perth and I am in Adelaide so the car is currently on a truck on it's way here. The flights to Perth were $500 and the truck to get it here was $400. I bought the car from a 65 year old lady who was the first owner in 2002 and bought it as a midlife crisis (her explaination). I don't have any great photos of it but I will upload some as soon as it gets here and try to keep the thread updated as I do things to the car or as the car goes to the track. My plan for the car is to run a basic setup and try to get as much time out at the track as possible, the car will be used for grip and not drift so progress should be easy to see in the form of track times at my local track, Mallala. For now, here are some photos I have of the car that I got sent before I flew to Perth to view it.
  3. Hey guys!! So i bought my turbo spec R S15 about 4 months ago and haven't really done anything to it. I took it to Jaustech recently and got a power run to find out it was only putting out 100kws , all is well though shes going in the garage and will be getting fixed up asap. Seen some really cool imports out there in Adelaide! Let me know what you think. Thanks Nick
  4. New owner of a blue s15 spec R

    Hey guys, new owner of a Spec R s15 here. So recently I just swapped my Mazda 3 sp23 plus a bit of cash for this s15. I still can't drive it until early September due to me being on my P's, but it is worth the wait. The previous owner had it imported in 2009. So I bought it with the following: - 100,000 kilometres. - APEXi Pod Filter (507-N005) - Nismo Cluster - PowerGetter exhaust system - Darkest Legal Tint - 17" Gold Volk Gramlights 57c - Kenwood Double Din Headunit - Clear indicators - Aftermarket tail lights The Kenwood head unit only has Japanese frequency which only goes to 90.00 and no USB or AUX so I am looking to get that changed first.
  5. Hey there! Long time lurker but decided it was finally time to introduce myself.. so Hi i'm Michael from Sydney Bought this neat JDM S15 about this time last year from an import dealer.. didnt really want to go to a dealer but i figured if i was going to spend all my money on my dream car it better have some neat goodies and as i'm mechanically noobie the warranty was nice too. It came with a few cool things like Recaro SR3s, sunroof, turbo timer, Blitz Nur spec cat back, and factory option orange cluster, but apart from that it was stock. First thing i did was swap out ratted momo steering wheel for a sexy Nardi deep corn and Works Bell boss kit. Also picked up an Apexi pod filter and enclosure. The wheels that it came with were some random jap ones with the worst offset so i ended up picking up some Origin DNA01s for cheap and fitting those along with a set of Fortune Auto coilovers. Also have a set of Powered by Max rear camber arms yet to go in. I dont make much money so its been a slow process, but next up on my to do list is pretty much the usual that you see - full turbo back exhaust, boost controller and FMIC. Oh and definitely have to get some nicer taillights soon... not a fan at the moment! Anyways here are a few pics: this random sticker was on it so i kept it haha This was the ad After i got home New steering wheel Randomly decided to drive to Mt Panorama with my cousin Coilovers + new rims Cant stop staring at her
  6. Jaxxy's S15 JAK020

    Hey guys, This is my 2001 Spec R s15. I bought it just a week ago and some of you may recognize it as GOGETR (606etr) however the previous owner had to sell up to buy a house. I'm completely stoked with this car as its something I've dreamed of owning ever since I first saw them more than 10 years ago. Only problem is currently I'm on my open license but only auto class so I can only drive it with horrible L plates on the car and with a fully licensed person with me which sucks. Anyway onto the car; Exterior: Full respray done about 2 months ago in stock blue colour, paint is immaculate but hasn't been buffed yet so once that's done it will look even better, Ebay spec front rubber lip. Rear Pods Stock wing (is it the spec R wing?) LED Taillights HIDs DC2 Lip Stock S15 Foglights. Rims, Tyres, Suspension and Brakes Work XD9s 18x9in all round. Federal 595 225s on front, some unknown brand 235s on the rear. Tein Flex coilovers (I think will have to actually check what model) Camber Arms (again don't know the brand, they are red, anyone keen to shed some light?) Front and rear strut braces GTR Front discs & larger rear discs with A1RM pads. HEL Braided Lines. Engine SR20DET Power Spirit front mount intercooler GTX3071 on High Mount Kelway Manifold. Turbosmart 38mm gate. Greddy Profec OLED boost controller. Apexi Power FC D-Jetro Power: 340hp @ 18psi. Interior Sparco Sprint V bucket seats. Apexi Boost Gauge. JVC Head unit Turbo Timer I think that's everything, now onto some pics. Sorry they're all phone pics so some are pretty crappy. This was it last Monday when I went to look at it, put the deposit down there and picked it up Tuesday night. Having its first bath Then it was time to start making it my own, starting off with small stuff, such as blue brakes, adds 20hp I was hoping the blue would be a darker shade but still think they look good. Next up the tail lights were changed over to LED units and JAK020 number plates added, aswell as an angry bird drift toy. Before After Coming up next are drift pipes which are coming in the mail along with a defi boost gauge and blue wheel nuts. I have big plans for this car, exterior wise its almost as I want it except I plan to put a DMAX wing and roof spoiler on and get rid of those butt ugly reflectors on the rear bar, engine wise I want to go all out with a GT28RS and all supporting mods, and with the interior I'm planning on some better quality and lower bucket seats and a bit of other stuff here and there.
  7. Project Spec R

    My baby 99' Silvia Spec R Jdm basic mods, for the meanwhile slowly but surely getting there. watch this space....