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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, I have a 1999 Toyota hiace with the 2rz-e engine, the van has done 350,000 kms and I've done 40,000 myself. The van always had a problem but I never bad enough to look into it further but I wish I had now. Anyway what the van used to do was kind of cut out/misfire/bog down when the tank would be less than a quarter and I'd be giving it a bit of throttle. Unfortunately yesterday it was a lot worse and was doing it a lot further down the rev range almost to the point where I could drive it. I was at work going from one job to another when all of a sudden i lost all power and couldn't even maintain my speed as the slightest touch on the throttle would cause it to misfire. I can to a stop at the side of the road, engine still running but not too smooth, I tried revving it up to see if I could nurse it home but wouldn't even go over about 1000rpm. When I have it full throttle the engine would chug and splutter and shake violently, it would rev up for a second or two but then drop straight back down and even backfire quite loudly. I changed my spark plugs, leads, and air filter about 15,000 kms ago and I didn't use the cheap crap either. My guess is the engine is being starved of something so I'm thinking: - fuel pump has given up - crap in the tank has been sucked up and blockage (unlikely) - fuel filter (ice never changed it as its in quite a hard spot to get to -distributor My question is, has anyone else ever had trouble like this and what exactly did you do to fix it, any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Curtis
  2. More troubleshooting, any help is very appreciated! I started noticing, even though it is very f*cking obvious, a steady misfire in my engine. It seems to happen after a while of driving, its fine while warming up and a period after being warm but it seems to get to a very shitty point. Spark plugs were changed today with correct gap, and the misfire persists. Fuel is being supplied by a walboro 044 pump, stock everything else apart from ECU which is a apexi power FC. I have a large suspicion that it may be a dodgy batch of fuel, its carried on for three tanks though but two refills seem to be the culprits. Would water in the fuel cause it to be this persistent? It seems the only time I use the forums is to solve problems, because that's only it really, just problem after problem for me hahaha Thankyou anyone for your responses.
  3. Hi guys, I have a problem with my S15...When i accelerate, even slightly it will miss/splutter between 2000rpm-3500rpm. Once the revs pick up it seems to go fine, no problem. It idles fine, and doesn't seem to have any problem when cold, however the problem appears and gets worse as the engine warms up. So after the engine gets hot its pretty much undriveable. So in summary, cold (running less than 10-15min), idle and high revs or almost zero accelerator and it is all ok but when hot, low revs and it will misfire. Its fairly stock, just FMIC, pod, 3inch exhaust and split dump. I just put on a brand new AFM as i thought that was the problem but it didnt help at all. 12 month old fuel pump O2 sensor is only 18 month old. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Michael
  4. sw20 3legged horse

    hey guys, hoping someone on here might be able to shead some light on my misfire issue. the rap sheet is this; 1990 MR2 3sge manual intermittent misfire in cylinder 3 only spark plug is fine lead is fine, checked at 4200ohms (i think that's right, was in spec anyway) distributor is fine there is no side arc-ing through the lead compression test showed up to 200psi (toyota spec is between 156 and 197) diagnostic is not throwing fault codes by the simple bridging of terminals and flashing engine light on dash car runs fine first thing in the morning until normal operating temp is reached it is not overheating ran injector cleaner through system, ran a little better but not by much from all this i have ruled out dead plug, dead lead, dead dizzy, head gasket, stuck valve, buggered rings. all that i am left with in my knowledge is a slight injector blockage, injector wiring fray and failure with heat expansion, possible intake manifold gasket leak on cylinder 3, or an ecu problem. has anyone else had a problem like this before or got a better idea than i do? this has been annoying me for couple of weeks now. is there something else it might be that i have missed? any and all help is very much appreciated. thanks.
  5. Hi people, need some help. I have an inconsistent pop or misfire at about 5-6000rpm at full boost of 18psi. in first it wont catch itself 2nd gear it will rapidly pop 3-4 times and then drive normal again. 3rd hardly does it. I brought brand new coil packs from nissan didnt really fix the problem. I have a wide band in the car with a Malpassi(rising rate POS) the car will run AFR's of 17(very lean) off boost and as soon as boost comes on with jump straight to 10 AFR(way too rich). Could the fact that it just cant burn the fuel as their is so much obviously going through? or am i missing something else? Any other threads that could explain better?? cheers