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Found 13 results

  1. I have a S13 Silvia with a CA18DE. Due to a water replacement the half moon timing lug got broken in the exhaust camshaft. I replaced the exhaust camshaft with an exhaust camshaft from a CA18DET motor. The motor now has a nasty flat spot at 4000 rpm. The motor pulls a little sluggish up to 4000 rpm, hits the flat spot, once it gets past the flat spot it happily revs out to 7500 rpm with as much grunt as it used to. My question is what is the difference between the NA and turbo exhaust camshaft? Is there a camshaft timing change needed? The motor is running on the original CA18DE auto ECU, although the Silvia is now a manual.
  2. CA18DE Idle Problem

    G'day internet! So I have a 1990 Silvia S13 and it has a CA18DE in it. I bought it just a few days ago and I have been trying to fix its idle issue that it has. So just of the bat I know it has something to do with ignition as i have been informed that these CA's coilpacks get stuffed quit abit. I have tested the fuel supply and despite having dank and dirty fuel in it, (yep, need a new filter), it has fuel getting into the cylinders so she is tip top (fuel supply wise). But I am stumped as to what is causing it to idle bad because for some reason when I connect it up with jumper leads coming from a much better bosch battery, it idles fine...and of course as soon as I do the pull out method on the jumper leads she cuts out. I suspect it is the alternator and I am yet to test that with a multimeter (will keep updated). Its like the coilpacks arent getting enough voltage. Im worried that some noisy AC power is chopping my battery up. Now that is my take on it, but I am hoping a proper Nissan knower can show me the yellow brick road and help me fix up the 13! Please comment any information/help you have. Thanks. -FlameOn
  3. Hi guys had a few silvias and 180's in my time but only recently decided to start a build thread: I purchased my stock standard unregistered 1989 ca18de auto Qs series S13 for $1800 (probably too much), It had been sitting for around 2 years, was in average condition body wise but the underneath was straight and clean, was running rough and the guy i bought it of told me the auto stalled. I picked up the keys went and bought a new battery and it started first shot too the sellers surprise, i drove it home (10 minute drive) with absolutely no problems other than the auto holding gears for too long. Being a P Plater i didn't want to go turbo, My plans were to just chuck a manual box in and some coilers and put it on club rego. The car club i joined was an hours drive from my house, which is were all the problems arose. Because the car had been sitting for so long the petrol was obviously going to be foul, the fuel gage was just above empty so i thought id just top up instead of draining it, After I filled up with petrol and stopped at the next set of lights the revs were dropping and the car would shake as if it was about to stall, from there on overtime i had to stop or slow down the car would stall, so for the rest of the drive id brake with my left foot while accelerating with my right foot trying to keep the car going (was very stressful). Got to the car club they looked over it gave me the paperwork and of i went to Vicroads to pickup my plates. Left the car at my mums house not wanting to drive it because it was stuffed, looked around for a CA18 manual or even bell housing with no luck (I'm very impatient). I found a few sr20de and box combos but no one would separate them, so i was contemplating just doing an sr conversion, but my daily is an n/a s15 and i wanted something different to that. After looking all over the internet I came across a guy who had a smashed r33 gts rb25de manual that had taken a front left hit, it was in a towing yard and had been for 3 weeks, he wanted $1500 for it but ended up giving it to me for the price of the towing and storage fee roughly $800. I had the r33 towed to my mates shop Australian Speed And Custom where it sat up back and we gutted it to a bare shell within the week, I kept what I needed for the rb swap, sold whatever I could then I scraped the rest. Had pretty much brand new HSD coilovers which I traded to Elliot the shop owner who was doing the conversion for his labour. Next was removing the ca and auto, sold that straight away, then put the r33 cross member and steering rack in. Cross member was out by a few mm probably slightly bent from the accident so we slotted the mounting holes and made it fit. I traded the brake setup (4 stud) for a 52 mm r33 rad. Put the RB25DE in and realised the bonnet wouldn't shut, the new radiator also wouldn't fit as it was too high. Did some reading and found that and r32 cross member will sit the engine lower and further back, out came the hammer to massage the tunnel as the bell housing was now touching it, After "massaging: the tunnel the motor and box now fit and the bonnet would shut. Also had Elliot make up a custom gearbox mount. Found a guy on the drift sales page on Facebook who had a Type X and wanted to swap for an s13 front so I jumped all over that and chucked it straight on the guards had a few dents and the brackets holding the bar were missing but a few cable ties later and it all fit up nicely. Next was waiting for the auto elec to come wire it up so the motor had a full service, after the custom loom was done, it was time to test if it all worked.... it didn't, the engine was cranking but it would not start. There was spark, there was fuel in the rail and the injectors were pulsing, but it just wouldn't start. Changed the fuel pump to an r33 pump to see if that was the problem, still not working. Pulled the rail out replaced injectors, but they still weren't squirting. Had the auto elec come back in and check everything, 3 hours later realised the injectors weren't getting a full 12v power so he took power from elsewhere cranked the motor and it started! But the water pump was leaking so ordered a new one. next was getting the clutch to work, put the skyline pedal box in after some customising to make it all fit, only to find that the clutch pedal would foul out on the floor and not pull the master all the way making the pedal not spring back. Tracked down an s13 clutch setup and chucked it in and now its working correctly. Water pump that was purchased doesn't line up correctly so have had to order another one, which hopefully will come tomorrow. Front sway bar hits sump so have purchased a 3 way adjustable whiteline bar that apparently fits, will (update when installed) I purchased som JIC coilovers cheap but have decided not to use them as the rears are not base height adjustable and i want to be able to fiddle around adjusting them to suit the new feel of the car, I also would prefer brand new ones anyway. So when I get my new coilers ill put in the full hard race arm setup I've got and go for a wheel alignment. As this car is going to be a street car I don't want to make it stand out too much so will sit just below legal height and won't go to crazy with camber and toe, but being N/A ill need it to be stiff to get it sideways. I know the car isn't legal for a P plater let alone anyone, but my thoughts are its not turbo and as long as i don't get pulled over by someone who knows the difference between an rb and ca i should be fine. will post up some pics and more info soon i didn't take many as i wasn't going to do a build thread but thought id share it since if you search rb25de s13 all there is is hate about it and people saying its a waste of money.... well this build has cost me around 3k including car, rego, engine, gear box, edu, custom loom, full hard race arms, add roughly 1000-1500 for coilovers and its under 5k for everything. oh and I'm a panel beater so ill be painting it millennium jade free of charge, so to me it seems like a pretty mean streater under 5k and when the time comes for a turbo everything is ready for an RBxxdet to drop straight in
  4. First-timer Build

