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Found 13 results

  1. Hey everyone. Ive recently decided it would be a good idea to do a bit of a build thread on my 180sx, from way before i even got my licence i have owned countless amounts of 180s. Aswell as a 200kw s14 and an rb25 powered r32. The 1st 180sx i ever owned And the fastest car i ever owned (still slow tho) What i have learnt from all these cars is that i cant resist what i consider to be the timeless shape that the 180sx has. So a few months ago i picked myself up a 180sx rolling shell so that i could build my dream car, an all out, STEEL widebodied, 1jz 180sx. Anyway, thats way too many words for an introductory post. Ill be updating this thread with photos of work that has already been completed on the 180sx over the next week, after that i will just update with progress that i think will interest you all Cheers, lawrie
  2. Have these up for sale. Not going to be needed for next project. Won't fit my manifold (unfortunately). Turbo is BW S360 .88ar T4 open Wg is genuine tial 44mm Turbo is brand new. WG has about 10mins idle time on it. Turbo $900ono (turbo cost me 900USD + post + taxes) WG 400ono (Cost me $525) chenery.w.j@gmail.com
  3. Located gold coast. Looking for offers around 21k negotiable. 2000 JDM Import 1JZ-VVTI S15 I'm looking at swapping to an Evo X for a more 'work suitable' car. Since I've owned this car, I've funnelled a lot of money into it to make it the best possible street/daily car. It's incredibly torquey and fun & easy to drive. Conversion was done by previous owner however I've spent a lot of time under this car, and the quality of the conversion is damned good. My Mechanic has carried out 1JZ swaps before, and couldn't fault the work done. Car is modplated for the engine & gearbox conversion, road registered and fresh 6 months rego put on 4 days ago. Chassis has 123,000ks on it and is perfectly straight. Engine Engine is stock, and comes on boost immediately. Cruising on the highway in 5th gear, if you touch the loud pedal more than 10% you're on boost. Car was dyno'd by last owner at 265RWHP, but it's the torque that feels amazing. The VVTI 1JZ improved both fuel economy, and a 20% increase to low down torque. Motor & Gearbox has 111,000ks on it, and had new HKS timing belt and major service at time of conversion (previous owner) Oil and filter changed 1000km ago (Penrite 10W40 Racing Oil & Ryco Z418 Oil Filter) Koyo Radiator & twin thermos - New Radiator hose installed last week 23/05/14 R154 5 speed Gearbox, Custom lightweight tailshaft to stock R200 diff Brand new OS Giken Grand Tourer Twin plate clutch w/ hard metal front cover (custom made by OS Giken and took 3 months to get from Japan), rated to 700hp, incredibly quiet for a twin plate and super easy to daily drive, converted from Push type clutch to Pull - This is a $2300 clutch and the best you can buy. OS Giken lightweight flywheel & new high tensile flywheel bolts New Spigot Bearing and Rear Main Oil seal installed at same time. Penrite 75W90 Gearbox Oil 3" custom exhaust with highflow cat (one of the most beautiful sounding cars I've driven) Turbosmart Boost Tee - only running 1 bar. Standard Turbo can run 18PSI reliably and standard 1JZ internals are good to 600-700hp. Upgraded Front Mount Intercooler (unsure of brand but it's about as big as you can fit under the front bar) Exterior 18x9.5 +20 Rota Dished wheels, 245/40/18 tyres all around Guards rolled - no scrubbing New front and rear tridon wiper blades ($100) Stock Body Kit Stock JDM Rear Wing OEM White Paint in good condition. 1 small stone chip on bonnet. May have been resprayed by previous owner. Interior Brand new TRD short shifter & shift knob, imported from Japan - Cost $350 Custom Black painted interior (over stock interior's easily scratched silver) - Sound/heat proofed the trim at the same time Defi Boost Gauge (previous owners - not sure if geniune) Defi Water temp gauge (previous owners - not sure if geniune) Viper Alarm System (LED Pager that alerts you when something goes on with the car up to 1 mile away) - Blue flashing light with sensors on windscreen says "Don't even think about trying to steal this car" - Alarm is freaking loud. Real Carbon Fiber Centre Console (Gearstick & Radio Surround) - Cost $200 Suspension SPL Titanium Pro Caster/Tension Rods ($300) Blitz 32 way adjustable coilovers Also have (not currently installed) Dakota Digital Tachometer adjuster ($180 from the states) (common issue when swapping to a bigger engine and keeping stock dash, tachometer is out by 1/2, this is a plug and play item that adjusts it to the correct RPM) Brand new in box Nismo 280k speedo ready to install ($350 from Japan) Custom black leather & red stitching shift boot, arm rest cover and handbrake boot ($60 imported from UK) Nismo strengthened clutch pedal bracket ($90 from Japan) I have receipts and logs for everything I've spent on this car. Would come with RWC.
