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Found 7 results

  1. Well, after establishing the wild-fire spread group on FB with such high demand, and over 680 members, Loz Glen has been happy for Team S14 to migrate to join NissanSilvia.com. We are very proud to jump on board with NS.com as this will help us: Reach a lot more S14 owners Have an abundance of archived and organised Technical information, galleries, build threads and meet ups So, rather than ramble on, simply tell us who you are, what you drive and why! Who: John Smith What I drive: Zenki or Kouki What I do: Concrete-Dancer, Grip-King, Hard-parker or Church St happy laps kgothnxbye!
  2. Time for the next meet! Once again, we have a sausage sizzle, promo girls, demo cars, it's all here. Put it in your diaries, coz you definitely don't want to miss this! To be able to keep this as a regular meet, it is important that you follow the CONDITIONS OF ATTENDANCE YOU are responsible for the guys you bring to the meet, and hang with. If they act like idiots, we will find out who it was. Brisbane is a very small place. In addition, we will be recording number plates for both insurance and policing purposes. THROW RUBBISH IN THE BIN. There's bins - use them. If they're full, just chuck it in your car and throw it out next time you fill up. Dont do skids, laps, rev engine, be antisocial in any way. Plates will be recorded and forwarded to the cops, depending on how much of a *richard cranium* you are. Dropping skids on the grass will be reported to police. We will also have a camera on the exit to film people doing skids to leave. Do iit somewhere else guys - I'll even give you some tips as long as you don't do it at our meet. Date: Saturday 1 September 2012, 2 - 5pm Location: Rocklea Showgrounds, Goburra Street, Rocklea. Link to map HERE. We will be using the trotting track to park up around the edge.. Make sure you support the people that support you! Fat Fitment Just Car Insurance Tru Blu Tint Fulcrum Suspensions CDR Paint and Panel Cartel Australia Field Garage The meets are open to any cars, whether they be JDM, Euro, Hot Rod or Aussie. The idea is to have like-minded, respectful, appreciative people there, who can also follow some very basic rules. IF you can do those things, we'll see you at the meet, and you'll be welcomed with open arms. Join the discussion here: http://forum.downshiftaus.com/showthread.php?374-Downshift-September-Meet
  3. Hey Guys, Just to let you know there is going to be a HardTuned.net meet July 15th (this Sunday) at Etsa park. Time to represent Adelaide's car scene with a good old fashion Meet & Greet. Also we do have free HardTuned.net stickers to give away, so come see myself or one of the guys/girls handing them out if you want one. However stock is limited, so get em while they're hot!! So show some JDM brotherly love and come down to Etsa Park Sunday 5pm. See ya there! Tom
  4. Ok Guys Results - Calamvale Shopping Center CARPARK (option for a feed) 8th OF JULY 4pm https://maps.google....&oi=local_group So can we need to set out dates. I tried to reset the poll but apparently deleting and re-entering options doesn't change the votes lol Feel free to suggest some place and dates that suit. Hey Guys, I know this isn't really in the right section BUT hopefully more people will see the thread in this section and then we can move it to the events section once we get some replies. Lets try and get everyone new and old together for a meet as it really has been a LONG TIME since meets. I don't care if you don't drive a "Cool" car anymore just bring you selves out. Show me some interest through the poll above and please add anything you may want to the thread. Feel free to suggest some dates and times that you can or cant as well. And just remember...
