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Found 11 results

  1. Ok so, im converting my s15 from AUTO to 5 speed Manual.. I havent started the conversion yet but i really dont wish to run into any problems during the process (quick and painless) I have these parts lines up or purchased S14 5 speed gearbox Clutch & Flywheel (organising) Spigot Bearing Driveshaft (buying both s15 manual and s14 manual) Clutch and brake pedals Clutch Master and Slave Cylinders Clutch line and diff (abs to read speed) Now im just wondering if there is anything to watch out for, i have already been told as i was buying the 14 tail shaft thinking it would fit in.. Much to my disappointment apparently ill need half of an s15 shaft and half of an s14 shaft to fit.. And ill need an abs diff to read the speed accurately.. this reallly is just me hoping someone has done the same process before so i can learn from their mistakes? Thanks in advance p.s. rushed the post so excuse the bad punctuation
  2. Hey guys, So I recently went checked out a s15. Everything is perfect about it but the only thing stopping me from buying it is that it used to be a auto and is now a manuel. i want a manuel but don't know if the auto s15 had a different engine or lower power. Should I skip this one and keep looking for an original manuel?
  3. automatic s13

    hey guys, Ive found a really good silvia s13 on the market, this is like my dream car. perfect condition and all, although it is auto. And was just wondering wether it will still be as fun as a manual, I wont be using it for drifting or whatever.

    ok guys i have an issue with my auto trans. PARK=REVERSE REVERSE=NEUTRAL NEUTRAL=DRIVE..... and so on. I have Called Auto Masters and they think it may be something to do with the Selector Cable. Or something of that manner. But couldnt give me a quote on fixing such a problem. anyone know???? Cheers guys
  5. Hi Guys, So i have a 1999 Automatic S14a. While cruising at 80 km/ph, the revs usually sit at around 1.5 - 2K. when the overdrive button is turned off, (depressed) and still cruising at 80, the revs sit around the 4K range. The problem i am now having is that the overdrive button is on (pressed in) and while cruising at 80, the revs will be at around the 4K range, then drop to 1.5-2K then back to 4K. It seems the Over-drive is turning itself off but is not showing on the cluster display. Has anyone else experiences this or know what the problem may be? Thanks in advance.
  6. Ok so I know this has been done to death, and im not asking for another guide, already done a search and found a few good ones. All I need is some more specific opinions. So my sr20de s13 transmission finally died today, something ive more or less expected over the last 2 years. Pretty sure it was the torque converter seal, absolutely dumped its fluid all over the road from the bellhousing and lost all transfer of power from the engine to the wheels. From research ive done it looks like this repair ballparks in the $1300 region. So naturally this resparked the idea of converting to manual for me like just about everyone has seemed to consider at one point or another. My only hesitation is that I was already planning an upgrade in a year or so and didn't really want to spend the money/time if I didnt have to. So my real qurstions are: what do you guys think would be the best option/ price difference? Also curious who our there has a conversion kit spare and how much? Also anyone who can possibly do it for me and costs involved ? (Not afraid or opposed to giving it a go myself but would rather know it was done right if possible) I should add im in vic aswell i spose. Ty!
  7. Hey guys just have some questions here in regards to choosing my first silvia. Sorry if this is in the wrong section! Alright, im currently looking to buy a silvia s13. But here in perth, (decent and cheap) s13s are becoming extremely difficult to come by. Im looking to spend less than 3500. The plans/objectives for the car will just be a clean turbo/manual daily driver that i can enjoy and have fun in (No track use). There are 4 choices as you all know (from factory) are: - turbo/ manual - turbo/auto - non turbo/manual - and the worst of the bunch - auto/non turbo I would MAYBE do a manual/T swap IF i chose auto/NA later on.. but that means more $$$ and im very unsure about any legality issues that would arise by swapping the factory sh1t out (yellow sticker??). the best option is to obvs go manual/turbo but they are simply so bloody hard to find for that price, the same can go for the manual/NA sometimes. there are some cheap auto/NA's around but that means more work and $$ in the future. is it really worth it??? and alot of these auto/NA's are unrego'ed aswell, which makes it even more difficult to chose if its cheap... i really dont know what to do haha, what do you guys recommend i really look for? are there gonna be any legal troubles if i choose a Non Turbo/auto and eventually do a Manual T conversion?? or is the only real option to wait and keep looking for a NON AUTO...? ps. im not a P plater lol and i havent really done an engine swap before! thanks guys
  8. 180sx

