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Found 30 results

  1. Auto License, manual car.

    When I was looking for a s13 I struggled to find a factory manual sr20de, most people understand my pain. Anyway I came by an auto one which was too perfect to let go so I ended up buying that and decided to just get it converted. I have an auto license but soon I'll have a manual car. How do you practice for manual if you have an auto license? Does this mean I put my Learner plates up? Anyone have experience with this?
  2. S15 Silvia Vs Chaser

    Hey ladies & gents just wanting to get some opinions! I've been looking to buy a S15 Silvia for over 6 months now & just haven't come across one that I've thought was a great opportunity. Recently while searching for a Silvia I came across a Toyota Chaser mark II manual with 150xxx on the clock, for 15ono. Basically would like to hear from some owners of each, & really anyone who can put some helpful input into this, giving me some pro's cons etc. Thing would include: which car is better for Modding, power, handling, fuel consumption, strength, wheel offsets, getting parts for, resale value, & Insurance and Rego costs. Looks wise I'm personally more a fan of the Silvia, I think the interior looks a lot 'newer' and just a good looking car, the sr20det is a good motor, not a power house but it gets by, the 6 speed box from what I've heard is shit house.. fuel wise I'm assuming it would be much of a much? Anyway thanks to anyone for the input!
  3. hey, i hope someone can help me with my problem. i have a 1992 Nissan Silvia Coupe SR version, okay lets start.. i brought a fairly new s13 sr20de *120***km.. (i hope) and fitted up a 5spd manual gearbox to it.. the car was auto in the beginning, ive been doing researching and more researching, wish i paid this amount of attention in school..... but i finally got the engine and gearbox in mounted it all up, hooked up all the looms apart from the body loom since i cut it from the auto gearbox that was in the car, fairly close to the gearbox so i gave myself alot of room to cut and mess up on the looms... i am unsure of which wires to cut and solder together to bypass the park lock so that the car will start.. theres 4 clips on the side of the fuse box closest to the driver, and i cut the bottom one and soldered it together, 2 big wires that are coloured black and tan and plugged them in and tried to start the car and the car still does not start, i did some more research and found out the middle plug is the inhibitor switch, anyway im rabbling on now, i would just like some help with it the car at the moment has full function to the dash lights, head lights, brake lights, indicators, hazards, window wipers, horn and so on.... but it just doesn't want to turn over, doesn't even try to turn over, could anyone tell me why this is? Thankyou also on another note, i got the starter motor off my old auto motor and put it on the new motor since i forgot to grab the starter motor when i picked up the engine... could this have anything to do with it? any information would be greatly appreciated thanks to anyone that can help
  4. Hey guys, I thought I may as well chuck a thread up here, Firstly, let's be clear...this will never be .Rone spec clean or any kind of extreme drift/Dyno machine I just want to use this to document what I hope will be a well rounded, practical street car that rides/handles well, looks decent, doesn't attract defects like a magnet, and share some of my experiences as well as gather advice along the way...while having somewhat of a reference/diary of it's progress. I will probably edit this 100 times as well so don't be surprised if it changes a little as I remember things I've had plenty of cars before, but always been a bit wary of their ability to turn into money pits...My first love was a VH BT1 commodore that consumed 16K of mine and never turned out to be anything special, followed by stints with a VP BT1, VL Turbo which came with an RB25DET and I spent a bit of time getting the paint and driveline/brakes sorted. This one I was more careful with and had learnt a couple of lessons, but ultimately had to sell uncompleted when lack of money and frustration at how my $2000 paint job turned out, among other things, got the better of me. I've also had an Aristo & some S13s, which I moved on when I realised I again getting in too deep. I've realised that I have 2 ideals that badly clash - to restore and improve my daily driven older cars to a standard that I'm happy with (I drive 300Ks a week to get to and from work) and to not waste too much of the modest amount of money I get from work on a car that is only going to deteriorate/depreciate. As a result, 3 of the last 4 S13 purchases have been made with the sole purpose of making a little bit of cash...that way, I could essentially start with pure profit and not feel too guilty about spending a bit of money this time around. I got to a point where I was $6000 ahead, and after trying to find a CLEAN, UNMOLESTED Manual turbo SR20 Sil/180, I gave up and bought my current car... I bought this around april 2011 from an old couple who's son had imported it around 2004 and passed it on to his parents a short time later. The only mods were an aftermarket headunit, alarm, the wheels, and for some reason, the amber bits on the parker/indicators was blacked out and the globes pulled out Note the "I love dolphins" Sticker. I drove around for a couple of weeks until I got around to removing it It had two major flaws - No manual and no turbo...but more than made up for it in the other areas I had deemed important -Clearly not thrashed -SR20 -Non cracked dash and generally mint interior -No evidence of major crash damage -Non Hicas -Non ABS -Non Sunroof -Clean paint -The right price -Reasonable (and believable!) Kilometers I had some S14 seats and an MDF parcel shelf left over from the previous car I had parted out, so apart from a thorough service, they were the first things to change. I had the parcel shelf recovered beforehand and it also came loaded with some nice Soundstream component 6x9's. I also had some new bushes put in the castor rods which fixed the wobble I was getting over 70-80Ks. Got Pedders to go over it and they couldn't find anything else apart from a split steering rack boot so I was happy. Over the next few weeks I: -Made some new brackets for the front speakers I had bought and fitted them, -Removed mud flaps and rear spoiler -Fitted some SR20DET front brakes with new slotted rotors -Replaced the shitty A/M bar indicator on the passenger side with a genuine one I had sitting around, and polished both sides -Removed the black paint from the parker/indicator assembly and polished them -Polished up the standard Grille (no more yellow!) Better, but WTF was with this wheel?? Parcel Shelf. The stock back seat REALLY needs an update now. I am trying to find a type X version Here's a pic of the brakes...and the pair of GT-C's I had for a short while. Should've kept them and continued my pursuit of another pair, but needed monies Plus a couple of randoms... Few pics of old cars of mine for shits and giggles