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  1. Sa active members role call

    oh god theres almost 10 people the car scene just exploding lol just set a time every month and if your there your there. doesn't matter if theres one bloke or 10
  2. Is it legal to do a LS Swap in SA

    you'll break every speed limit in Australia with that turbo sr. don't bother with a junk LS
  3. Sa active members role call

    if there is 10 different people that reply to this thread in adelaide ill eat my words..... adelaide has no car scene
  4. Is it legal to do a LS Swap in SA

    man you havent even bought the car yet.. just focus on your stock sr its got bulk power if done right..... LS is another story, another head truck...more money and time that i doubt you will have im being realistic....
  5. 180sx stock VLSD for drifting?

    mate just drift it you'll soon figure it out
  6. Is it legal to do a LS Swap in SA

    oh my god what has ns turned into.....?
  7. Sa active members role call

    some bloke needs to have a mobile number that just msgs people a time and a place every month to catch up and go for a drive. need to create a trusted community between mates..... it will be a good thing
  8. Sa active members role call

    well that aint helping the cause not owning an import...? adelaide is dead
  9. Help fix ns.com.com from death!

    adelaide has a no car scene any more. Pretty sad cos i know theres kents out there with dope cars in their garages All japan day should start a website because thats the only time when these owners grow a pair and use their bloody cars
  10. Sa active members role call

    by the looks of it bloody none. there are people we see them driving to work on a friday..... but some are scared to venture out because they will get done
  11. Who will stretch tyres in Adelaide?

    dude just get the tyre place to put the tyres on….dont get em balanced or pumped up, just have em loose go home and use start ya bastard spray to pop em on then pump em up.

    Silver type x goin down south road clovelly park clean as with white wheels,lazy eyes. It's refreshing to see a good car driving to work most days
  13. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    for sale r33 GTR wheels in white with tyres 95% 215 stretched $1300
  14. ns- meet and greet food hangs

    ah this this hilarious. Every one has too much on to catch up... its always the way. Should have a joint that everyone goes every weekend no organising just a time then go from there. hopefully when the crispy cream opens up here they will have a car park where every one can meet just like in syd
  15. the bush in my coilovers only slides on the knuckle pin one way because its a tapered bush. You know what i mean maybe yours are different