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  1. MMA chat

    exactly right hey. overeems been in the sport for a long time now and has the experience and skills to take most other fighters down. yeah jds has good hands. but overeem has those crazy uberknees and also some very strong leg kicks and hes agile for his size too which is a big bonus to have when your as big as him. as for the werdum fight overeem was very smart in that fight fair enuff it wasnt the most entertaining fight but werdum didnt wanna stand up with him so he tried to lure overeem to his game which is the ground he didnt fall for it. as they say why play someone elses game plan when you have your own game plan to diffuse what the other fighters trying to do.
  2. Martial Arts

    hey mate theres sum really good gyms in qld. what city are u living in atm?
  3. MMA chat

    gotta laugh at ppl who thought overeem was going to get smashed, so many ppl are ignorant when it comes to fighters etc. ive been a huge fan of overeem for a couple yrs now. the reason most ppl havent heard of him coz he hasnt been in the ufc until now. hes a very accomplished fighter in both his stand up and ground game. i think hes going to give the HW division a bit of a shake up.
  4. splitting exercises

    yeah im going to start doing that from next tuesday, yeah thats very true. i just want to have a good core n power with speed n agility but still be big enough if u know what i mean. yeah i make sure im doing good form with everything i do with weights. im doing 3 sets of 10 with my weights atm. should i drop it down to 8 reps then use more weight but keep good form. thanks for all the help guys really appreciate it.
  5. splitting exercises

    yeah i dont wanna leave legs out though as they play a major part in martial arts. like my shoulders legs n triceps r growing faster then my chest n biceps. would doing isolation exercises for the biceps make them work harder n grow as well?
  6. splitting exercises

    im carrrying a little bit of fat now at 119kgs. i do have a bit of speed for my size which im lucky to have. ahhhhhh yep. thanks el freako. im trying to put on lean muscle not so much bulk i would be happy to put on 10kgs of muscle on overall.
  7. MMA

    as a fighter myself i would do a minimum 6months before you even think bout jumping in the ring or the cage, you will know when you feel comfortable enough to have your 1st fight, if your looking for sum decent muaythai/kickboxing gyms in adelaide prob the best one to head to would be flinders uni gym trained by alan wong i think it is. there are alot of good gyms in adelaide/SA. training to fight is intense you have to have an amazing endurance to last the whole fight, only drama with going up in weight is the higher the weight the bigger they get,
  8. splitting exercises

    yeah im in the super heavyweight category. n the lowest ive gotten down to is 102kgs i felt to drained at that weight n had no strength like i usually do wen i would fight at 108ish kgs, ok tuesday: seated row x3 dips x5 chin ups x5 hack squatx3 bicep curlsx3 tricep rope pulldownsx3 chest press with machines x3 thursday chest press on those big balls x3 bent over pull upsx3 push up/pull downsx3 lungesx3 arnie pressx3 then saturdays i alternate back to the first one.
  9. splitting exercises

    im in toowoomba. i mostly do compound exercises. i feel im not doing enuff on my biceps or chest like doesnt feel like im working them to their full potential. i am 6'3 and 119kgs atm. i started off at 113-114kgs before i started doing weights 2 months ago.
  10. splitting exercises

    thanks for the reply mate. ahhhhh yeap. thanks heaps hey. i did have a young guy doing a program up for me. i felt it wasnt working my chest enough or biceps as in just working that one muscle group. so thats why im asking the questions now. ive been doing heap of research since posting this up on which exercises i should be doing to get the results i want. i also do my cardio side of training mon.wed n fridays, thanks for the reply
  11. hey guys i couldnt find any info on this on here. so after my last fight in august in melb ( i do muay thai) i fought a massive tongan lad who destroyed me lol. i decided i need to get alot bigger, ive been doing weights for 2months now and im seeing results. but now im wondering what days i should be doing what exercises. as my triceps and legs r growing quicker than my biceps n chest. for example tuesday - chest/biceps thursday - triceps/back saturday - legs/calves does this sound right or should i be doing different ones together or swapping some of them. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  12. Gym wankers

    So true many blokes think this when they sign up for some martial arts training. I known this guy for years for example. He has always talked so much shit about weights and boxing when ever he gets on his egotistical rants all you have to do is just agree or go "oh really" "wow" "crazy" as he mutters on. I used to train in the next room to him in a pcyc. Anyway he had been talking up how his boxing trainer said hes fully ready to start going to professional and that he was going to get him to spar this guy to initiate him or someshit. So I said to my trainer I wanted to go watch this guy spar and as I walk in I see his trainer talking to a well toned guy. Then I hear this dude talk, he was mega gay as in HOMOS-EXUAL, also it turned out the guy I know had to spar the fairy. The dude I know GOT ANNIHILATED!! I was trying to hold in my laughter so I just left. I saw him a week later or so when I was at the pub and I asked him how he went knowing he didnt know I was there aaaand he went on with his bullshit. meanwhile his mate he trains with walked up behind him mid conversation and proceeded to explain how he got trounced by that gay guy. Pretty much everyone at the bar heard everything and were pissing themselves laughing. Hes quietened down a lot these days. i couldnt agree more hey. hahaha. i hate telling ppl i train in martial arts coz i dont want to come accross as a tryhard. but it is very true guys who join upto martial arts n think they have wat it takes straight away. it takes alot of discpline n hard training n listening to ur trainer to improve all the time. i learn sumthing new everytime i train which is awesum.
  13. Gym wankers

    I heard they call u iron mike aswell at your gym to. lol ummmm nah they dont call me iron mike. they just call me plain old carter lol
  14. What multi are you using?

    i use vital strength multivitamins and 4 fish oil a day n when i get sore throat or runny nose i take airborne immunity tablets its gone in 2-3days taking 2 a day. they work well
  15. Gym wankers

    hahahahah wow. i do muay thai n get alot of dudes come thru who think they r awesum after like 2wks of training. had this 1 dude talk himself up soo much n i hate doing this but my trainer told me to give him a bit of a touch up n put him in his place sparring.