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  1. front door speaker 180sx

    Be careful with what speakers you put in there, as ive heard that if the mounting depth is greater than 55mm, it messes with the power windows. ive never got around to fitting speakers, just what id read on here, thought id warn u before u bought something...
  2. r.i.p condolences to all affected
  3. CA18DET dump pipe

    from my experience and knowledge, a duel chamber pipe will give u a better pickup from 0-60, whereas a single chamber pipe will give u better hp overall, so depends what u want it for i guess personally for a street car, id say the duel chamber
  4. hey guys, just wondering if u could give ur opinion on what dump pipe i should choose, duel chamber or single? i know that duel gives better pickup from 0-60 and single is better for increased hp, and so im leaning towards duel chamber as i just want it off the line quick, but are there any other pro's/con's with them?? cheers, ben.
  5. r32 gtr seats

    awesome cheers do u know roughly how much higher they sit?
  6. hey guys, im looking to upgrade my seats in my 180, but buckets seem to be more hassle than they're worth to get them at the right height and adjustable etc was just wondering what was involved in getting r32 gtr seats in, do u need new rails or can u modify the existing rails to make them fit, and will they sit around the same height as my current ones? cheers, Ben
  7. Turbo Spool really loud

    nah mines standard and it spools up a treat, get it checked out if ur really worried but i doubt itd be a problem
  8. Squeaky Clutches

    ok ill give it a try, thanks guys
  9. Whats the best way to stop a squeaky clutch? Starting to get quite annoying