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  1. Oops did I crash someones thread? I though it was a general intercooler piping thread. Should read the topic better next time, my bad.
  2. Haha yeah I know.. he wanted it stealth though, it was only the intercooler and the pipe work around the cooler painted black, was hidden quite well.

    Haha kemp, as said above only for size purpose lol. Wtf is going on with that radiator hahaha

    Building a GTiR at the moment for somebody. Heres a part of the exhaust I pulled off it, I was horrified.
  5. Fabrication Pics Thread

    Alloy bead I did the other day.
  6. Oval Exhaust System

    Id be more worried about not being able to run a cat becuase of the shape of the tube then abit of ground clearance...
  7. Fabrication Pics Thread

    Did this fuel system for a 32 GTR.
  8. Havent taken many pics of much work ive done lately.. but got a couple of a 32 gtst with a rb25, I did a turnflow intercooler kit, precision 5858 turbo (3076) on stock manifold with a tial 44mm wastegate off the rear housing. 400rwhp on 17psi pump 98.
  9. how to do lobster back piping

    Tried that, the bend off the rad is to tight and ya cant get the tourch in behind the pipe, hard to see in the pic but the radiator outlet pipe goes further past the snout on the motor side
  10. how to do lobster back piping

    Ive nearly always just fused my exhausts together, even the dump pipes ect on decent hp cars and never had a problem. Heres a lobster back raidator pipe I did on my own car, had no other choice really theres next to no room at all to get any sort of hose in there-
  11. street / drag 180sx

    Cars all wired up now, just waiting on radiator basicly. Cars booked in for its tune on the 14th on january. I finished the exhaust, 5" dump to full 4" system with 5" bodied cat and still 125mm off the ground so cant get nailed by the cops. Trying to keep this thing all legit. Plumbed the wastegate in also.
  12. street / drag 180sx

    Lololol yeah, shitbox it is kemp
  13. street / drag 180sx

    Cheers guys.. if I had the time over again kemp id have a 71mm on there.. im sure one will come in due time though haha
  14. street / drag 180sx

    Cheers man. Yeah trying to keep it nice and sedate looking to suprise a few people