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  1. Targa Tasmania 2008

    This year I'm working on the targa down here and it is a lot of fun and so much eye candy to look at. Though not enough silvias.
  2. Swords

    Nod nod, thats what my family has. It's in bad nick but damn it's sharp.
  3. Hard rally corner

    It really doesn't look like that bad of a corner either, very loose surface gravel though.
  4. Deftones

    Yeah didn't see em this time but spewing about it. None of my mates wanted to go. friggin pansys
  5. Damn that would be some feeling huh.
  6. front bar

    Yeah I think the 180's sit's further forward.
  7. I need one of these aswell. Most interested in finding the part num. Must be the season.
  8. the drug buses are out already

    Having watched someone suffering from a G overdose in a fit and foaming at the mouth while her "friends" were telling her to stop it because they'll get kicked out, has changed the way I look at it. It's a crap crap drug and makes people act like f**ks. Top that off with it been very easy to overdose on and yeah, makes perfect sense to take the crap. G is bad, ok.
  9. That's pretty damn cool. How long does it take to fill up? IE charge the battery's?
  10. The Pigeon Flutter pic

    so now that everyone is happy again, can we have some more dodgy pidgeon pics please?
  11. weird problem

    Had similar problem but with smoke, on boost was fine, off boost it was struggling. checked my o2 and that was badly clogged. WD40 soke and it was all good, the dodgy manual boost controller was causing it to run rich (smoke)replaced that and it's been fine since.
  12. Bit of smoke coming from turbo.

    White smoke is generally a sign of oil burning in your turbo, so could be a cracked gasket or worse, I'd gently drive it to your local shop to get them to check it. If you caught it early it might not be to bad.
  13. I run mine on the shell 100 octane and it's running the best it ever has. So most definetly yes. Oh so much better then BP/Mobile/Shell 98's. Mines a 92' 180 so yours should also be fine.
  14. strange problem

    I had a very similar problem. I cleaned my exhaust sensor, checked the connection on the AFM and ran some injector cleaner through and this seemed to fix it. Hasn't happened for approx 6 months now anyway.
  15. My engine bay is so messy

    You are missing the cover for your coil pack but apart from that, looks fairly standard.