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  1. If I had money to keep on buying engines, then yeah I would.
  2. I think I solved my own problem. I managed to find myself a hose that is much smaller in inner diameter and replaced the bigger hose that's on the stock boost controller. Readings are just below 10 psi now which is much better. This will serve me temporally until I source a stock hose or get a proper after-market boost controller.
  3. Hi guys, I'm a first time poster here but I have been lurking these forums for a while. I have found a lot of the topics on the tech forum very helpful and informative. Though I have something for some of the gurus to help me out on. I have recently installed a Turbosmart boost gauge on my ADM S15. The install went well and it seems to be functioning and lighting up correctly. I immediately took it for a drive to have a look at my boost readings. I red lined through first gear, second gear and a bit of third and measured a reading of 15 psi. Now this seems a bit high as these are my only mods. - K&N panel filter - GFB Respons blow off valve (set to plumb back) - Restriction removed from stock boost controller I understand that replacing the restriction hose on the stock boost controller will gain me a few psi but I wouldn't think it would be as high as 15 psi. I'm a bit worried that something is forcing my turbo to boost this high and that some internal damage could occur in my engine or turbo. I would put the restriction hose back on to measure my readings again but I don't have it as I bought the car with the restriction removed. Could there be something wrong with the boost gauge? Or maybe the way I installed it? The vacuum hose connecting to the boost gauge are nice and tight as well as the end connecting to the T piece that connects to the fuel pressure regulator. Anyone have any thought?