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Found 14 results

  1. Check out 3D Racing Solutions for a wide variety of 3D Printed Car Parts, example shown below. We accept custom orders too so be sure to check us out. 👍 https://3dracingsolutions.com/ Customer photos; We have not only worked on many cool/iconic cars, but we are trusted and backed by many companies, workshops and even individuals. So you are guaranteed to be provided with the best service. Improvement and growth is what we are always looking to do. If there are any ideas or suggestions that is desired, we will be more than contented to design that for you. Be sure to contact us either on messenger or on the "Contact Us" page on our website and we will be sure to make that happen. Be sure to check out our social media for daily updates; 📷 https://www.facebook.com/3DRacingSolutions/ 📷 https://www.instagram.com/3DRacingSolutions/ 📷 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UComnbqwBjzAWMCjY3Vig2Sg
  2. Spent hours and hours searching for this large poster that came in the fsm's. All links are dead since they're from 2006/2012 etc. Here's a 2019 one I stitched together quite seamlessly (not fully) to make it readable/usable compared to the A4 sections. Would need to cut it back up to be printed if desired though
  3. Hello everyone! This is my first post here and second forum to ever be a part of. So I am hoping to have success here as I am really liking my Silvia. I am having issues with the power in my radio and cigarette lighter. If I turn the radio up a little high it cuts off and turns back on but will cut off again unless I turn it down. I bought extra lighter plugs (it comes with 3 and switches to turn them on or off) and plugged the main plug into the car's plug. when I turn one on it's fine but when I turned all three they died. I checked the fuses and one was blown (I don't know what fuse it is because the kickplate with the fuse decal is missing). I replaced the 15amp one that was blown with a 20amp one and the cigarette lighter worked again! However I tested the issue again by turning on all three switches and the issue occurred again. I checked all the fuses again but this time none were blown. Now I'm at a loss. Does anyone have an idea how to tackle this issue? The current radio doesn't seem to have had a great install by the looks of it so maybe a ground or something is loose or disconnected. I have a multimeter to check any wires. I will have to try again tomorrow. I hope someone can help solve this issue. I can also provide pictures if you would like! When looking around the I did notice an unconnected terminal so maybe that can mean something. Thanks a lot again! BTW my Silvia is a 96 S14.5 in Japan if that means anything.
  4. Hi everyone, keen to buy a nice clean 180sx manual willing to pay UPTO around $8-12k depending on quality.. must be manual, preferably low kms (<150xxx) if it has factory sunroof is a plus Please post pics and deets willing to travel for the right car cheers!
  5. How do i delete this post?!
  6. I have a set of Kouki rear valances with center piece. The center piece has a crack in it as you can see in the photo. Other than that all is in good condition. Asking $280 shipped. Items ship from Japan.
  7. I have a set of taillights with carbon fiber center piece plus the part that goes under the lights. Comes with the pigtails and the key lock with key. Asking $500 obo shipped! Items ship from Japan
  8. I have a 1989 Nissan silvia with the ca18det. Seems to be running on three cylinders(cold or hot) Cylinder two isn't firing for some reason. Things I've checked or done: - compression on cylinder two is 120psi - seafoam in the gas tank to try and clean injectors. - injector cleaner in fuel tank as well - added a ground to my alternator. - checked timing and everything is ok. Same a CAS - unplugged ecu and plugged it back in. (Has aftermarket ecu with the usb cord instead of the test lights for checking codes. But plugged into my computer and it didn't do anything.) - it has 660cc injectors not sure how old. - aftermarket disco potato turbo. - tried different coils and plugs. Have spark. Sure there's more but let know what you guys think. Thanks
  9. WTB: S15 snorkel to airbox

    hey everyone, I'm looking for a snorkel for the stock airbox to a 99' S15 if you willing to ship to the States I'm willing to buy Dan
  10. Hey can someone identify the body kit on this silvia along with any other body mods? Thanks in advance.
  11. I guess this belongs in the drift forum as this is the start of a dedicated tube chassis drift car with the goal of us putting them into production. Gary Castillo from Design Craft Fabrication in California is building the prototype car (if you haven't heard of Gary, google him) based around a 240sx that is being converted to RHD. The prototype will be built up to a running stage and then it will be stripped down, the complete chassis will be 3D scanned and then we'll optimize the design further on screen with the idea of a tube chassis being put into production assuming all goes to plan. Here's how the $900 car started and here's where we're at so far. The build is expected to take around 10-12 weeks and MotoIQ will be following the build. NOTE: this is pounds, not kgs At this stage the specs of the build are still being decided (really fast) as we're in talks with sponsors however an SR20 is 100% guaranteed and we'll be running a Z33 6 speed box thanks to nissanparts.cc ($1,532 brand new!), along with a new range of chromoly suspension arms that we'll be releasing in the coming months, our billet aluminium knuckles front and rear, Wilwood brakes all round, Enkei RPF1's, etc. etc. Enjoy Greg
  12. 365hp-RB25-180sx

