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  1. Chasing a pair of enkei rpf1 17x9.5+18 in silver. Happy to pay postage. Send me a msg on 0449549885
  2. Audi ignition coils

    Thanks for the input guys. Might just stick with the spitfires until they shit themselves or they can't handle it and then I'll put ls2 packs in
  3. Audi ignition coils

    I already have spitfires. Just heard the Audi ones can handle 300hp per pack. I'm planning on running up to 30psi from a gtx3071 on my sr running e85.
  4. Hey guys just seeing if anyone as fitted the Audi 905 115 coilpacks to a sr20? If so is there a certain part number that fits best and do you have a pinout for them?
  5. Fs S13 manual tailshaft. $50 S13 bare cradle and LCAs. $50 Aeroflow 044 pump, check valve and -8 fitting $100 ID1000 x4 sr20. Near new. $400. S13 new Front lowered springs. $50 S14/s13 vct hybrid rocker cover $200 S13/s14 hybrid rocker cover $200 Strathpine Msg me 0449549884
  6. Hi guys I'm just about to mount an r34 cradle in a 180 using the conversion bushes from gktech. I want to confirm the order in which it's installed. I found a tread about the fitment of the collars however it really didn't make sence to me. I want to set up the car for std-max grip NOT for drift. can someone confirm please?
  7. Fs Rpf1s 17 5x114 8+35 9+35 No cracks or buckles. Very light rash on 2 of them. 235/45 17 all round. Heaps of tread left Firm 1100 (pick up north brissy) Sr20 3" mild steel dump and front pipe. Low mount 5 bolt. $50ono 180sx front seats. No tears. $50ono 4x ID1000 11mm hats. Come out of my sr because I'm going larger. Only 5000km on them Firm $450 Send me a msg on 0449549885
  8. Thanks guys. Well I'm about to buy a 33 cradle tomorrow that isn't hicas so let's hope that's true
  9. Hey guys I need to know for certain if a r33 rear cradle is the same as a s14/15 rear subframe. Mounting, arms and knuckles? Want to mount into a 180. Can I use the gktech conversion bushes?
  10. S14 Aftermarket & Standard Parts - $500

    Hey mate where are you located? I'm keen on the conversion bushes and r33 gearbox cross brace Hey mate where are you located? I'm keen on the conversion bushes and r33 gearbox cross member 0449549885. Msg or call me
  11. Braking

    Stuss. Not wheel alignment as it's had a couple of them since owning and has done it since putting the bigger brakes on. Hasn't locked up yet but I moderate it enough to not have it lock up. The ass just lightens up and it becomes a handful coming into a corner. I'm referring to braking coming into a corner at 150km+ Note. I don't have abs.
  12. Braking

    Hey guys. I have 33 brakes on my 180 and I'm running coilovers. My drama is when I really lean hard on the brakes the ass gets all loose. I'm still running the bm44 out of the 180 Does the bias in the 33 bm44 differ to stop this?
  13. Mca blue reviews

    I got a set of blues on my 180 running 6/4s. I drove it down from townsville to brissy. Wasn't uncomfy at all. It does roll a little on the track but again I'm running stock 20yr old sway bars which I'll be replacing with whitelines. I can't speak highly enough of them
  14. Hi guys Has anyone in the brissy area had a cut and shut sr to vg box? If so where and how much and did you have any dramas with fitment. Is anyone parting out a car and selling the kit? Thanks guys
  15. my so to be 1480sx

    it is simple lol..... apart from the everything. this is pretty much it once it gets tuned ill leave it for a while. buying a honda when i move to bris and a cheap mini shell when one comes up