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  1. Name: jme Model: 1989 s13 Colour: blue? Bodykit: unknown? Engine Type: redtop sr20 Engine Mods: fmic, aftermarket turbo unshor on size Power: 298rwhp, Exhaust: single 3 inch Gearbox: 5 speed Diff: rebuilt with some sort of locka Brakes: standed Suspension: full ksport front and rear coilover up controil arms Wheels/Tyres: 17 inch avanties stockeys on rear Interior: craped out standed interia Other Mods: couple boost gauges aloy radiator and thermos Stereo: none Build Period: on going Cost: 3500 so fare Future Mods: half or full cage wat eva i can find, 18rims, 5 stud conversion, 8 spot k sport front brakes, ksport seat, harness, and once i hav a bit of fun with this engine plan is to swap to ls2/l98 and 6 speed, let mwe know wat use think and if use hav ne of the bits im chasing let me know, the engine gear box and computer will all be forsale start next year if ne one intersted
  2. S13 CIRCUIT TRACK CAR, couple new pics

    car is half painted and lexon windows in, raced at barbs on weekend, orsem fun, didnt go any faster (guttered) had big traction troubles and a few other issues, sick of this sr20, time for full slicks and ls1, best i ran was a 1.15, same as last time, hav a cracked turbo manifold now too, got 1 video from go pro but is upside down and cant work out how to get it right way up
  3. S13 CIRCUIT TRACK CAR, couple new pics

    Cage in an off to paint, raceing next weekend at barbagello
  4. s15 LS1 turbo street, track, whatever

    orsem build
  5. Pasini's LS2 s14

    tko6060 if its from a ve nice box
  6. S13 CIRCUIT TRACK CAR, couple new pics

    yeah i only plan on running low boost leveals and not till next year, going to finsh this seson with the sr20, and it will be in need of a new drivline, this car is really just a fun car, im not planing to ever be competive, its really all about fun and building the car thats fun to drive, wat do u mean by sort the rest ov the car? cheers for input?
  7. S13 CIRCUIT TRACK CAR, couple new pics

    295s on front hit everything lock to lock and need 20mm spacers, old and new t3 gasket, new motor rebuilding for next year, ls1 new pistons, lunati cam, main stud kit head stud kit, fast intake and a turbo or 2 waiting for fueled racing to realese there kit and c i i like or not
  8. S13 CIRCUIT TRACK CAR, couple new pics

    theres a fella in perth with 50mm fiberglass ones, running 255s, just gona go 235 for now
  9. S13 CIRCUIT TRACK CAR, couple new pics

    http://www.octanemotorsports.com/88-93-nissan-silvia-s13-2dr-d1-carbon-fiber-30mm-front-fenders-p-46681.html somthing like this wider if anyone knows ov anything
  10. S13 CIRCUIT TRACK CAR, couple new pics

    Standed atm trying to find the widest guard i can and no ina fenders, dont kno who can make a nice tube front for me in perth, any info anyone?
  11. S13 CIRCUIT TRACK CAR, couple new pics

    went to collie motor plex on sunday, orsem day, perfect weather, run a best off 56.05, hav changed my fuel system a bit, using a carter lift pump, to a 2l surge with a single bosch 044, the t3 turbo gasket blew out on the weekend and lost a bolt so orded a new one, am trying to fit a decent tyre under the front of this this is prooving difficult, im going to try a a 250/650r18 dunlop full slick under the front, as i think it will be near imposable to run 295s, neways heres a few pics, also 1 more braided line left to make,
  12. S13 CIRCUIT TRACK CAR, couple new pics

    sun roof all welded up will add picture sarvo, did lf speed series on the weekend at collie, run a best of 1.25 on hill climb, and 57sec around the circuit, plenty of time left in in with more practice, had alot of trouble trying to get the tyres warm on such short circuit
  13. S13 Silvia Race Car. 2015 season finished.

    nice car and good videos, i had the a simular problem on my silvia, had a leek on the hose off the wastgate, to the intake, mine was also over boosting, how do u like the turbo??
  14. Sil80, circuit racer

    just did this with my silvia, put duck tape over the headlight now they look horriable, gotta find a good way to remove it, good build should be orsem fun
  15. S13 CIRCUIT TRACK CAR, couple new pics

    new dump pipe made and new exhaust on, gone back to standed bumper, cause it fits! striped more interia and getting ready to weld sunroof, fuel system all done but had a few leeks dun to wrong fittings,

    orsem car, hav you weighed it yet? im looking into carbon fiber doors and trunk at the moment, i hav 295 on a 9.5inch rims on the back they fit easlly, with a better offset wheel i could hav got alot more under,
  17. S13 Silvia Race Car. 2015 season finished.

    waht tyres are you running? waht tyres are you running?
  18. S13 CIRCUIT TRACK CAR, couple new pics

    running dunlop direzza 295,30 on the rear, i hav to keep 18s to fit over my brakes, and dont think ill get much wider then a 225 on the front
  19. S13 CIRCUIT TRACK CAR, couple new pics

    opions on good front tyres to buy? for circuit racing, full slick or semi? i cant fit much wider then a 225, rims are 18s
  20. S13 CIRCUIT TRACK CAR, couple new pics

    well i did a bit of work today got my wide body on, but now i hav to trim the hell out of my rear bumper to make it fit, and my new exhaust is to short for the vertex rear bumper, any idears?, thinking about changing it out for something that fits, pretty anoying since i bought them from the same place, also roll cage has turned up, very nice bit off gear, got to weld up sunroof before goes in though
  21. S13 CIRCUIT TRACK CAR, couple new pics

    lexan windows are here, got them from plastics performance, roll cage will be here second week of jan got a 6 point with removable side bars, and exhaust should be here around the same time, cat back twin 3 inch be a differnt sound
  22. 180sx Part Out

    luv this car, very simular to what im doing with myn, what tyres are u running? i bought lexan windows from the same place as you, orsem quality,
  23. S13 CIRCUIT TRACK CAR, couple new pics

    i wish that was my undertray, i was looking into diffuser and undertray but cant really be bothered with it, i will be running gearbox oil cooler, and engine oil cooler, and power stearing oil cooler, when i change drivelines, im it probly wouldnt help with temps,
  24. S13 CIRCUIT TRACK CAR, couple new pics

    thats sick^, orded my roll cage and exhaust, should be good chrissy pressie to my self
  25. S13 Silvia Race Car. 2015 season finished.

    orsem track car, simular to myn in sum ways but alot neeter and beter built, wat front tyres do u run? im trying to find a full slick that will fit with no spcers, was the s15 rear cradle worth it? thinking upgrading myn but unshore how to go aboout it, also im unshore how ull like the new turbo, i hav a td06 20g on myn and its a lag monster and hav alot of trouble keeping it in the boost range around any corners without sliding, your set up sounds orsem, cant wait to see more updates