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  1. Convert S15 Halogen to OEM HID using donor headlight

    Thanks for the info mate, yeah the more I learn the more intricate a job it's sounding and likely to not end too well, when I get a chance and find a light I will just go about restoring and swapping over lense and repair as best I can I think. But I'll see how it goes.
  2. CA18 blew in my face.

    Ahaha, yeah the best sort of pressure release by the sounds of it, never trust a dirty CA....an SR would never do you like that
  3. Convert S15 Halogen to OEM HID using donor headlight

    Defs not a bad idea swapping over the lens provided I pick one up good nick/cheap but I don't live in a big city though, nothing available locally ATM so can't inspect first..... but I'll see how the rest of the light is once seperated, the inside (beyond just the lens) looks like it may be a bit sun damaged and along the seal is very spotty but that may come good once re sealed..... And fix the 'previously broken & plastic welded' broken mounting tab, perhaps I could use your melted plastic method as per your interior panel repair I read recently? haha So it's an option but still wouldn't mind knowing exactly how to go about the brand new halogen method
  4. Convert S15 Halogen to OEM HID using donor headlight

    I haven't purchased any yet, the right was replaced with a brand new HID under insurance after tiny fender bender, for the price of a new halogen (around $300) and swap over hardware myself, I think it's worth it for a brand new looking front end, also the plastic mounting tab on the left has broken again. I'm a little hesitant buying second hand as it will be via the net and people are so loose with terms like 'VGC' and 'excellent condition'
  5. Basically I have factory HID headlights on my S15, a brand new right and one old worn left headlight. Want to replace the left with a new one but no way I'm spending around $1K/plus on one headlight so thought maybe I could get a new halogen and retrofit the hardware from my old one. Just wanted to know if anyone has done this before? Any tips, tricks or precautions? From what I understand I can use the ballast and socket from my donor light and fit it to the new one but it's a bit of a stuff around? Thanks, Any advice or info would be great. And yes I have given them a good polish with the 3 step Novus kit, and done again using the sand paper restoration but still quite cloudy and cr@p compared to the right....May try using a heat gun to seperate the body and clean the inside but I still feel for the price of a new halogen and how nice new S15 headlights look it will be worth it to replace if I can.
  6. Tool Deal - Stanley tool sets!

    I've had this crescent 148pc kit for about 10 years, great little kit, very handy, use it all the time and it's even stayed nice and shiny while my sidchrome sets looks a bit cr@p now, only $99 on sale or $148 normally, used to be at dick smith, supercheap, bunnings etc. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B000BQMLLY?pc_redir=1414050645&robot_redir=1 Seen them recently but can only find this 170pc at bunnings for $148 http://www.bunnings.com.au/crescent-170pce-tool-kit-with-carry-case_p6110537
  7. Z32 AFM - any knock offs? best price?

    Also I am just replacing mine so I dont need plug connecter, just afm
  8. RE: Z32 AFM As mentioned Im just wondering wether I have to watch out for cheap knock offs on ebay etc.? Also wheres the best place to purchase and best price? Cheers
  9. KRISS- yep that's the plan, just waiting on a mate to borrow one before I bought a new one. RAGOUL?- what you described sounds exactly like the problem I'm having....unfortunately, What was the actual problem and cause?, what can I look for ? CHRIS2712- had a look at my sensor voltages etc. look normal....from memory anyway, don't have FP gauge so will test that and perform other checks now... Edit - btw thanks guys for the input, appreciate it
  10. Yeah I'm not too happy with the workshop here or thier tuning efforts, Some of the local lads have organised for Chea from Powertune to come up here and tune some cars in a few months so I was actually hoping to wait until then and get it retuned....... This may seem a little stupid but is it possible that a stuffed AFM could have been causing the airflow warning? And could it have caused this current problem? as it may have been leaning out or something due to inaccurate readings in regards to Air:Fuel ratios? I'm pretty sure I need a new AFM because it hunts and has a really rough idle at start up and has been running a little rough all over, I cleaned the AFM a couple of times and it improved a lot but only for a day or so then it goes bad again.
  11. Car: JDM S15 Engine: SR20DET Modifications: GT2871r, 740cc inj, HKS step 1 cams, etc. I have a slight rattle in my engine, more of a slight crackling sound that happens upon acceleration at fairly low revs now but initially was when it came on boost, It's not constant, It doesn't sound like tappits or big end bearing and has me a little stumped as its only happens upon acceleration once I get close to 3,000rpm in 3rd gear mostly but not only in 3rd, it just started happening and I was able to drive my car conservatively without it happening (as its my daily) but now it's gotten worse and is hard to avoid so I don't want to drive it at all, before this noise happened my engine light was flashing when I boosted my car which I found out through my power fc was airflow warning and not engine knock. I noticed my engine light has flashed a couple of times now (off boost though) when i was getting this rattle but not every time and I fear that it might be detonation but haven't checked yet..... I apologise if this is a little hard to follow, Any help would be appreciated as I'm an apprentice now, I can't afford to fix it straight away and would like to have some idea of what the problem is before speaking to a mechanic as I haven't had a lot of luck with the mechanics locally in the past..... Cheers
  12. Epic car fail thread

    Whoa str8e all I can say is shoot me first because that looks insanely terrible and overboard, looks like there's an S14 under all that hideousness too, what a shame. The following is a something a little different but an epic fail none the less... Edit- Also since ns covered the text with thier logo and it's a little hard to read it says- ''If you are going to f**k up anyway, you might as well f**k up in such a way that it leaves people wondering how the f**k did you do that''
  13. Epic car fail thread

    Yeah I posted that bad boy up about a week ago or so, very hideous indeed. Needs moar..... Car compactor
  14. Epic car fail thread

    This is a relatively common and easy to fix fail but it still pisses me off, veilside or whatever the puck this bodgykit is do not suit any cars! .....it doesn't flow with the lines of the body, if anything it fights against them for attention like a spoilt child......why do people think these kits look good? That is all
  15. Fabrication Pics Thread

    Subscribing Edit- btw sidies, def like the airbox and feed