  4. Built 1jz Block (0km)

    For sale is my built 1jz block... It has: 20thou Cp pistons Spool h-beam rods Acl bearings Arp rod bolts Tunnel bored Balanced Decked Brand new... Just built... Only reason for selling is a change in setup... $5000 worth of parts and machining... Yours for $3000... Located Green Valley(liverpool area) Contact me on 0402523906...
  5. Bee*R rev limiter

    I have for sale a bee*R rev limiter, it's in vgc brand new never used. I took it out of the box but never got to install it in my car before I sold it, suits all rotary, 4 and 6 cylinder engines. Asking for $150 but I'm negotiable.
  6. James's 1JZ S15 (Daily)

    Hi All! So I've been lurking for a while, and thought I'd share my car with everyone. This is a bit of a copy paste over from the Mighty Mods forums. So the story behind the car; I've been looking for a new car for my Open licence for 2 years now. I've never intended to break the P Plate laws, but I didn't want to funnel money into my N/A Supra because I knew I'd eventually been trading up. 2 Weeks Prior to buying this car: I thought I'd found the one. It was a white, clean S15 with a RB26 swap. The owner was negotiable, and after looking at it we agreed on the price of $19,500 subject to a mechanical inspection. I booked a mechanical inspection for the following week at the owners earliest convenience, at Mercury Motorsports. The morning of the mechanical inspection, I woke up to a text informing me the car had been sold. I was gutted and furious all day. The car was within my grasp, I had cash waiting to go, I just wanted to know every nut and bolt in the car. Hell, I'd even already paid Mercury! (Thanks to the guys there who understood and refunded me!). So I decided to go out on my lunch break, cool off and clear my head. Sat in Nandos I'm flicking through facebook waiting for my meal, when what do I see, but a white, S15, with a 1JZ in my suburb! I immediately contacted the owner and left work early to go see the car. The owner was in a rush to sell to fund new turbos/wheels for his R35 GTR due to turn up tomorrow, so we agreed a bargain price, and put down a deposit (not getting this one sold from under my nose!). I scheduled an inspection with my mechanic (The awesome blokes at Area Fifty-Four Automotive on the Gold Coast!), it came back squeaky clean with their seal of approval and the deal was done. Left work early the next day, grabbed the cash out of the bank and had it transferred into my name. Here's the pictures I took from the first day she was in my name. ​ ​ ​ At the time, I only knew the following about the car; 1JZ-GTE VVTI Single Turbo New HKS Timing belt Stock Internals Stock Turbo Blitz Coilovers 18"x9.5" Rims (unknown brand) 235 Tyres at the front, 245 at the rear. 5 Puck Button Clutch Koyo Radiator Viper Alarm System Car is fully mod plated for the engine conversion, and road legal/registered in QLD. Now, I'm still on my P-plates until early May, so the car won't be driven much/at all between now and then. Not too long though, but I do have a couple of things planned in the mean time! I plan on getting the car mechanically A+++, and adding a few Quality of Life mods in the mean time. I won't be seeking ANY power modifications until such time as I am a confident driver with what the car is already capable of. Before I get flamed for buying turbo car on my Ps, let me make it very clear - I do not plan on driving this car illegally. I will not be driving it on my P-Plates, any driving done with this car will either be by open licensed drivers on the road, or on private property. My goal for the car is a reliable daily driver, and a weekend mountain carver. Most silvias are setup for drift, especially those with an engine swap. My goal is to try and mod the car to grip. Plans/Mods Pre-May 8th Non-Button Clutch - This car is going to be a daily driver. The button clutch with my twitchy foot, has 2 options. Stall the car OR spin the wheels. I