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  1. All Japan Day

    That's it every s15 has the same roof spoiler, front lip, duck wing etc, looks great but has been done before was more so my point, but yeah to each their own.
  2. All Japan Day

    which gram ?
  3. All Japan Day

    I went through heaps of facebook pages and people took heaps of photos of mostly the same cars and I think I had about 3 photos, the people seem not to like my s15 and more so the 'ricey' ones. etc
  4. All Japan Day

    I was thinking the same thing
  5. All Japan Day

    Shit your're on the door, goodluck with my entrant sheet as Im not sure how to fill It out let alone someone read it haha
  6. All Japan Day

    I actually entered my car for the first time so should be fun
  7. S15 temp gauge always on high

    like pmod said its just super suss there was no issue in regards to starting and now you have this issue, I recently got my car back from the mechanic after a fmic install. and they claimed by boost gauge was faulty. Once I got the car back I drove down the road and the car was boost cutting. What they did was install the fmic with a boost leak then wind out the boost-t to compensate the leak and the gauge was showing 7-8 psi It literally took me 2 minutes to hear the leak and the boost cut and they're the qualified mechanics apparently.
  8. Modern cars

    I know my luck, I will buy the 86 and Nissan will release an s16
  9. Modern cars

    I currently have an s15 and have been looking at the Toyota 86, when they came out I never really took notice but the past week I was looking all through their sites at options and models available and they're growing on me, just don't know if I will think its to slow. but 147kw is very similar to my turbo s15 so who knows
  10. Our loved silvias slowly becoming obsolete

    I did have this conversation with myself when I sold my r33 for the hope of buying a 'newer' car in the same style, I like to think my 2001 s15 isn't to old but at the same time I know its not the newest car going around. I personally think it still has the timeless two door sports car look, mine I bought stock and have changed a couple of things without making it look to like mentioned above; drift spec or hoon material. I actually had a couple of people think it was one of the newer sports cars and didn't know it was a Silvia. Now days most skylines I see have drift dents and are pretty pig, obviously I don't mean 100% of them but Adelaide has some great looking s15's around. I do love the low seating position in my car and that driving feel you get.
  11. Alrighty after hours of changing things, looking for leaks we took off the fmic and put back on the smic, still not boosting, same issue so now its down to the actuator or possibly a crumbled cat restricting flow, either way both will be checked and go from there. would be really bad luck if my actuator died when I got to the mechanic, then again it has happened to my old r33 with the starter motor dying at the shop
  12. no I have not taken the pipes off yet, was more looking for a loose something but as the bov doesn't seem to be getting the pressure theres got to be like you said a blockage to the bov or something in that area
  13. haha yeah, well if they cant fix it on tuesday i guess thats my next option, still just trying to think of where the line is blocked so the bov isnt seeing the pressure
  14. I had to get to a family dinner and couldn't stay longer which was annoying
  15. If I wasn't having boost issues I wouldn't care, but planning on running 10psi and leaving the shop with 2 psi