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  1. having a few dramas wiring up the manual conversion, keeping auto ecu, something about wiring the car up so it thinks its always in park? i have tried several things to locate the wire i need, if anyone knows 100% what to do, please help a brother out. cheers
  2. autobarn has both, its a matter of undoing the bolts and putting the new unit in. the seatbelt kit will probably even come with new bolts and washers.
  3. will s15 pedals fit with minimal modification to fit in s13? got manual pedals from s15 (thankyou Wizard) and don't really want to start the conversion and find out they dont fit... im on a bit of a tight schedule once i start it. thanks in advance
  4. s15 pedals in s13

    oh you ill find out if it fits/ can fit
  5. s15 pedals in s13

    thanks for your help mate
  6. s15 pedals in s13

    im talking about the pedal assembly, fitting them to replace auto brake pedal and putting clutch in
  7. So here goes. My hell machine isn't working too well. The symptoms are as follows. Fluctuating idle at the lights, so revs between 100 and 1000rpm Fuel consumption is around 20L/100 I know I should expect a gas guzzler but this is a little over the top More carbon and overall black stuff coming out of my exhaust than a diesel truck. Whether it means anything my voltmeter gauge fluctuates with the rpm Got the idle control valve cleaned out, same as the injectors, and fuel tank,lines and filter. The mix is obviously very very rich. Any help is valued. If your very helpful I'll try make a case or something head your way as a thank you!
  8. Losing my faith in my s13

    well it ran like crap for a while, i changed the fuel filter, cleaned injectors etc etc (all the mentioned fuel related stuff) and then it ran like a champ! i did a few electrical modifications i.e sub, amp and put in two gauges, it fell apart. i was thinking from the start alternator problem, but everyone i talked to told me i was a moron. i noticed how fast the amp gauge would drop at the lights which makes me think under idle it draws more power than it produces... as for the glutenous fuel problem ill just start fixing everything... as you said its a 20 year old car so things are going to fail.
  9. Losing my faith in my s13

    How do I check vacuum lines? Looking for cracks etc?
  10. Losing my faith in my s13

    Silly question, could that be responsible for lack of fuel vacuum? When I go to fill up no hissing noise... I'm an apprentice panel beater not mechanic so excuse the simple-ness
  11. Losing my faith in my s13

    Vacuum leaks where? Non turbo, auto sr20
  12. rolled over a speedbump with poor technique and it got me good. i've ripped a plug or sensor or something out around my the cat on my exhaust... the service manual is really shedding much light about what it is and if i can fix it... so maybe one of you can? can you tell me what it is, if i can fix it/need to fix it? cheers.
  13. speed bump killed something.

    thanks guys im on it now.
  14. speed bump killed something.

    apologies for calculator quality photo.
  15. speed bump killed something.

    hmmmm. the thread is out attached to the wire... ill upload a pic to better explain.
  16. radiator support

    yes, if you can track one down its pretty simple to do
  17. Shaving Boot/Trunk

    i guess whatevers easier for you and them i guess... ask them what they'd rather do? id leave the whole car unless you have a spare bootlid lying around... either way you cant drive it?
  18. Shaving Boot/Trunk

    if its so simple, you do it...? welding a boot is fairly difficult as it warps so easily. then you gotta paint the whole thing again. 400 is very reasonable.
  19. NRMA. i got my s13 insured under my name no dramas and im 19 pn my green p's... give them a go?
  20. Surf Trip Destinations

    looking at going on a overseas surf trip earlyish next year and trying to work out destinations. there are that many to choose from its rediculous. has anyone been anywhere worth mentioning, im after some good tips on places to go on the cheap cheap as im a first year panel beater and money is beyond a joke. not really picky on where to go, as long as there are decent waves to be found.
  21. Surf Trip Destinations

    that was a top ranking place, but where abouts? i was looking into the mentawais and around java... any personal experiences?
  22. yeh i always hit it with a heat gun first. it sounds stupid, but even if you can tighten it a little just to break the seal then loosen it that can help heaps. sounds dumb but it works.
  23. Remote Boot Release

    ^ i have that in my sil, works really well. if you want it via remote you gotta get a 5 button alarm system to run it.
  24. NSW Spotted Thread

    might of been me ? i was in my s13 and waved
  25. NSW Spotted Thread

    spotted, white s13 sr20de plates. castle hill sick car