    This is my 180sx. I've had it for a bit over 12 months. Everything on this car is reasonably cheap but ohh so reliable. It's registered, but the only street time it sees is before and after Friday night drifts. Here's the specs.... Power 365hp at 16psi Engine RB25det Garrett T3 Oil cooler and filter relocator HKS adjustable cam gears and cams Forged pistons Shot peened rods Bosch 040 fuel pump 40thou bore 800cc injectors Apexi computer with hc Greddy boost controller 'Custom catch can' Copy hks bov Suspension D2 coil-overs all around Cusco front and rear strut bar Brakes Front: 8 pot D2 with vented rotors Rear: R32 standard brakes Wheels Rota Grids with -20 offset? Interior Bride low max seats Autometer gauges Dish steering wheel Down the line I want to get some adjustable front and rear camber arms, some inner and outer tie rods and shim up the diff but at the moment its great the way it is!
  13. I'm From Montreal Canada (and speek french and english but sorry for the mistakes I'll do in adavance ) The Car (not finished yet but will be soon) Here the laws are much more loose than yours for modification (no special plate, no police checkup if you don't do silly stuff in from of them, we are allowed to swap engine do whatever we want as long a we keep the original point of attatch for the engine and dont modifie the crossmember, stuff like that). The Cars the sell here are borring, we could import 15 year old RHD from japan but since it was going crasy now since 2 years we can't inspect them anymore so...now we cant plate them anymore... (to many crasy cars for cheap to too young drivers so imagin the reputation of RHD on this side of the planet...) Here the ''cheap fun car'' are old 1990 nissans 240sx (came with the KA24 ) 300zx N\A or TT... and stuff like th but are all eaten by winter salt so all of them are only good for scrap with major rust issues ... That Said I Found a Mint MINT restored chassis of a 1992 Nissan 240 SX Fastback, (here they are all 240'S with only the flip lights so we had the equivalent of the 180sx and the onevia all with the 2.4 liters KA Either DE or the E ..so our 240sx weren't powerfull at all). Engine Speaking I choose a RB26 a Rare engine for our region...and swapped in a 180 there is not a lot around here I can tell you... My friend had a blown one in his r32 He parted out and I had my old tranny from my Stolen R32 Rb25 skyline GTST wich I planed to rebuild. So Basicly I decided To Rebuilt the engine with all the mods that we all know to make it reliable and some fancy head I found by luck (a 800 hp 9500rpm (apprently...never seen proof of that) skyline parted out and had a fully built by Hokue Racing Factory engine) At that time I didnt know what was in the head only it had apexi cams and a port and polish. After I brought it to my engine guy he opened it and check it and it was all apexi pink stuff in it cam are Apexi GT step 2 264 duration ...so basicly a very nice head . NICE because I paid the price of the cams for the entire head...good call Mister Bond. Wanted to keep the twin turbo ...still don't know why, maybe I tought I'd have more response or whatever...well bad choice because my car beeing a LHD the steering colum is in the way to have dual 3 inches downpipes... still made it this way... it's very thight but it fits... BRAVO! I kept the stock manifold, putted 2 Garret GT2860-5 Turbos in there, Tomei Expreme downpipe and a mated to a 4 inches oval SS exausth (5x3 inches ...) 2x3inches downpipe into a 5x3 y pipe si a Killer flow setup I believe... and all the other that have seen it too.. A little list of what is on the engine...I probably forgot some but hey...that will give you an Idea.. Rb26dett : Head: (built by hokue racing factory in japan) my mecanic made the list for me. Port N polish apexi GT step 2 -- 264 duration 10,6lift in/exh ; apexi pink springs apexi guides and lifters. Cometic full gasket kit ARP head studs. Oil restrictor Custom Rear Oil Return to Pan Greddy Intake Divided Turbo Outlet Base; All balanced Wiseco piston & rods Acl race bearings ARP main bearings studs N1 oil and water pump R34 N1 crankshaft Modified oem oil pan 800 CC seimens deka injectors OEM manifolds 2xGt2860-5 turbos tomei expreme 2 1/2 inchs dump pipes..... 4 inches oval strait pipe exausth. Intercooler I found a used ARC that was in a front clip of a rb26 s13 out here in a JDM junkyard...it's ugly on the pictures but I have made it look better unfold the little fins and paint it black I made a variable exausth system, via the stock 240sx muffler (no muffler ticket because here...you can swap but not change your exausth) or strait pipe to the ground...stealth mode I put it on 18 inches pinks Gewalt Evo 2 18x10 +35 on all 4 wheels, (30mm widebody in front, rolled the fenders like crasy in the back) 235 in front 275 in the back. Suspension is all Tein Monoflex , All the arms are made by bings here in canada (www.bings.ca) good stuff... no shipping cost ..no custom...happy me. In the rear to make it more durable I puted a Skyline GTR R32 Subframe that had a 2way lsd in it... The front brakes are changed to GTR as well.... 5 bolts hubs in front and it's all good to have the nice mags. I have tons of other stuff but that will do for today I have to do other stuff than computer . for all the pictures you can go on my photobucket folder it's public : http://photobucket.com/ThaBIATCH240 I will post some pictures of the build : that's about it!!! anyone want to go for a ride? here's the keys
  14. Hey guys i wondring if anyone can tell me what is the best 180sx to go for like the s13 or the type x or just a plan 180sx as i have an rb26 that i would like to pute into one so can anyone help me with want i need to do to be able to get mod plats. and wants the top of the range 180sx like the best one to get. cheers Jason..