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  1. We're re-selling a product that another company has sold for a tad over 2 years now with no reported failures and nothing but positive feedback. The cams don't have 10+ years of feedback like Tomei, HKS, Greddy etc. however I personally know of both engines with HKS and Tomei cams having had a catastrophic failure. Might be one offs but it can and does happen. As this isn't a product that we have developed we have limited "proof" that these will install without issue or will outlast other manufacturers. If you're not comfortable with that, then by all means buy a different brand. If it were a GKTECH developed product I'd have plenty of evidence but in this instance I don't. Here's a video of one of the first cars that is running the HFM cams. https://www.facebook...?type=3 They are based on a BC S14/S15 VCT camshaft but will also fit an S13 without VCT. As I'm sure you're aware dowel pins are interchangeable across the cams. I don't know if that's correct unless you're running an 800hp setup. If by killing suspension arms you mean that the bearings wore out on your KKR arms, they're a $20 consumable ($10 with our range of suspension arms). If it were the arm that broke I'd agree with you but a bearing is a consumable albeit most Chinese ones are shit. We don't retype the same set of FAQ's for every one of the 150+ items that we make for S-chassis' but I've removed the reference of rose joints. It obviously came from a suspension arm FAQ set. I have, on both.
  2. Did you contact them for a replacement? My understanding is that from the hundreds that they sold only a handful had an issue. No I have not, for $157 I would just buy a new one. I'm guessing from you user name you are Mr GKTECH and also guessing from your interest in this topic you are the supplier of goods to Holford motors??? There is no need to purchase a new one as Domenic from Holford Motors would gladly swap it over if there is an issue. He has been around a long time and there is a reason for that. We are reselling some products from Holford Motors and Domenic is a personal friend of 10+ years, hence my response in here. Greg
  3. I know both Trent Hewitson and Bill Elhaouli have both tuned a fair few cars with them installed.
  4. The cams are not a new product. They've sold them for 12+ months and sold a few hundred sets now with fantastic feedback. Why are they so cheap? There's not 4 sets of hands that they have to go through before they get to the customer. They go from the factory to the retailer and due to the large levels of stock that HFM have (across the board) we're helping them clear some of that stock. As above. They're not new. As for dyno charts I don't have any myself (we've only just started retailing these) but there were a few posted in the Silvia Owners Group on FB.
  5. Did you contact them for a replacement? My understanding is that from the hundreds that they sold only a handful had an issue.
  6. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    time for some more testing. Expected intro price of $199/pair, 40mm roll center correction and will see a tad over 60 degrees of lock. Bolt on lock
  7. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    Some love for Skyline owners is coming
  8. IN STOCK NOW @ $14. Alternatively, spend more than $100 (excluding freight) on our website and get a car key screwdriver end for free, spend more than $50 and you'll get one at half price ($7). Simply add the screwdriver to your cart and the discount will automatically appear. Check them out here: http://www.gktech.co...ar-key-end.html Note: key itself is not included in the above deal however is available for purchase for common vehicles at $4 as listed on our website. Deal ends on June 11th.
  9. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    They're still happening, I got married and then went on my honeymoon (currently nearing the end of it now). I've got 5 different samples being machined up all with different tolerances for the bearings, studs and grease catcher to test the different tolerances and see which fits best as the NSK bearing specs weren't right (too loose). The samples should be done in a few weeks and then we'll select the best fit and then get them into production (Y)
  10. Hi TN, Here is the response from HEL Australia in regards to the line and fitment: "Yes the cup on the fixed line will seal on the outer side of the dual fitting, this looks a bit deceiving but it does work, some people just don’t like the look of something so they automatically say it won’t work without trying it but it does work perfectly fine." Please also keep in mind that these lines are made in Australia and are made to exceed ADR specifications (and as such they're ADR approved). They're not some dodgy random brake line.
  11. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    That's what it looks like. This is what ours will do also (using S14/S15 hubs) due to the shrink fit setup on the factory R-chassis setup which couldn't be reused easily (if at all)
  12. I'm never heard of a universal fitting and the kits are not universal in any way. They are made to suit the few different cars as per seen on our website. This is exactly as they are purchased from HEL Australia by us and resold (at around 40% off what Cartel always sold them for)
  13. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    it's good to see companies thinking outside the box! I like it!
  14. Yes, the brake line looks like it's kinked (it needs to be installed on the caliper side first) and second to that, you need to mount it on the strut just like how the original brake line was mounted.
  15. Your information is incorrect and our kits are made by HEL Australia. Feel free to ask Dean from HEL Australia. The reason that our kits are cheaper? We buy 50+ kits at a time, we have low overheads and we're not greedy.