may develop a more delicate clutch foot if I keep it, but it's less than ideal for 'clutch' situations (pardon the pun). Caster Rod Bushes - My mechanic pointed out that they were pretty shot to me Potential Mods New exhaust - I want something light, flows well, and quiet when at low RPMs. Drone is annoying as hell. I have a fascination with the raspy sound of titanium exhausts under song though, and I'd love to hear what a 1JZ would sound like with one. New wheels (I want to explore the requirements for running 265's at the rear) - I quite like the ones currently on it, might just lessen up on the camber to help wear. Couple of gauges - It's got boost and oil temp at the moment, wouldn't mind having oil pressure and a wideband. Bride Lowmax Carbon recline-able seats (Most likely copies, since the real deal aren't ADR approved) Shifter Boot (doesn't have one at the moment!) So the next weekend, I set about a general service. On the menu was; Penrite Engine Flush 5L New Penrite 10W-40 Fully Synthetic Racing oil New Oil Filter Car Floor Mats Some crappy throw over seat protectors I also got some pictures under the car for the first time And Mugen car seat covers, because that's what ever Nissan with a Toyota engine needs! The very next day, the purchases started. Someone had tried to take the centre console trim out and snapped it. So that was the perfect excuse to order a new carbon fibre one. [/font]http://i.ebayimg.com...kuYww~~60_1.JPG Then it was time to sort the clutch out. As I still don't know what power levels I'm going to want to chase in the future, I tried to future proof the car. So I got onto RHDJapan, and ordered myself an OS Giken Twin plate street master clutch. From the reviews I had read, this is supposed to be one of the easier clutches to drive with and is rated at up to 700hp @ the fly. Then I figured, whilst I'm paying for shipping already, why not buy a few more things... So I ordered a Nismo reinforced clutch bracket A Nismo Dash Cluster And a TRD Short Shifter A week later, I realized something that seemed a little untoward with the car. Now keeping in mind that I'm barely driving it except for around the workshop area, I hadn't noticed that it was dosing. This redbull can and Dose plate had gone completely under the radar to my super keen eye... *cough* I eventually decided that I would leave this, as finding 1JZ-VVTi Bovs is rather hard, and I didn't want to pay $100 for a factory piece that has a reputation for epicly failing anyway. The week after this, I decided I'd had it with my factory colour dash and centre console. It was scratched up and just looked tacky. So out it all came! Sanded it back with 360 grit and 400 grit, and gave it a clean over with some degreaser, and had at it with a can or 4 of Duplicolour Vinyl and Fabric paint. Pre Paint Then it was time to sort out the Caster Rod Bushes. But that would have been too simple, so out with the old and in with the new! I ordered a set of SPL Titanium Tension Rods The guys at Garage7 in SA turned these around for me within 24 hours as I was hoping to install them that weekend. I still haven't had chance to currently though! Hopefully this weekend. So this brings us up to this weekend, where I finally got around to getting the dash back in. I took the time to attack it with a bit of sound proofing from JayCar before putting it back in. And back in she went. To this day, my Carbon centre console hasn't turned up. I ordered it a month ago, and it's only coming from Sydney! It's supposed to be here this week, when it gets here, I'll put a full picture up of what it all looks like. Well, That's unless this gets in the way. Oh look, a nice big box of goodies from RHD Japan landed on my desk this morning! And that brings us up to present date. I've only owned the car for a month, and I have 24 days until my opens, but I'm loving it so far. S15 ownership is nice and easy. The toyota parts throw a spanner in the works though!
