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Found 152 results

  1. I was driving home from work the other day and as I came around a corner the revs just died as if someone had just turned the key off in my sr20det vct s15. I got it towed home and as I started checking spark, the thing started again and ran for the rest of the night with a little bit of an issue with catching the idle after revving. Today turned it on this morning and it ran for 20 seconds and died, it's not spluttering or anything, when it runs it runs perfect, but it will die then not start again, if left for about 20 mins or so and try again it will start and idle again for 20 seconds or so and die again, ive checked the pump is working, lines are clear,there is no spark when it dies and wont start again, I have re earthed everything, tried unplugging iacv, a/f/m ect ect. the self diagnosis is showing knock sensor, cas and ignition respectivly, but is this a common characteristic of a cas? I allways thought if they broken then thats it, has anyone else had any experiance with a similar problem, knowone I ask seems to have an idea, because if its not the c.a.s then i dont know what else to try apart from e.c.u :/ please help
  2. FUUARK my 14

    Hi NissanSilvia, I've usually been posting up a lot of stuff on JDMST, but I have now seen better light and found NissanSilvia is actually a lot more technical and better suited to me. Anyway, majority of the following will be cut and paste from the other forum, so I can keep it as detailed as possible of the process and build status I have had with my 14. Please feel free to join us aswell if you own a s14 Click me to join TEAMS14
  3. S14a/S15 question?

    Hey guys, thought I would post what I'm going to be doing and what has been done to my 2007, 200xs s14a, hoping to get some light shed on my sutuation. Basic mods: Gt28rs disco Hybrid front mount Unknown fuel pump Stock s14 injectors Custom exhaust manifold (regular After market) custom dump pipe Apexi pod Apexi Power FC Apexi AVCR(boost control) Coil overs Bla bla, nothing special, when I bought the car it already had most of these mods and "supposedly" was Dyno tuned at 296rwhp. Making a very long story short, my engine now is 100% dead. (random peace of metal destroyed the inside no idea where it came from) I am now replacing it with an sr20det s15 engine with all my old mods such as turbo an manifold's ect. I have a few little things to go on such as 1000cc injectors, z32afm and a hks mushroom pod. A long with the gt28rs. I'm not really trying to chase big horse power, as this turbo from my experience loves to bake tyres witch is all I love to do anyways. I was hoping to get a "safe" tune around the same horse power(280-300), if anyone has had this turbo or a similar set up I would love to know a rough "safe" limit for this turbo an set up, and how much it could make. Thanks for the help!!
  4. Best turbo for drifting?

    Hey Im going to buy a turbo for my s14 blacktop sr20det for drifting. The engine is from s15 done 8700 klms. If I'm using 750cc injectors,Bosch fuel pump,z32 afm,3 inch exhaust and down pipe, big intercooler, race radiator what would be best turbo for spooling under 3700 rpm With cams or without cam and what type of cams and witch rpms is full boost? And what else would I need? my goal is at least 320 - 350 hp and would that be enough for drifting? and please don't mock my noobness I'm new to sr20 any honest information I'm great for.
  5. Hey guys just wondering if anyone is using a precision 46mm gate and how do you find it??? Also has anyone seen a comparison with a tial mvr 44m gate??? I have a tial mvs 38mm gate at the moment but its to small. Thanks for any input Cheers Joel
  6. S13 Silvia, aero 200kw

