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  1. The Crap Filter

    looks that way
  2. The Crap Filter

    wow its been a long time since ive been in here

    got my VIP ticket the other day for Perth can not wait!!!
  4. Chicken Parmigiana

    nicholsons bar and grill - canning vale good price and huge servings
  5. Wisdom teeth

    I loved having mine out... overnight stay in hospital. all 4 done at once whilst knocked out cold best fun! my theatre room was all blue including all floors, walls, tools to rip stuff out with only part I didnt appreciate was vomitting dark blood once it was complete.. the nurse said dont swallow the blood... well i couldnt feel a thing in my mouth so how the hell could I feel it going down! afterwards tho was all good.. didnt have any swelling or discomfort...
  6. What do you do?

    Underwriter for Shannons Insurance. Was a Broker for Aon for 6 years before Shannons and been here for 18months now.. totally love
  7. Your New Years Consumption

    all 5 have now disolved and can only smell redskins in there now gonna chuck a few more in to add more flavour
  8. Your New Years Consumption

    you should see it now..its like fluro hyper pink smells nice too.. could probably still try it tonight, just might not have as strong flavour..
  9. Your New Years Consumption

    How do you make the Red skin and musk vodka? crush up about 5/6 sticks of musk life savers and add stick in about 5/10 redskins... they all blend together.. ment to leave for minimum 48 hours to infuse.. but who cares.. drink when ever. im gonna leave these for a week as Ive already got alcohol for tonight
  10. Your New Years Consumption

    the redskin tastes better just mix it will lemonade or have shots mmmmmmm yep yep just doing the redskin now.. have about 5 in there atm.. will chuck more in later also wanna try it with purple skittles...
  11. Your New Years Consumption

    musk lifesavers + vodka = yum!!!! also doing the same with redskins.. over ice and lemonade
  12. Another Random Softy Spec Thread

    I have been waiting for you to tell me that.... rofl was wondering how long it would take you to see that..