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  1. R33 gtst streeter build

    Billet rail, id1000 injectors...
  2. R33 gtst streeter build

    haha... Yeah the guy videoing was an amatuer... Lol... Still sounds cool... Haha
  3. R33 gtst streeter build

    bit of dosing and screamer sounds
  4. R33 gtst streeter build

    Wheels on... Damn shame that ride height... Killing me leaving it there...
  5. R33 gtst streeter build

    these are the injectors im using... Good info for the budget drifters... Im changing to proper injectors soon as these are crap for the street... But would work well in a drift car...
  6. R33 gtst streeter build

    The new wheels on rear... Needs low but have more important things to do first...
  7. R33 gtst streeter build

    New wheels... Rears are on... Need spacers to get the fronts to fit... Work Meister s2r
  8. R33 gtst streeter build

    Cheers... The new setup should see 420 without the nos... Little less sleeper though...
  9. R33 gtst streeter build

    The laughing gas...
  10. R33 gtst streeter build

    Dyno with the nos... Dont have photo without... 1200nm of torque...
  11. R33 gtst streeter build

  12. R33 gtst streeter build

    Hey guys... This is my project... R33 gtst... Currently makes 360rwkw@25psi on e85... And 426rwkw with a shot of nos... Pb of 11.2@131mph on nitto nt05r tyres and no nos... Current specs: Stock rb25det Head studs and mls head gasket Split fires Garret 3076 Low mount Stock injectors grinded down Cheap fmic Sard 800 fuel pressure reg Walbro400 intank pump 5 speed manual Xtreme triple plate button clutch(a**hole clutch) Link g4 Does the job for now... Putting some real injectors in in a few weeks and retuning... See if we can squeeze some more power out... Will be building a forged block for it, 272 cams, forward plenum, plazmaman intercooler, and a precision 6262 turbo...
  13. Jzz30 1jz turned Jza80 1jz build thread

    Yeah not keeping these wheels but dint wanna put my new wheels on till the engine goes in... Its slow enough as it is... Lol... Engine would look much better if it was actually in the damn car... Starting to get impatient... Haha
  14. Jzz30 1jz turned Jza80 1jz build thread

    Tad to low... Can barely turn...