    Hi guys, i have read through a few builds before so kind of understand the gist of this place. I have owned my s13 for about 6 months now. I was looking for some kind of s-chassis for a while now and finally found on that had been sitting in a guys paddock for years after he daily drove it and seized the engine. It was what i thought was an incredibly stock, ca18de, auto sil that was left for dead and i was its saving grace. After borrowing a car trailer and bringing it home and giving it a wash (removing god knows how long worth of leaves and gross off it), i took some pictures. It is still running stock rims thats how stock it is some of the main damaging being on this panel but that will be worried about down the track the infamous ca18de powerplant that from what i have heard blew a hose and seized. oh and yes they are after market cusco extractors which the old owners cousin who owned it before him sourced from japan for a exxy price and put on. after talking to him i found a rather nice list of mods that had been done to the car. so there it is. my $500 Nissan Silvia. Stock as a rock. The list of existing mods include Cusco extractors, hks lowered springs, kyb shocks, thermo, trans cooler, sr20det front brakes rotors and calipers, ferodo ds2500 pads, r200 vlsd diff and probably a few more little ones. oh may i also add that im a full time uni student living away from home (and from the car) on full centerlink and a part time job at kfc, so this build happens as money comes in. so over the past few months a fair few parts have been aquired such as; new uncracked headlight, full set of HEL braided brake and clutch lines, a working ca18de engine (for now) and manual transmission, sr exeedy clutch and sr flywheel (has been researched and is strong and will work with minor mods), full manual conversion parts, new solid gktech steering bushing, overflow bottle, and a few more little things. my biggest recent buy was rear bar and skirts of a supermade instant gentleman kit that i am in the process of installing. it look pretty sick i think. (excuse the multi colors and missing boot lid. ) these are all just siting at the moment and are ready to be drilled and fitted. this is where i currently am. ive just finished my final uni exams for the year and ive started working 5 day weeks so the money shall start to come and then so will build progress. Keep y'all posted. Hangloose, CG
  5. Hey guys I want to increase the power of my ca18de in my s13, I know I can put a turbo on but can't because of p plates and when I'm off my p plates ill have a sr20det to go in. Does anyone have a list of upgrades to get more power and ideas for better cooling and so on. Thanks
  6. Hey all, I have decided to convert my ca18de s13 into a sr20det. How I'm hunting down a ecu wiring loom and bits and pieces but what I really want to know is do I need to get a sr gearbox or will my ca box fit on to the sr? Also will I need to replace the engine cross member with one from a sr20 s13 or just replace the engine mounts?
  7. Hey guys. I'm wiring up a few gauges onto my s13 ca18de, At the moment it's just water temp and oil pressure, I was wondering if I can just splice them into the original senders on the motor? Not to worried about looks cause in a year a new motor will be going in and gauges will to installed properly. Does anyone know where the coolant temp sender is and which wires to splice into and also with the oil pressure sender? Cheers mark
  8. S13 CA18DE ECU

