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  1. MMA chat

    Conner McGregor is a retard for snatching aldos belt
  2. Should I get a skyline?

    Get a s15. Cheap quick and looks better
  3. Anyone want to meet up at Krispy Kreme? Joined a group this comes up all the time
  4. https://www.youtube....h?v=MAmJ9oAy1mc if the video dont work look up this in youtube THIS IS WHY JESSE VENTURA IS NOT ALLOWED ON LIVE TV
  5. When ACA do a show about hoons everyone goes on about targeting perfomance cars and that were not hoons and commo drivers are the problems. And now you think the news are being honest?
  6. Well said. I want aussies to ask why our troops went to the middle east when we were never in any threat. The arse hole behind it should be put in prison so the next one after him would think twice about spreading fear
  7. This is what merica is doing And I dont want nothing to do with it and neighter should australia
  8. Yeah, no other religion has ever done that before If I walked down George St and saw a guy taking a dump in the gutter, I'd call him a dirty bastard, in spite of the fact that there weren't toilets all over the place 1000 years ago. Opinions are made within the context of time and change. That scenario fixed into the current problem will go like this, spiking a guys drink with laxatives, him shitting his pants and then calling him a dirty bastard. We had raids and people got arrested for planing to take off heads in the streets. 2 weeks later there let go with no charges. if there was proof they would have been charged. 2 weeks ago a kid got shot for stabbing a police officer while walking into a police office and he mentioned allah before the tried killing the police.... where is the video footage or a picture of a stab wound
  9. It's just an excuse to enter the country
  10. Sand it to remove the rust then touch it up with white paint If you dont have experience with sanding or paint then dont do it or you might make it worse
  11. 180sx electrical problem

    Both comments have happened to me in the past. the cluster is know to fuse easily when your pulling it out or playing with the wired near them, and wheel arch has the loom running through and gets shredded when the wheels rub over them. I would first check the loom in the arch as its the easiest thing to do
  12. I will be doing Headlight resotorations for free till next friday (11th of July) Simply call 0405125414 or message to make a booking, come down with your car and get your headlights restored with results that will last years. Original cost of Headlight restoration is $120 http://www.facebook.com/shinebright
  13. rotors & reliabilty

    I have herd a rotor in Stock form is more reliable than a piston engine
  14. 25 year old paint restored to the day it was sprayed