  5. Hi NS.com, Any locals from seven hills, parramatta, btown area want to meet up tonight and potentially cruise? Any S-chassis or nice jap is welcome
  6. Time to finish up 2011 with a CRAZY NIGHT CRUISE through the Royal National Park (top to bottom) to Wollongong Boat Ramp/Docks (the other side of the hill where the lighthouse is situated), we will also be doing photo's here aswell as it is really lit up... the details are as follows: DATE: Saturday Night, December 17th TIME: from 7:45PM MEET: CrossRoads Bunnings (Cnr of Camden Valley Way & Beech Rd.) WE LEAVE: 8:30PM Cruise Route: 1. Left onto Camden Valley Way 2. TURN RIGHT onto the M5 and follow to Heathcote Rd. 3. Merge LEFT for Heathcote Rd & turn RIGHT following Heathcote to Engadine 4. TURN LEFT onto Princess Hwy & follow it to/look for the Sign for Farnell Ave which is THE TOP ENTRANCE of the Royal National Park- It will be on your Right in 5kms. 5. Follow the Royal National Park to Stanwell Tops, TURN LEFT @ the Stop Sign onto Lawrence Hargrave Drive. 6. Continue onto Princess Hwy for Wollongong 7. At the 1st Roundabout Turn Left onto Memorial Drive 8. TURN LEFT onto Fliders St. (Watch for Signs for Wollongong) 9. Turn LEFT onto Burke St. and follow it around to Wollongong Lighthouse where we will be parking down @ The Boat Ramp/Docks!! Cruise Route on Google Maps: http://maps.google.c...&via=5&t=m&z=10 P.S As we are going through the Royal National Park @ Night, as always, we are still taking it easy.... ITS A CRUISE, NOT A RACE!!!! REMINDERS: 1. DONT BE A TOSSER, KEEP YOUR RUBBISH WITH YOU OR THROW IT IN A BIN!! 2. FILL UP A FULL TANK BEFORE THE CRUISE, WE WONT BE STOPPING!!!!!
  7. Hello everyone, i am organising a cruise that has some terrific scenery and fantastic roads, i have done this drive a couple of times & absolutely loved it out to the famous Mt. Panorama... hope to see you there, the details are as follows: DATE: Sunday, Nov 20th TIME: From 9:30AM MEET WHERE: Penrith KK's Carpark (between Outback Steak House & KK's, behind Macca's near Penrith Panthers) on Molgoa Rd. LEAVING: 10:30AM SHARP DESTINATION: 1. Oberon 2. Mt. Panorama After we stop off at Oberon for a 35minute fuel & lunch break... we'll then head to our final destination which is the BIG park up the top of Mt. Panorama, we can organise from there to do afew laps of mt Panorama, we can organise from there to do afew laps of mt Panorama- within reason- but please be mindful to do the speed limit as the Police presence on the track is quite strong and they are not very lenient... they hide all the time around the track! Cruise Route: 1. Right onto Molgoa Rd. 2. Right onto the M4/Great Western Highway onto and following through the Blue Mountains 3. Once you go down the other side of the Blue Mountains @ Mt. Victoria, the first speed cameras you see... take the 1st LEFT afterward and you follow that road (Sign for Oberon), it will lead you to Jenolan Caves. 4. The rest is hard to explain, you'll need to keep up... Google Maps Cruise Route from Penrith Krispy Kreme's to Blackheath in the Blue Mountains: http://maps.google.com.au/maps?saddr=Cnr+Mulgoa+and+Jamison+Roads,+Penrith+NSW+2750+(Chifley+Hotel+Penrith+Panthers)&daddr=Great+Western+Hwy&hl=en&sll=-33.73246,150.497605&sspn=0.320926,0.617294&geocode=Feng_P0dUUT7CCG6OPblXwippg%3BFTyG_v0dUCr1CA&vpsrc=0&gl=au&mra=dme&mrsp=1&sz=11&t=m&z=11 Here's the cruise route from Blackheath in the Blue Mountains, through Jenolan Caves --> Bathurst: http://www.google.com/maps?saddr=Great+Western+Hwy&daddr=Jenolan,+NSW,+Australia+to:William+St+to:-33.4511801,149.5590517+to:Pit+Straight&hl=en&ll=-33.70949,149.816437&spn=0.66373,1.229095&sll=-33.429149,149.576712&sspn=0.041618,0.076818&geocode=FXCT_v0dnif1CA%3BFaUB_P0dWiTxCCkzw4Vv-TwSazFQZEOQtAkGBA%3BFSEBAv4dZE_qCA%3BFVSTAf4dCxfqCCkPYT8vAuYRazHAopN0tAkGEw%3BFf2_Af4djR7qCA&vpsrc=6&mra=dme&mrsp=2&sz=14&via=3&t=m&z=10 REMINDERS: * PLEASE FILL UP A FULL TANK BEFORE THE CRUISE AS WE WONT BE STOPPING!!!!!