    I have converted a S13 CA18DE from an auto to a manual. Is ther any difference in the engine mapping between the auto ECU and a manuak ECU? The cardoesn't seem to have much grunt under 4500rpm.
  9. Hello everybody, this is my first time posting on the forums and am in need of some advice or help. i have a 1990 Nissan Silvia s13 with a CA18DE (auto) and it started making this weird noise today after not being started for a week and i have no idea what it would be. i got this car at the start of the year and from what i was told the car had been sitting for the last 4 years, but before i picked the car up the last owner did drain all the old fuel and oil and replaced them and also put in new plugs. i drove the car around for a little while and everything was fine, before having a heater hose brake back in April and the car has been off the road from then. in that time the engine had a full flush of the cooling system and a new water pump installed. i found out the plugs the last owner put in the car were the wrong ones, and ive put in iridium plugs as thats what i was told had to be used in the engine. the car has been started up and running fine over the past few weeks, and i was going to put registration on it soon to be able to take it out for a long drive seeing its been sitting for a while. took the plugs out today and as shown below number 2 spark plug is a lot more dirty then the others. any help would be much appreciated. i will be calling a mobile mechanic to come out this week and look at the car if needed. cheers. anthony http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQdRK_K5dac&feature=youtu.be
  10. Black NA Silvia

    Hey guys, this is my 1991 s13. I bought it back in december, unregistered and a bit of a wreck. Took about 3 months to get it back on the road and now here it is. It'll probably never get some cool engine conversion or aero kit but I do want to make it unique in my own way, so we'll see what happens I guess. It's a ca18de manual in black. I originally wanted an sr20de (as you would) but found all the examples were overpriced or had chromies, subs and dodgy bodykits. It was a bit dirty and had a few webs on it at first but cleaned up pretty good and the body is nice and straight. I bought it from a guy in Boronia and managed to drive all the way back to Geelong without getting pulled over once, which seems pretty lucky as an un-plated silvia on p's is like a cops wet dream. Current setup: - BC BR coilovers - AVS Model 6 wheels w/ Federal 595's - Jasma extractors - Cusco castor arms - ISC rear arms - Cusco/Nismo tower bars - Type x front seats Future plans: - 2.25" catback - R200 with 4.3 final gear - New clutch - Spacers - GTR grille - Fix drivers seat Back in december How it looks now
  11. CA18DE in MK2 Escort?

    I'm in need of a new engine in a MK2 Escort I have and was thinking of putting a CA18DE with a 5 speed manual in it. What are peoples thoughts and how hard would it be to do?
  12. Harley's CA n/a S13

    Hey Guys!! Thought I'd make a build thread for this just to keep a document of what I've done and gonna do etc etc. Well I lost my old Silvia a few weeks back, was devastated about losing her What happened underneath (Bent all arms) But after recieving the money for insurance, I couldnt help myself, I had to look for another Silvia. I found one for a reasonable price for the mods it had, I put a deposit on it as soon as I could. After a very long trip to pick it up, it was finally home First thing I did, was wash it as you do haha. Body paint is really rough, scratches everywhere but I dont mind, not a fan the colour anyway(Although its growing on me haha) Theres is a few dings and the old owner must of side swiped something or got side swiped. Other then the body paint, transmission Mods it came with are: R33 5 Stud convo 18x10 Allround with newish tread(Looks to be BBS LM copies, correct me if Im wrong) New BC BR coilovers Unknown bucket seats(Not fitted) Rear Cusco camber arms Rear cusco toe arms It also came with a set of 32 GTR wheels with roadworthy tread And thats all I can think of at the moment.. haha This build will be slow one as lack of $$$ but I plan on doing: Manual Conversion - Complete! J's head lights(Car was advertised with them but his mate must of swapped them, c**t) Exhaust from old Sil will be going on sway bars and all other bits and pieces LSD Extractors Shortened intake(Unsure) Aero kit, or Will settle for lip, skirts etc. Roof Wing Boot lip or Ducktail Widebody(One Day maybe) Flare rear guards But first, need to get it back on the road! Paint peel on boot And the side swipe or some other incident (The dint at the bottom behind the wheel and you cant really see the other, but it goes from the wheel arch to the tailight) Also, I know that the bell housings interchange with sr's and ca's, but would the auto ca bell housing go onto an sr manual box? not sure if auto and manual ones are different haha Flame me if you like, but I just wanna know haha. (Havent searched yet, because Im not worried about it at the moment) Thanks Guys!! Harley
  13. My 1991 S13 has not been turned on in ages. The other day is was turned on, it started and idled as per usual, when it was turned off, it refused to start again. The battery is brand new. I can hear the fuel pump prime when i turn the key and it makes a healthy cranking noise, it just does not want to kick over. Any ideas.