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  1. R32 Gtr Rims - $500

    Price : $500 Condition : Used Have these been sold?
  2. halo 4, gonna be baller yo

    353 better not stuff it up, they have big shoes to fill considering how well bungie did. Suppose we will find out at the end of the year. Professor im confused as to why you're waiting for gears of war 3? Its been out for about a year now. Unless you're refering to gears of war judgment. Which will hopefully be good
  3. AM performance

    Thanks mate
  4. AM performance

    Hey guys does anyone have Andrews number from AM performance? Checked older posts and not sure if his number has changed. Thanks guys.
  5. I got some from Holford Motors, good price for what they were (Fride Mios) haha they went into my crx when i had one. some old guy ran into my drivers side door. they held me fine. id say they are good. having said that this time around in the 180 it will defs be legit or nothing.
  6. PS Vita Thread

    I picked mine up on launch day. just the wifi one as i really cant see a use for it on the move.. since i dont catch public transport etc.. I must say its impressive. But the worst thing about handheld gaming is they always try and force you to use the stupid little features no one wants.. I dont know about you guys, but i bought one so i could play games that look more realistic in a hand held device. Not something i have to turn from side to side. That being said, i am finding that the amount of times i have to touch the screen or tilt the console is minimal at the moment. So fair happy with it at the moment. The next wave of titles will tell if it survives
  7. 180SX Project - 472HP @ 23PSI

    This car is amazing. both inside and out. nice job mate!
  8. on ps3 maybe.. but 360 im rather confident is still region locked...
  9. wow that is close.. but looks tough
  10. im sure that wont be a issue at all Simon
  11. hahaha. jason you are a man of few words.. never shy to point the finger
  12. Hey mandi thanks for the reply nah i checked all that so hasnt warn through or anything like that. pretty much we thought we had it fixed. mate took the ecu out of its little enclosure in the front and then when he moved it around a bit the amps went down.. haha. im assuming that means there is a dicky cable there? for now, at least until I can get someone with a bit more knowledge ill just take the fuse out when i go to work and at home so that way it doesnt drain the extra power.
  13. Worked out if I take this fuse out the current draw stops. does anyone (looks at mandi) know what this connects to. when we remove that fuse the current drops from 0.47 or so down to 0.07.. is this the right fuse or should we dig deeper?
  14. thanks for the replies guys. tonight a mate and i will have the awesome task of pulling out every fuse >__> but i shall keep you all updated. thanks again guys.