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  1. need pics

    Hey guys, tried searching around but i couldnt find any.. i wanted to see what Work meisters in black look like with gun metal lug nuts, does anyone have any photos to share or links i can view? Much appreicated.
  2. cheap tires

    Hey guys, Can you guys list some places where they sell cheap tires in Sydney.
  3. owner of this car

    Fail... still a sexy car though
  4. owner of this car

    Thanks Fellas !
  5. Hey guys, Anyone know the owner of this car? http://www.speedhunters.com/2010/06/car_spotlight_gt_gt_matt_s_s15_silvia_wtac/ or his nickname on here, wanting to ask him a question !
  6. Doing a rebuild on my SR20 det

    your one to talk with half the threads you start ffs. he spun a bearing. OP: disco potato and 18 psi ''weather to put a GT2860 (disco patato) OR GT2871r on my sr20' ??? i dont see him stating he has a disco potato and 18psi
  7. Does it matter?

    wrong ! 300kw , thats why was curious if this pipe would make it more restrictive
  8. Does it matter?

    not neccessarily, think about it this way..air exiting from turbine travels in a circular motion, once it exits it flows in various directions hence flows slower.. the split eases turbulent air.. by chaneling smaller pockets seperately.. when it is joined again turbulence is minimal = flows quicker. these split systems are quite common. So your saying that the response would be better? for low/mid and less top end?
  9. Does it matter?

    SPECIFICATIONS: Pipe diameter: 2x 60mm to 1x 80mm
  10. Doing a rebuild on my SR20 det

    rebuild and wanting a tiny turbo................................................................................ no comment
  11. Does it matter?

    So in terms of performance, pretty much flows the same?
  12. Does it matter?

    Guys, does it matter when it comes to choosing front pipes? Will there be any restictions using a dual front pipe ( image below ) or will any 3'' front pipe do the job? im curious why they made dual 60mm front pipes then merge to a single 80mm
  13. What is the Most Embarrassing Mod?

    Hate the day time LED lights... Every car manufacturer now copies Audi... Same as blinkers on mirrors when they first came out.... Those day time lights only look good on a Audi to be honest every other car I've seen them on looks like a joke
  14. New parts im looking at getting...

    Go get your car engineered, get it EPA tested AND PASS THE EMISSIONS TEST THEN run a de cat if you really want. Just expect some flames
  15. sway bar setting

    More body roll or less body roll once set to full hard?