  7. EOI at this stage. 1991 Toyota soarer unfinished project car, 85 - 90% done. 1JZ twin turbo. ORG Twin plate clutch, Manual (R154). Supra seats. Custom centre console, Apexi SAFC2. Nardi deep steering wheel. The car has passed blueslip previously but I never found the time to register it. it will pass blue slip again with the back seats fitted. Will come with D1R's (Tyres no good) Looking around the 6000 mark, or may swap for a small run around car + cash
  8. Hello Selling my 1991 Toyota Soarer factory manual Very rare to find a factory manual as many are converted This car is very stock except for the exhaust.. it has a 3inch catback split into dual with few mufflers which makes quiet ride but with the performance Aircon is nice and cold. Climate control unit screen is in working order (common thing to break) Car has cruise control. engine and gearbox is in good condition Bad points Driver door can't be open from outside (link broken) Temp is stuck on cold on climate control (cheap 50buck fix) Car is currently in melbourne epping 3076 but is still rego in nsw Car can be transfer over to victoria plates I will be selling car without rwc as i don't have time Reason for selling, i need funds for my surgery Willing neg the price 5500ono Ph. 0413 923 723 John
  9. 180sx // RB20

    https://i.imgur.com/NYJwdk8.jpgGO TO LAST PAGE --> Current status - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Hey guys, so not too much about me but I've just turned 19, had my R32 Skyline gts-4 rb20det stolen two days after i moved in to a new house.. Still with family, need money for this!) What I always say is there's not much point in using the words 'could' 'should' 'would' or thinking about negatives so I decided to just move on as quickly as I can. I searched for weeks online scouring the QLD for registerable 180sx shells whilst keeping a keen eye for my r32 parts :\ I was selling a van, my brother got it for very cheap and gave it to me to sell out of compassion, will never forget that. In the ad i would take a 180sx shell with cash adjustment, this guy had no cash but offered me the shell, which was lucky he kept it off-market while I got the van sold (4ish weeks) Price of shell $1000 ono (UPDATE 15/4/20: The price was negotiated down to $600, and to date I've easily sold 400-500 of stuff, got another 200 to sell along with parts I will be keeping to use like the one piece drive shaft, r200, half shafts, etc) Sold van $3,500, Bought my brothers Honda Civic EK1 - $2000 Registered (perfect for a daily, fuel, weight, fwd safety in rain, etc) Oh and the best part is he left his stereo in there as he has loads of gear, it's only a 300w amp with 2x 10inch subs but it vibrates the glass, your bones and hair on your body at 90% volume Also if my context of time is a bit confusing in this first post it's because I just started this thread after it all happened about 1 month ago, so I will post "progress" in one or two posts after this then time will be live So I finally dragged my brother and my dad along on the two hour drive, and seen the silhouette of the 180 in the driveway as we arrived, I could feel them internally cringing, smashed windscreen, no driver door or quarter glass, grim reaper bonnet hahaha, and etc. Pretty much looked like this bonnet First thing I did was gurney it off, something retarded happened and I musta slipped my right hand being wet or something and the gun pointed at my left hand tearing off 1/2" squared of skin, stung for whole night and day after baha, next best to the old knuckle bash. Here she is at the yard (Location god damn disclosed, no info for potential thiefs -.-) with all that stripped interior taken out and organised. Was as absolute bitch to get on and especially off the trailer as it was 'rolling' without coilovers, uprights wired to the strut tops and sitting on stockies. Like sitting, the wheel arches onto the tyres haha, very hard to roll even with the low weight Came with some goodies, 2L surge tank I am painting at the very moment so pics in next post, with 044 External Bosch, and apparently a 040 in the tank which I will found out soonish. Came with sard FPR, some good looking stereo gear, Bunch of thick gauge wire inc. power, few rca cables, extra relays for thermo and pump etc, all stock relay boxes/fuses and some kind of loom. This weird Boost controller thing? Seems to be a solenoid but no wires? Couldn't be a tee as no adjustment? If anyone knows lemme know Pignose/CA Front bar with lip (Genuine and came on car) The only front bumper I lovee! Here's all the interior, selling the green keeping red UPDATE: Sold most of it, got boot trims on reserve for a guy to trade for sunroof and RH door which I need My first steps are the get the car stripped so I can prep the shell, have got the crossmember off and jesus it's heavy to shift on your own. Guess the car's weight has to come from somewhere. 1 foot of progress ~ 3 mins 3 metres of progress ~ 25 mins and pooped out Finally in haha, you can probably see in the last photo I was going for the shipping container (my uncles but he lets me use back section) where my parts are but gave up and put into the demountable until I can get a hand or strip it down.
