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  1. 255s all round on S13?

  2. Sa active members role call

    Haven't owned an import for years but still floating here in the background
  3. Air bags installation - S15

    Extra batteries is normally for hydraulics to drive the pumps
  4. WTB r34 coupe, 25det manual.

    If you decide to look interstate have a workmate selling one in sa
  5. wanted! s13 vented bonnet :)

    Have a pair of genuine masa vents to fit to standard bonnet if any interest to you
  6. Have had these 2 sets in the shed for a long time now, might as well see if anyone else will put them to use. Weds Bvillen TT7R 5x114.3 and 5x100 multi 19x9+9 wrapped in near new 235/35/19 nankang nsII 19x10+12 wrapped in near new 255/40/19 maxis ma-z1 rims are in fantastic condition bar a small amount of rash on the fronts as shown in the pictures. 2300 $ ono ------------------------------------------------------------- Riverside Stich Step Lip Mesh Dishies. 17x8+8 5x114.3 big caliper clearance 17x9+12 multi-stud 4/5x114.3 some slight rash and some paint flaking. should be able to tell everything from the photos 1100 $ ono
  7. lately my 180 has a problem of not wanting to start. when you put the key in and turn it to ignition you can hear the fuel pump charge and all the dash lights light up but when you turn the key, the interior lights and dash lights dim and with the bonnet up you can see the fan turn a tiny little bit for everytime you turn the key but that's it. also all the electrics still work fine like windows, audio, lights etc but it just won't turn over. already changed the battery as i thought this may be the problem but it still happens. i couldn't find any blown fuses. took it to an auto electrician but they could find no obvious power leak. if i leave a battery charger on it, say overnight, it will start no problems the next time you try to turn it over. this leads me to believe that it is possibly the started motor that is rooted? any help would be much appreciated. cheers in advance, mike
  8. car won't start please help

    If I remember correctly it had something to do with an earth. Can't remember the details but, was a long time ago!
  9. Daily+Track Onevia

    S13/180sx skirts same same as far as fitment goes. They look like gp sports g-sonic skirts - can look pretty good when done properly
  10. Who Else Makes this Hood!

    I've got a pair of masa vents here I'd probably sell
  11. Not keen to separate caps sorry fellas. forgot to mention, will swap with adjustment for cheaper rims with good tyres and 5x114.3 pcd to throw on the work ute. Dont need to be anything special
  12. ^^^ for some reason, the first image that came to my head was this song being played through the speaker
  13. Jump on zilvia, there is a thread for wide rubber on s-chassis with pics and specs just like the wheel fitment thread. Pretty sure its in the general chat section Have a feeling its called the maximum rubber thread or something along those lines
  14. Snapped Wheel studs.

    lol, 'early on in the piece'? your car is 25 years old..
  15. Any Vapors on NS?

    Bloke at work bought one and reckoned it was a waste of money. He used it for a shift but said 'you have to want to quit, to quit'. He is a VERY heavy smoker though and near on sucked the colour off the thing so it obviously wasn't giving him what he needed. At least he quit quitting, so not a total failure I guess?
  16. If you watch the edges of the blocks where they are cut on an angle, the block pieces change in size as they move to match up with their new neighbors. The old 'look at my right hand while I do something with my left'
  17. dead end jobs.

    Think about what skills/qualifications would be required to make you a suitable candidate for the jobs you're chasing and go acquire them in your own time. Want to operate heavy machinery? Start with hr license or aim for specific civil tickets if there is a certain type that stands out to you. Fork license is easy and always handy. And don't forget senior first aid.
  18. s14a dori project .....Sil80 reshelling

    oi, crackerjack http://page5.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e136128720 http://page10.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m114414267
  19. The blu808 s14 uses a modified subframe for a quickchange. There is a pic in this thread, and faih certain there are plenty of pics of it on that same forum in the fabrication thread http://zilvia.net/f/cars-sale/441075-norcal-blu808-formula-drift-s14-700hp-lsa-g-force-gsr-quick-change-rhd.html
  20. PS4

    Anyone got any idea on the wireless range of the controllers?
  21. My F31 Leopard

    dunno, i reckon te37v could look alright