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  1. S15 dash + interior for sale

    Do you still have the boot trim? Do you still have the boot trim? Do you still have the boot trim?
  2. Looking for front left hub for s15, anyone!
  3. 2 jdm s15 grey and white and a white 180 on hindley st at about 1am lastnight
  4. Defect clearance

    Easy 1 night at the cas Except the massive hole that just got burnt through your pocket.
  5. Defect clearance

    Give autotec in dry creek 2gs and u dont have to worry about a thing
  6. R32 and r34 both black looking Sharp being followed by a white civic on Marion road Richmond road intersection. The r32 had nice orange rims
  7. Rough Black Sil80 on prospect road I was in the white s15
  8. That guy come in for and ID check in the morning
  9. Red rx7 with number plates chetti on findon road at around 8am, looking smooth man
  10. OMG, if you do not know KRZJET, then plz dont post.....
  11. I tried, it is a KENWOOD DPX-MP6110U, it says at the top 2009,,
  12. Stolen!!! lol, nah, I bought the car, and the serial number has been cut out of the unit,
  13. Hi, Does anyone here knows who owned KRZJET number plate, it is pearl whilte JDM S15, Anyone knows the owner (who had it), I need to know the stereo security code, Cheers
  14. Do u guys have a s15 front bar preferably BN style