    Ok, I just want to know how to get more power in my auto 180sx sr20de N\A needs to be p plate legal in south Australia and estimated price for all of it?
  9. The life and times of my two s13's Okay so three months ago I had a pretty major stack on my motorbike which means i'm out of that game for at least 12 months, so sitting in hospital I decided I would finally get myself that s13 that I have always wanted. A pretty reasonable two tone sr20 n/a q's popped up in my price range. -sr20 n/a which seems to have done quite a few k's as the cams have worn down a considerable amount. -auto (can't drive manual for aaaaaaaages which is gonna drive me nuts) -paint work has seen better days, front and rear bars are peeling few scratches here and there and some mad looking undercoat over surface rust on the roof. -factory sunroof which amazingly doesn't leak and does what it should do. -interior has seen better days the driver seat is torn and theres a few plastic bits and pieces missing that will do my head in. -blown standard muffler (sounds like ass and it's loud as hell) -suspension and steering is in quite good nick and it's all bog stock. -ugly as hell, filthy dirty 16" chromies the insides... the plans were to keep this one pretty standard maybe some coilovers and some wheels and just drive it around as a daily hack until i'm well enough for a manual conversion, that's what I was telling myself anyway, plans now change depending on what time of day it is, currently it isn't going to be registered and it's going to be a track hack with a possible turbo conversion (hand grenade motor hell yeah) and when things get serious I love the idea of a 1uz with itb's. it's now sitting in my front yard being raided for parts to get the other one regoed. This is where the trouble started! then this thing popped up for sale at a very reasonable price and me being me just HAD to go and check it out, within about 5 minutes of me seeing the car I had arranged to buy it. So a couple of days later we departed for home, smacked up front end and all. The good -sr20 auto n/a with ALOT less k's than the first one -wheels that don't make me want to vomit and stab myself in the eyes -nice clean interior -suspension, steering and brakes are all decent -body is generally in better condition than number 1 The bad It has been riced a little bit -bonnet was sprayed matt black for some reason -it has a huge cannon on the back of it (bit to hektik for me) -a scissor door that didn't work properly. It was welded on the the body instead of bolted because someone forced the wrong size bolt into every single hole! WTF! -quite obviously it has had a tap in the front which has bent the rad support a bit. current plan is to get it regoed and on the road. The future for this car will involve a full suede and leather interior, a decent audio package with a built in double din touch screen and possibly a supermade kit with a full respray. Also does anyone know if I can yank out the sunroof from the other one and stick it in this? the offending scissor door, yes only one. (photo blatantly stolen from previous owner)
  10. Auto License, manual car.

    When I was looking for a s13 I struggled to find a factory manual sr20de, most people understand my pain. Anyway I came by an auto one which was too perfect to let go so I ended up buying that and decided to just get it converted. I have an auto license but soon I'll have a manual car. How do you practice for manual if you have an auto license? Does this mean I put my Learner plates up? Anyone have experience with this?
  11. hey, i hope someone can help me with my problem. i have a 1992 Nissan Silvia Coupe SR version, okay lets start.. i brought a fairly new s13 sr20de *120***km.. (i hope) and fitted up a 5spd manual gearbox to it.. the car was auto in the beginning, ive been doing researching and more researching, wish i paid this amount of attention in school..... but i finally got the engine and gearbox in mounted it all up, hooked up all the looms apart from the body loom since i cut it from the auto gearbox that was in the car, fairly close to the gearbox so i gave myself alot of room to cut and mess up on the looms... i am unsure of which wires to cut and solder together to bypass the park lock so that the car will start.. theres 4 clips on the side of the fuse box closest to the driver, and i cut the bottom one and soldered it together, 2 big wires that are coloured black and tan and plugged them in and tried to start the car and the car still does not start, i did some more research and found out the middle plug is the inhibitor switch, anyway im rabbling on now, i would just like some help with it the car at the moment has full function to the dash lights, head lights, brake lights, indicators, hazards, window wipers, horn and so on.... but it just doesn't want to turn over, doesn't even try to turn over, could anyone tell me why this is? Thankyou also on another note, i got the starter motor off my old auto motor and put it on the new motor since i forgot to grab the starter motor when i picked up the engine... could this have anything to do with it? any information would be greatly appreciated thanks to anyone that can help