  10. JZX100 Chaser - RPF1 Goodness!

    Hey all, Finally got myself a Chaser! I started off with a Nonturbo S13. Loved it to bits, especially as it was my first car. But the auto gearbox and the NA SR20 were a bit dull, and when the auto started to fail on me I thought it was time to sell. Made a tidy little profit and was on the hunt for a Chaser! Inevitably, I ended up rushing into things and ended up with an R34 4DR (Major regret) After catching a 11hr bus to Melbourne and a 10hr drive back to Adelaide(with no stereo!) it turned out, I hate Skylines. The aircon didnt work, the two front windows didnt work, the paint was shit, it wasn't comfortable and was awful on fuel. I just didn't like it, and I wasn't happy with it. Plus, everytime I saw a Chaser I would get pissed off! Soooo I sold it, made a small profit and hunted for a Chaser. (This time knowing to wait for a car I wanted!) After looking around for a month or so, missing out on a few great cars, I came across this. Exactly what I was after! Interior is immaculate Pearl White Auto Lip Kit Factory HIDS 105,000kms on the clock TRD 3inch Catback Exhaust After about 3 weeks of back and forth between the seller and I, it was in my driveway on Friday! Could not be happier, such an amazing car. Makes me even more angry about wasting time on the Skyline! Immediate plans are: S2 Tailights Clear/Smoked Corners Alpine Headunit TRD Grille Panel filter (Heard pods are shithouse?) Future plans: Coilovers (Maybe BC, HSD) Wheels (Thinking VSKFs, something with dish) Front mount MV Automatics Shift Kit + High stall AMPerformance Dump AMPerformance TwinTips Tomei Arms M8280 Apexi Power FC And thats about it for now, plans are to have a nice cruiser!
  11. hey guys, been on here for a while just lerking around saving money and looking for a car, ended up in melbourne over christmas period and found a clean reasonably straight r32 gtst maybe type m? , at a fair price, took it for a test drive put in on a hoist and all looked sweet, so i put a deposit on and flew home sorted my shit on and went back to pick it up early Jan. Got to the car with no hassles, swapped cash drove away, 31kms down the highway and Bam no oil pressure, couldnt beleive it. so i called a tow truck and got towed to the spirit which i was then flat towed on and off a mate met me with his car trailer at the truck depot for the spirit and loaded it up and drove 330kms south, got the car home and it all began took the radiator and clutch fan and timing covers off, found out that the owner before me had put Greddy adjustable cam gears on it but didnt beleive that torquing the adjusting bolts up was the thing to do it so 4 out of 5 have gone MIA , what looked like a brand new, timing belt had been chewed up, and taking half the oil pump belt guide off ripping a 5 cent peice hole in the front of the oil pump , so the oil pump was only drawing in air and pumping the air around, not the best lubricant for engines i beleive, so then the engine had to come out because nissan have thought putting the valve of the oil pump in the sump was a MINT idea, so once we took it all out we found more ghetto shit like 4 snapped manifold studs and 2 were glued back in? a farked exhaust manifold gasket due to studs, torn engine mount, got all this stuff sorted put new pump gasket studs belt on and put it back together and got it running on the first weekend of feb which was also my 18th a few of my top mates helped me out putting it back together and got it running sweet thanks to Ash Courtney and Ben Swan for the tight as tiger times haha, decided since i bought the car for fun but mainly drifting ide enter the test and tune day at barskerville on the 12th of feb, the car was running sweet not faults on a few grip laps, then my first skid session came up, did about 8 laps i belive started getting the first part of the ess and loooped ah, went backwards over a ripple strip and the ripple strip decided it wanted to rip the front left lca out and elongated the bolt hole and stripped the nut off the bolt, luckily enoguh martin was heading back to his workshop and picked up a bolt and nut so i could put i back together and drive it home , took it straight home and put it in the garage so get it ready for pit pass so i can put some of the bits i have bought to get it ready properly for skids SPECS Engine 1jz-gte kinugawa td06-20g 10cm 38 tial external gateage custom y manifold to addapt single to twin exhaustmanifold setup 52mm alloy Dual core radiator custom 3inch stainless exhuast straight through Driveline npc 400kw rated cluch and chromoly flywheel shimmed lsd to locker Suspension bilstein struts , king springs non hicas subframe gktech solid subframe bushes adjustable camber toe and traction arms, OK Fab adjustable castor rods gkteck offset castor rod bushes gktech castor rod brace to subframe gktech solid steering bush project Mu handbrake shoes Exterior cheap fibreglass roofwing GTR wing, GTR grill GTR bumper 17x9+17 Lenso D1rs (front only) 17x9 +38 jap mesh painted gold or wise sports 5 spoke, both for skidding or streeting, Interior genuine nardi classic 360mm silver spoke, perferated leather gktech drift button Momo gear knob apexi boost gauge
