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  1. Any one got a car running, rego not required. for less then $500.
  2. Show us your RIDE!

    Sinister I rember now saw your car there just after it was painted looked awesome. Some mean camber on the back.
  3. Show us your RIDE!

    As in dave at darwin smash repairs, he did the body work and one of the painters did the paint. And thanks for the comments.
  4. Show us your RIDE!

    Nice very clean.
  5. Show us your RIDE!

    So for those that wish to know this is what i have done. BODY: Vertex VTX body kit Blits vented bonnet R32 GTR gennuine spoiler clear indicators that i have put night shade on. R33 GTR rims 17x9 +30 resprayed in the factory light mertalic gray colour. ENGINE: RB25 turbo @ 14psi 3.5" RS*R catback exhaust 3" high flow cat 3" CES racing split dump pipe Blits SE return flow intercooler. K&N filter ADJ cam gears SUSPENTION: Cusco zero 2R coil overs whiteline 27mm adj swaybars fixed -3deg camber arms front ADJ camber arms rear adj caster arms solid subframe bushes hicas lock bar 1 way mechanical diff 5sp convertion with excedy clutch there is proberbly more but i cant rember atm power graph is below.
  6. Show us your RIDE!

    Rears going lower to 145mm from center of hub to guard when I lip the guards.
  7. NT Recommended Workshops

    Love it. 2nd needs new syncros soon.
  8. Show us your RIDE!

    Yea, have a look in the build thread on SAU titled R TUNES build 2.0 I'll get some info later
  9. NT Recommended Workshops

    I'll 2nd Danny and leigh (head mechanic) and mich i have told you before about him. As for me i have used the following. JSM. Very happy with jason am not affraid to use him. various work done. High Tech tuned OBSESSD only man im going to. Danny @ darwin mobile auot care. top bloke good if your in the northen area of darwin.
  10. Show us your RIDE!

    Here is my car not a silvia but darwin is small.