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  1. Adaptronic Ecu - S Chassis

    Up for sale is a brand new Adaptronic Ecu. Australian made ECU that competes with the likes of Haltech with the bonus of having excellent Australian support if anything goes wrong. Do your research these are great ecu's this a solid rep. To many features to list, check out this link - http://www.adaptronic.com.au/product/esel010/ Ecu is made for the S series cars to plug and play, however I can have the ecu sent to adaptronic to change over the port and base tune to any other nissan they list on their website for $50 which will be any Skyline or Z32 model. $1200 Ono
  2. power estimate

    ok cool. thats the go anyway zac. still dunno whether to do a 1200 ute or a 1600 2dr coupe?? any opinons or suggestions?? also anyone out there running sr20det's with big power on an auto transmission cause would like to know what set up they are using also cheers
  3. power estimate

    ok, im open to other suggestions as i am new to the sr20det game. what kind of power are these things capable of etc, etc
  4. new to this forum guys, but have been doing a bit with rb25det's earlier on however its time to build a Datsun 1600 so the donk of choice is a sr20det. now been doing some research and have found some good parts. however plan to do a full engine rebuild with a 2.35L stroker kit. of course there will be bigger fuel system and all supporting elements, ecu, drivetrain, etc, etc. yet the turbo of choice is going to be preferably a high mount from garret. question is how big can i go to still have boost come on round 4 - 4500 and run low 10's? and what kind of power figures would i expect? cheers