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  1. Price : $40 Condition : Used Any one have one please?
  2. Price : $20 Condition : Used I want to make a Carbon fibre rocker cover to suit the SR engine, Will need one to use as the plug to make the mould, Free would be amazing but am willing to pay or can make you a carbon one for helping out. 0424461325 Im in point cook thanks Brad
  3. Would love to come to one of these to see what its like compared to back home in NZ!!!!! Dam i need a drift car over here!!!!
  4. Rebuild or 2nd hand

    I rebuilt my own SR for well under a grand, if you get the motor out and bring it over we can sort out the bottom end for a good price, I should be able to get all the machining done at work quite cheap. and i can get most parts cheap from either repco or the USA let me know 0424461325 dont know if its be mentioned but is it S13 or s14/15 motor?
  5. Fibreglassing in melbourne

    Where are you located? Im a boat builder buy trade and am working with carbon fibre at the moment so can still get hold of fibreglass but would need to come see what you want and whats involved, message me on 0424461325 cheers Brad
  6. If your in the west i can help out, I miss my S15 Back home and dont know anyone in melbs. Im working at Fore Performance Racing so im free as long as its not close to a Race weekend,haha Flick me a txt 0424461325
  7. There are some half wits drifting around the streets of point cook now!if i came around corner on my bike and seen them i would have kicked some ass!can still here them now!
  8. s15 manual 6 speed gearbox

    Ebay will be cheapest, or try FRsport.com they are very good on some things and fast postage, or nissan if you want to get local.
  9. s15 manual 6 speed gearbox

    No, s13/14 5 speed will bolt on but you will need a s13/14 flywheel and clutch and the front half of the tail shaft is different too,
  10. Fibreglassing in melbourne

    How custom do you want it?like put a vent in your factory bonnet or full mould and new bonnet?
  11. New to Melbourne/Australia

    Hahahaa Police are pretty harsh in vic hey I would not bother trying to put the car on the road here...To Hard basket!!! would only bring it over for the AU drift series if was going to bring it over.
  12. New to Melbourne/Australia

    Yer i live just down the road from the slide! moved to Aus because house is now bugged from earthquakes!!!! the car is still in NZ and will be for a long time. yer $2.20 for 91 when i left NZ!!!!!!!! As i know only very few people here would be good to met some people sometime!!!
  13. Hi there, The name is Brad, I have just moved here from Christchurch New Zealand, I am living in Point Cook. Back in NZ I have been drifting for 4 years and am ranked 2nd in the south island after last season, I drive a S15 with a stroked SR making 367Kw at the wheels, I have pretty much done everything on the car myself including paint and motor build. this is the car just before i tided it up, and this is from round one this season, the only round of the NZ drift series I am doing as i have moved to AUS. Would love to bring the car over and get into it here but i just don't have the funds or backing over here. am keen to come watch and met some people in the VIC area
  14. need help asap please

    Might be easier to go to a auto shop and ask for a helicoil, take the banjo so they can get the right thread. you drill out the stripped thread and wind in a helicoil and bingo new thread.
  15. Injectors - Need help Identifying these

    They look alot like my injectors and mine are from a RX7 and are 860cc but if i was you i would get them tested,that way you know exactly what they are,