  12. Hey, guys ! A small intro. Im russian and work and live in China, Beijing. Each f**king year there is this epic drift event in a city nearby. World Drift Series its name. WDSÊÀ½çÆû³µÆ®ÒÆϵÁÐÈü¹ÙÍø-WDS ,WDS , WDSCHINA£¬WDS Drift, WDS Drifting You can see some videos on youtube and coverage on speedhunters. American drifters(Matt Powers, JR, Ross Petty etc) are invited to event for even more madness and destruction. In 2010 I was driving an ass-spec C33 build in one week with 1jz and small T3-T4 turbo. All was good, only the f**king W58 factory clutch was sleeping. Untill on the last day at night I got my friend to borrow his r154 with ACT HD clutch. Which helped a bit. Funny thing is I got very deep into the grid. Going through top 32s and to top16s. Was kicked out in top4 battle by Ueo. Top 8 battle was with Imamura and I got lucky his half-shaft snapped)) Otherwise my weak ass skills and car wouldn't let me finish in top 8. Which is really funny with chinese guys buying expensive here s-chassis built by japanese/taiwanese for crazy money. Anyway, its always a huge problem to find a good garage or tuner here. But I was lucky and got help from a local guy. He basically sponsored me for event. Half of the parts on the car was mine. Engine wise it was his. Event starts on 29th of september. I bought the car on 15th of september from a friend. With a dead 4cyl carb CA20 engine. Cars had to be in the padocks on 27th. But I could negotiate for late entry on early morning of 29th. So here I start. Day 1 September 15th Got the piece of shit car. Looked god on the outside. But the roof line by the windscreen rusted to shit. Seller f**ked me over on that;) Could probably negotiate a better deal if I knew about that. Really gay red interior. I wanted to leave it. But f**k it. Scraped it all of in the end. Day 2 September 16th Brought over some of the parts for the car. Powered by max hydro handbrake, fake bride seats, 3 diffs with different final gears, half shafts for spares. simple and brute. 9.5J ET15 chinese wheels. Got only 2 haha. Rest is 9j with 20 offset. Here is a good edition for the engine. Guys here are really sketchy about turbos. So its either garrett BB or hks or greddy. I don't have that moneys. So I went to a diesel truck turbo shop. And picked this baby up. Its genuine garrett GT3782R. Journal bearing. T4 devided AR1.0 on the hot side. Manufactured in shanghai garrett plant for some truck. Compressor: 58/82mm Turbine:74/64mm A bit similar to HKS GT3240 with T04S rear or GT37. Or even TD07S-25G. I bought it for USD550 which is f**king cheap. And it works good. Day 3 I didn't do shit to the car. Waiting for parts and playing around with friends rb25. Installing a truck turbo on his engine. No pics. http://www.56.com/u3...jQzMDc4NzM.html http://player.56.com/v_NjQzMDc4NzM.swf http://www.56.com/u2...jQzMDc4NTk.html http://player.56.com/v_NjQzMDc4NTk.swf Day 4 September 19th Got all the interior out. Got some dry ice and got all the sound deadening out. Started doing the boxes for the roll cage. Day 5 September 20th Was working on the rollcage with the guys. Trying to replicate some nascar bars haha. Test fitted 2jz block to see the fitment. f**king engine mounts from zero lab are total worthless shit. They way they space the mounts is impossible. They don't even line up. Had to get one mount copied here and used the same mount on both sides. The only way it looked like it could work out and it did ))) Day 6 September 21th Run out of tube for rollcage. Started on the rear subframe. Made some solid mount raise rear subframe mounts. Also got some parts in. 4 rear 2 pot calipers for my car. 2jz AT bellhosuing for some experiments. Which are really f**king going to happen. And some premade brackets to run individual 2 pot calipers for hydro handbrake. Got the suspension arms from my old car. China spec. But worked on daily