    Boring story crap, scroll to ignore This is my 1992 s13 silvia, sr20de delivered. Bought the car a few years ago with sr20det red top already in. Soon, the turbo blew, so I replaced it with a t28bb from s15. Later I was defected, not once, but twice. The 2nd time I was defected it was to regency for rear eyebrow height. On the way home, I blew the engine (she was well on her way out, so I just finished her off;) ) Engine got swapped out, fresher one with good compression put in. Turbo was shagged so that was replaced too. This car is reliable enough that I took her up to Ballina and Byron bay for Splendour in the Grass, didnt have a single hitch along the way 2013 came around, and a friend of mine told me of a track day coming up, with lots of track time promised up at Tailem Bend. Having never drifted track, don't even have coilovers, I decided I would go anyway. The event was All Day Powerplay. So I drove up, did some skids, and drove home. Then decided to borrow some coilovers for Stadium Drift rd 1, so drove up for that and drove home again. Bought my own suss, BC BRs 8f, 6r and put them in the night before Stadium Drift rd 2, drove the car up, drove home again Fun fun. Engine & Driveline SR20det red top Garret gt2871rs Tomei dump 3" Advanced down pipe 2 1/2 inch catback Walbro fuel pump GKTECH rocker arm stoppers ISC Alloy radiator (s14 rad broke) Samco rad hoses NISTUNE ecu Front mount retaining most stock piping lobster intake pipe for mad dose Gizzmo EBC Tightly shimmed LSD s15 injectors Tuned by Jaustech, 194kw at 15.6 psi / 200kw at 17psi Interior R32 GTR drivers seat Bride fixed back drivers seat for track Autometer boost gauge dash mat GKTECH steering wheel 150mm Dildo shifter, pink in colour for sex appeal. Exterior NISMO LMGT1 wheels F 17x8 R 17x9 NISMO aero front bumper with vents NISMO aero side skirts Chargespeed rear bar GTR style grille Euro style tail lights Suspension & Brakes BC BR coilovers, F: 8kg R: 6kg super pro steering rack bushes Front strut brace GKTECH rear strut brace KKR adjustable castor rods new tie rod ends r32 GTST front brakes Braided lines to suit Project MU NS pads DBA slotted rotors on rear Project MU D1 spec pads Whiteline adjustable front swaybar r32 GTR rear swaybar On defect going to a mates for engine swap Old front bar, on defect etc. Old turbo with damage shown (pretty sure it tried to eat something) And a shiny new turbo Bolted up to fresh SR20 red top
  7. Hey all, My HKS GT-RS Turbo in my S15 SR20DET made a metal crack or break sound while changing gear after a not too vicious take off, i think it was between 2nd and 3rd that it happened. The Turbo doesnt appear all that old, theres no rust or sign of old age. From then on when it gets to its normal boost point it intermitently will boost, but more often it gets to boost point and makes a whining noise and doesnt pass 0psi and obviously doesnt boost. also when the car is turned off it isnt making the clean frictionless spin of the turbine, its now got a bit of a scrape to it. I am assuming its the bearing or a cracked turbine. Any ideas and preferably where can I take it ASAP to get repaired. Im located on the Gold Coast. Thanks for all your help in advance.
  8. hi. just looking to upgrade turbo from a t28 i have herd abit about the kinugawa TD05 but havnt hurd alot just wanna know if any1 has used this turbo and how they hold up ? any help would be much appriciated cheers!
  9. 92' Nissan 180sx 'Sienna'

