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  1. One very standard Type X

    Looks nice mate. Congrats on the buy
  2. 180SX V's VR Commodore?


    "umad" 86 on the ring road around 8:15 this morning. Looked awesome.
  4. Intercooler plumbing

    Sounds like the bov return mate.
  5. Keep Drifting Fun

    I'm new to the sport and I'm attracted to it because its FUN. Im not in it to win or have a prize, but to have fun with my mates. Stop hating on the vid it, describes why we do it perfectly.
  6. I didn't know school holidays had started.
  7. Gold, pure gold!! I love doodleburger
  8. S13 Engine Conversions

    nah mate, but a buddy put in a washing machine into his s13 for the same sounding engine Oh cool so he could do his washing while driving....
  9. S13 Engine Conversions

    Yeah cut and move the towers and rails. Just a thought cuz iv got a ej20 and a ej22 sitting there Didn't someone put one in an 86??
  10. S13 Engine Conversions

    Has anyone put an ej20 in an s13??
  11. SR20+ PASEO= DRIFT

    Gold!! Can't wait to see how this bad boy turns out.
  12. Smash em!!! I'm all for the bait car too...
  13. Man that's so crap!!! I'm sick of these low life scum! Il keep an eye out for u.
  14. Good experiences with cops

    In country Vic I was pulled over in the daily (magna stationwagon) with crap packed in the boot and the rear seats up to the roof, no rear view mirror (not that I could see anything lol), balding tyres doing 117 in a 100 zone. He asked why did I pull u over and I was straight up and said I was speeding. He checked my license, he was happy. He then chatted with me for about 5 mins about the holidays, work, asked about the "adzy is gay" sticker then said keep ur speed down and don't worry about the fine. I'm not sure if it was because he was a country cop or if was me just being up front, but it's like anyone, treat them with respect and they'll help u out.