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  1. Honda powered Silvia... Featured in ZOOM Magazine

    Neva 3/4 people around this car. Just oxer and me man. We just take pride in our work and not only take photos to show you guys. But for our own references for the future. :-)
  2. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    is there a breather on the catch can??
  3. Honda powered Silvia... Featured in ZOOM Magazine

    Yeah it sure does Muski.. a million times better.. looks mega fat from the rear.. lol What when did you get one?? and were did you get it from??
  4. Honda powered Silvia... Featured in ZOOM Magazine

    Awsome news chris. Ill call u and cum n get em off ya tonite
  5. Honda powered Silvia... Featured in ZOOM Magazine

    Adam: power steering pump is gettin relocated to were the a/c pump normally lives which is on the same side but much lower and wwill be way out of the way. All that will be showing throu the hole in the bonnet is a rocker cover which by vicdrift and dmv is allowed. The rule is no moving parts are allowed to b protruding the bonnet. And yes the mugen wheels are a bitch to find and even more of a bitch in genuine 5stud and 16inch faces. As u can imagine they were only fitted in 16s on a NSX. The rest of the honda family only recived 15s and most in 4stud
  6. Honda powered Silvia... Featured in ZOOM Magazine

    that was the initial plan. looked around for a s15 shell and worked out trying to find a registered s15 shell would be too hard, and buying one registered and running to simply strip it part it out and keep the shell was gonna financially burn a massive hole in my pocket. money better spent else were. Dog box perhaps..
  7. Honda powered Silvia... Featured in ZOOM Magazine

    hey guys. just a few updates.. ill let the piks do the talking..
  8. kris's A31 Cefiro

    hekitik driving.. finally it came out and oncve again, ur driving is awsomke.. thumbs up man.. speechless.. even in the pouring rain.. must be a handfull keeping 285kw together lols..
  9. Honda powered Silvia... Featured in ZOOM Magazine

    hey guys. gonna bring this thread back to life as there is major works goin on with the car atm.. First up. Primal private drift day at calder took its toll on the car. Finally the gearbox decided to break.. Doing limiter launches off the line and going throu the gears wheel spining, put the box on edge. A few too many times and second said goodbye. I finished out the day using 1st to 3rd, which was still awsome fun. By the end of the night the box was making some seriously funky noises... Ok, well since that happended and id have the engine and gearbox out. before anything, i made a list on the windscreen. Withing not even 10mins this is what the list was.... This is the wide body i first took to try on.... This wide body looked good. but the rear wheels were simply not big enough to fill the 100mm wider over fender. so off they came and bak to the drawing board i went... In the mean time i got goin with the angle grinder ;-) The whole point of the wide body option was to be able to straighten out the camber. My aim was for a straight zero camber setting. After cutting the guard out, i towed to car to the alingners and the most we could get out of the camber arms was 0.5 degrees. I was happy with that, considering i used to run 2 degrees. with a 0.5 positive toe. Then yesterday i went for a drive down to Viva Garage in Mordialic. Picked up some 50mm wide body rear guards. I think this setup is alot cleaner and sleeker look. Still makes the car mega agressive but still gives me the fitment im alfter :-) Well thats the updates atm.. There are lots more to come as the car is undergoing major changes.. enjoy!!
  10. Honda powered Silvia... Featured in ZOOM Magazine

    hey guys. jsut a bit of an update.. last year as i had posted up i went on joliday for 2months so spending money at the track and the car was a big no no!!. i get bak from over seas had get organised for the very next track day. thats all that happened last year. 1 track day. its so depressing.. this year shall b very different. misses is out of the picture and im single now. so all my money to myself and all my time to myself too.. iv already booked in to be doing Primals private day at calder. and ill be most likely doing DMVs day at calder also. saving hard for a cage atm so vic drift days and dmv are not on the cards. but the next month or so should be seing me getting an AGI preccisions cage from Sydney. stay tunned guys. this year will be full of excitment
  11. 1987 Nissan Skyline Ti - $2,250

    Make : NISSAN SKYLINE Transmission : Automatic Kilometres : 220 Price : $2,250 Condition : Used Hi guys. It's time for me to part with my r31 skyline.1987 Nissan skyline Ti Stock engine recently replaced engine. 2nd hand engine has about 160xxxkms. Has complete s13 silvia front end. Breaks. Kuckles. lca's. coilovers. Full manual conversion not installed Full s13 sterring rack conversion with modified subframe to suit comes with s13 rack. Car only runs on gas at the moment.Has brand new fuel pump and brand new injectors.Mechanic told me needs an airflow meter to run on petrol.Runs and starts on gas perfect thats why I never bothered to get an airflow meter.Body is in fair condition with some rust in roof. Interior is all intact with all electrics working Just needs a realli good clean. Suit a reliable daily or setup for a beginners drift car.Great car never had any serious problems. Engine is perfect condition. Rego till February Call or SMS any time on 0402 229 846. $2500 ONOPrice drop. $2250
  12. Ryan's NA 32 four door

    Nitrous and ITBs man. And a massive oil cooler bolted on the front bar.
  13. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Just finish the cefy man. Ill take it for tune for u. I got rdo's on some mondays. f**k hurry up and just do it. Alll the hard work n effort dnt let it fo to waste.
  14. Honda powered Silvia... Featured in ZOOM Magazine

    Im planing to run 11s I got 10 with a 0 offset and I still have massive Clarence All depends on back spacing and how much barrel u got. Wat iv realised when u build a rim or find out wat offset n width n crap. Means stuff all. The hub bit on the rim could be huge so u have less barell more lip with a lower offset. Or u can hav a small hub bit with big barrel and a decent amount of dish hav a low offset but caz ur barrels are bigger n were the wheel bolt on furthur in. Only way to trully tell is to bolt em onto the car. Dnt care wat ne ones says. Iv been playin around with wheel messurements n back spacing n offsets. Heaps of headaches. Just try em on. That is all!
  15. Honda powered Silvia... Featured in ZOOM Magazine

    Hey jamie. Thanks man. Car feels amazing too. Driving is slowly grttin there. Shoulda came n introduced urself to me man. I was wit miskie too. Hey dre. I cant say iv messured. But before building the wheels i did check for clearance. Y do u ask??