    Hi Guys, Finally decided to join my fellow Nissansilvia brethren and create an account and post Just wanna introduce you all to my recently purchased & daily driven 180 'Sienna' Motor, Transmission, Exhaust & Mechanical. -1992 -Redtop - Non VCT SR20DET -182,734kms -5 Speed - Short Shifter -Pod-filter -3" to 2.5" GKtech Cooler - not return feed so a huge hole in the battery plate -Standard Cat, Removed mufflers & some cannon Interior. -Climate Control - all working condition, gets hot & cold QUICK ! only drama is I can't get half the module illuminated - changed bulbs (out of ideads) -Electric Windows -Black Nismo Gear Knob -Immobiliser, Central locking & Alarm system -Greddy Turbo timer -Drift Button -'Personal' Steering wheel -R32 GTR Front seats Steering & Suspension. -5-Stud Conversion - Not sure whether they're modified original hubs, R33 or Ford - they're a weird setup (hopefully will post pics) -R32 GTR wheels - Bunnings Warehouse Matte Black can job ;p -Standard Springs in Pedders struts - Came with 'G4 Racing' Front coilovers - never heard of the brand but were noisy as f**k Paint. -Hideous Silver Respray - Bonnet and roof sprayed black (86 panda style wannabe) It's pretty rough, not very clean an obvious backyard job. The car was originally white.. I wish the previous owner left it white Temporary plans are to throw it back on coilovers, gloss black Ford territory wheels and bump up the boost to 11/12PSI Eventual Plans. 200RWK - T28BB -16/17PSI, Z32 AFM, Full Turbo back exhaust, Upgraded exhaust manifold, S15 or nismo 555 Injectors, R32 or walbro/bosch Fuel Pump & Nistune Full type X Kit (including Spoiler) & interior Respray back to white - hopefully blue pearl in it too Sunroof Tien or BCs coilovers sitting just neat on Volk CE28n's or a set of black XD9's Feel free to throw some comments, opinions and tips etc if ya got some. cheers, xo.
  10. Hi Guys Iv got a 1999 S15/200SX and my stock eletronic boost gauge doesnt work, all it does when you trun the car on is turn to 0 and just sits there. it still lights up and stuff. Any ideas? Cheers
  11. hey *milkshakes* this is first thread. i have a suziki cuntf**k with a sr20 in it. i have adjustable cam gears which are a 260 degree intake 270 exaust with a 12mm lift on intake and 12.5 on exaust. i recently bought adjustable cam gears and i have them both set at 0, the car is getting tuned next week and i need to know what to set them at. which do i advance and which do i retard. i have a gt3076r garrett turbo and will be running e85. if need any other details about it just ask. cheers *milkshakes*.
  12. I just bought a Nissan Silvia s13 and I was driving back from Brisbane and the auto gearbox shit itself so I'm looking at making it a manual.so I was wonderin if anyone on here has done one before or who knows anyone who would be intrested In doing a manual conversion and how much I'm looking at for parts + labour If close to Maroubra would be good
  13. Hi Can anyone please help me with my search for a new oil drain pipe for my apexi ihi rx6 turbo. I have searched a fair bit but have had no luck, maybe because its such an old turbo, also does anyone know where you can get a rebuild kit from? thanks in advance
  14. Hey guys, I'm a noob when it comes to Turbos etc, as I haven't had much experiance. But a little bit back I bought a GT2871R (52T), and was wanting to install it into my 180sx. When I bought the car I was told it had a T28 In it (S15 Turbo?). Anyway, today was the the I decided to do the swap over. After about 2 hours I pulled out the turbo and behold, it looks exactly the same as the new one that I had aside. Here's the photo of them next to eachother. The wastegate actuator doesn't fit properly on the New one, I have to 'stretch' it a little. So i'm not sure whats going on :| Any info guys? Do they look the same? As far as I can tell i've taken out the turbo for no damn reason. Cheers, -Alex
  15. Hey Guys, Ive done a search and cannot find the help i need so im hoping you guys are kind enough to give me the information i need. Ive recently purchased a bunch of parts off a mate with an S15 which I want to eventually put on my S15, my question is: are the 810cc injectors i purchased too big for the set up i want( my setup will be: 3 inch turbo back, front mount, electronic boost controller, nistune, z32 afm, fuel pump, stock t28 bush bearing turbo). i was talking to another mate of mine who told me the injectors are too big, hence why im asking about this. my setup will be: 3 inch turbo back, front mount, electronic boost controller, nistune, z32 afm, 300l/h fuel pump. thanks in advance
  16. S15 Silvia Vs Chaser