every day for 2 years no problem. Day 7 September 23rd Pretty much done on the roll cage. I wish we could use more time on that. But its a race against time:( Finished assymbling the rear suframe and fitted on car. 2 calipers on each side + driftworks knuckles a present from my friend. Should be pretty good for drifting haha Test fitted the turbo and tried the 2jz-ge+t down pipe. Should work out pretty good, Day 8 September 24 More pics of the turbo. Look at the double flappers. Haha. This thing has some mighty actuator opening at 2bar. Had do ditch all that crap and run it wastegate. Which was the original idea. Guy is doing his magic. Doing the wiring. He is pro and this job is for him. He tunes HKS Vpros. Got some ideas from SerialNine X8 a long time ago. Just couldn't realise it earlier. Also twin wastegates. Chinese 38mm. Which seezed a couple times at the drift event. Making a f**king hussle. Unbolt, disassamble, sand the valve neck assamble put back in. Don't wanna do that every time right ? ))) I'm cheap ass. Ended modifying the front crossmember. Moved the steering rack mounts forward by 2.5cm to help cure the stuck steering at lock. Hate that. Shit worked and I'm happy. Day 9 September 25 Front suspension fit - ok! Crossmember in - ok! Engine in - ok))) Now was the weak part: doing the driveshaft. No one really knows how to do one. And no balancers around. There was a 3cm gap between toyota input shaft and nissan rear. I first wanted to make a flange to mate the two together. But that would take time which we didn't have. Decided to get the nissan flange out and pressed in toyota one and welded shut. Worked out just right. Redid the driveshaft mount. Worked no problems even past 100mph or 180kph. Liked how it went. Nice ghetto style Day 10 September 26th Had a lazy afternoon. Decided to cut out the front innerfenders out, Tires would rub them on full lock. I didn't have wheel spacers. So inner fenders had to go. Cut !!! Maestro continued on his wiring magic, changing inj and coilpacks connectors and rewiring the engine. Had to modify the downpipe a bit. Not the cleanest job. But it works, right ? Started mocking up the radiator fitment, intercooler. Will run this cool vicsous fan shroud. From Toyota Crown JZS133. Which are abundunt here. And manual too;) W58. If you guys need factory clutch parts I can hook you up:)
  13. so swaped my old ca18 ke70 that took me 8 months to build and only drove it 4 times for this.had alot of bad luck with cars,but hopeing thigs will change soon. what it had when i picked it up 1989 MX83 1Jz cressida The engine is from a JZA70 and has 3inch mandrel bent intake pipe. JZX81 engine mounts. au thermos 2.5 inch exhaust system all the way through with a small muffler down the back. - GA70 FMIC with 2.25? inch piping. W57 box with a 7M clutch. Using a 2JZGE bellhousing Battery in boot Pioneer CD/MP3 player with 6x9 speakers in the back. stock towbar stock s14 wheels Car made 151rwkw on 10psi. what its has now new 1jz fully rebuilt by me,arp rod bolts,head studs,acl race bearings,cosmetic head gasket. 3 core aloy radiater microtech lt16 Tdo6-25g 10cm rear custom made steam pipe manifold,6boost style with trust 3 bolt flange 50mm greddy externel wastgate custom screamer pipe custom 2.5 into 3" dump pipe topfeed bosch 550cc injectors topfeed rail swap turbosmart fpr braided fuel line 4" alloy intake big ass proflow pod filter custom tig welded oil drain braided oil feed with restrictor tig welded alloy water neck custom tube front bash bar sump bash plate big cooler custom bolt in rad custom cooler pipeing full tubed front end seam welded engine bay mini tubed rear gaurds bride seat takata harnece custom seat rail nardi classic 360mm steering wheel custom hydro handbrake custom bolt in half cage striped rear half of the car,no sound deadning bosch 040 in tank pump full 3" exghust with shotgun tips new BC coilovers all round on max low custom LCAs 25mm longer xm caster rods xm caster rod bushes solid alloy subframe bushes solid alloy diff bushes r33 gtst claipers hub rings sloted BA rotors suburu tierods rack spacers cig locker pumped gaurds dry cell batt inside on pasinger footwell r33 gtr wheels 215/45/17 front 235/45/17 rear d1 spec wheel nuts 8mm slip on spacers on the front to clear coilovers longer wheel studs on front. the car was a box of shit when i got it,runing cut king springs and stock r33 wheels,and melted wiers.blew the motor the first time i took it out to a local skid day. so this is how i build a car.proper and should do the job at hand.