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  1. Hey guys so recently my headlights began to mess up. I resorted to changing the stalk switch and then change the motor. after changing the motor, both headlights went up fine, yet the one with the changed motor wasnt level with the perfectly working pop up light. So after a spirited drive, my car had a new issue which is now hilarious and frustrating as eff. As the title of the thread says; one headlight goes up and the other goes down. this happens when flick the lights on and even the pop up button. Both sides seems to think its off but one is clearly up and the same story when lights are on, one is down. There is also a bit of a clunking noise as the light thats problematic is going down. the course of action i took was to disconnect the mechanism that you can screw the cap to adjust the headlight levels. And then put it back while the lights are in the off position... this did not work. Another course of action i took was removing the relays in the fuse box below the intake. Now... this did not work also. So i am now here asking my dear nissan friends if they know the solution i could try or even to go an auto electrician who are knowledgeable about 180’s. Your help is hugely appreciated! and if someone tells me to buy abflug lights, I honestly would rn. Ball ache af!!! 3B93E1EB-B8C9-472E-9BC1-403A1EF9D5D2.MOV
  2. Hey folks, I recently picked up a 180sx and I'm just trying to clean my firewall for scrutineering. I came across this connector that's been bridged but I have no clue what it is and why it's been bridged. Also have no idea about 180's and there are literally no workshop manuals for the cars I'm coming from an MX-5 and riding background. Where that bit of wiring loom is located on the driver side in between the firewall and the shock tower. Hope that helps you help me identify it hahaha Have a good one folks!