    Hey ladies & gents just wanting to get some opinions! I've been looking to buy a S15 Silvia for over 6 months now & just haven't come across one that I've thought was a great opportunity. Recently while searching for a Silvia I came across a Toyota Chaser mark II manual with 150xxx on the clock, for 15ono. Basically would like to hear from some owners of each, & really anyone who can put some helpful input into this, giving me some pro's cons etc. Thing would include: which car is better for Modding, power, handling, fuel consumption, strength, wheel offsets, getting parts for, resale value, & Insurance and Rego costs. Looks wise I'm personally more a fan of the Silvia, I think the interior looks a lot 'newer' and just a good looking car, the sr20det is a good motor, not a power house but it gets by, the 6 speed box from what I've heard is shit house.. fuel wise I'm assuming it would be much of a much? Anyway thanks to anyone for the input!
  17. Hi, i have a 1999 Nissan Silvia S15, its so far a stock veichle, it just recently got a 3" cat back exhaust stainless steel. Brand is Fujitsubo car is running stock settings 0.7 bar. i need the car to get tuned, Can stock ECU's be tuned? as its pinging at boost and higher revs Im from sydney south west, looking for a good shop to get my S15 Dyno tuned... thanks
  18. Hey guys I've got a gasket leak (s14) so I'm pulling off my turbo and exhaust manifold and I've got everything unbolted ready to come off but on the back of the manifold there's some line which I think is a oil/air separator, my problem is that it's rusted and completely seized on there.... You can't really get to it from the drivers side either.... Any way to get this off or anyway around this? Cant find any info what so ever about this line? Thanks in advance!
  19. Do we have a complete list of reasons the engine light comes on with an engine that has a power fc installed? 1. AFM max out 2. Inj max out 3. Knocking 4. Low engine oil level Thats all I know so far. Questions. 1. Does it go on for -all- sensors? 2. Can it light up for misfiring? 3. Can O2 sensor cause this? 4. Is it true that power steering fluid level can cause this light to come on? Reason I am asking is because the first 4 reasons are fine in my car and the engine light comes up and flickers on randomly... and I want to know if we have a list of reasons that can cause it.
  20. I have 2 unusual noises coming from my S15. One is a "ringing" sorta noise coming from the turbo (noise continues for about 15 - 20 seconds after turning off the engine) and one is a "squeak" or "chirp" with every wheel rotation from one rear wheel... This only started when I got new brake pads. I took it back to the guys that installed the pads and they said it was a rock but the noise seems to be getting a bit louder each day. Doesnt matter whether the car is cold, warm or hot for either of the noises. I have heard that it may be the bearings in the turbo and the rear bushes being dry/worn? Any opinions/suggestions? Thanks in advance, Sam.
  21. Hey guys I've got a Greddy profec b II boost controller in a series 1 s14 and i was wondering about the settings to run because honestly i've got noo idea about what to set it at. I want to run 12psi, Whenever i try tune it myself and give it a boot, the car hesitates really bad at 2K then boost kicks in it doesn't come on nice and smooth Any help would be great!
  22. Hey I just bought a s13 sr20det i was just thinking of just driving it on my ps But my mate just got pulled over and F**ked on for having a supercharger. I was wondering if i could just remove the turbo, piping etc, but my friends say my car will run like shit after i do so how do you think i would remove the turbo etc ? and how much power i would lose Thanks
  23. Hi, I blew a gasket on the old t25 so decided to do the t28 ADM DIY swap. The problem is it will not go over 7psi. I have 180 with a blacktop with a t28, braided turbo lines, manual boost controller,255lpf fuel pump, fmic, aftermarket alloy radiator. I am planning on getting a z32 afm, 550cc injectors and nistune before i get it tuned but before i pay someone to do that i want to solve this problem. I thought I might have put the boost controller on backwards so I turned it around and boost would skyrocket, well to 12psi and I backed off before it went too far. I turned it right down and it will still skyrocket. I turned the boost controller to the original way and it would not go over 7psi. I then turned it right up about 10 clicks and still staying at 7psi.
  24. Hi, I have a 99 JAPspec Fresh Import Nissan Silvia S15, its completely stock no modifications what so ever with only 66,000 Ks on it... The car runs stock 0.7Bar witch is like 8PSI.... I was driving it up a long 450m road running boost from 2nd gear to Third gear onto forth gear n stayed in revs between 3000RPM to 5000RPM... as i came to the end of the road i turend left and came to a speed hump... as i approched it and left the speed hump the car died on me, engine cut out and i pulled over to the left... i found the problem why it cut out, the earth cable for the ignition coil packs was loose... solved one problem as i started the car again... i drove off, boosted it up for a bit and found the car wasnt boosting up to what its ment to boost to.. runs under 0.4Bar max... car now not running properly, im thinking that maybe cause the turbo was spooling alot before the car cut out, it might of got too hot and when the engine cut out the turbo didnt get a chance to cool down causing some damage to bearings or somthing els, Ive checked all Hoses for any leaks or intake hoses for boost leak n found nuffn at all?? ... now has anyone had a similar problem? thanks
  25. Nah not enough surface area. radiators should be tall and wide but only really need to be about 20mm thick. Have you though about using the air con condensor? That's what I'm going to use as a W2A radiator. It's vehicle specific so PERFECT factory bolt-in fit.