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  1. BESTLITTLEGARAGE PS13 ~~~[Vids Up!]

    its better now
  2. Fabricating a S13.4 Hybrid Valve Cover

    Theres plenty of peno in those welds, not to mention the cover will be bolted down so it should be fine to grind back to make smooth again.
  3. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    bought some cst's and test fitted the buddy clubs also bought 20mm wide body guards which actually fit the same as my rolled metal guards (i dented one)
  4. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    Cheers buddy! Actually considering painting it red.. i hate black haha
  5. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    clutch issue was pissing me off so we drove over to raleigh for DCA matsuri to have a sus. epic weekend was epic and its an amazing track! got home and go stuck into the car, box went back in and we tried to change slaves. but while doing so all the threads came out of the bell housing. oops! finally helicoiled it but still no clutch. changed lines, nothing. changed master and found it was leaking! success? i hoped so, then i was silly and decided to do drift prac at 2:30... mallala is an hour from my house and started at 5pm. rushed around and got a trailer while my brother and made put the car back together. car had no front end, needed wiring etc etc. left mine at 5pm and got out at 6pm just as my group was going out. First session i did i had huge understeer issue but delt with it and just threw the car harder. got into the pits and checked pressures, fronts were at 5psi and rear 35psi. oops! i had cracked one my front Uras's so put the rear xt7's and kendas on the front. hence the 50psi. 2nd session went wayyyy harder but popped the front tyre off the bead on t1. had to drive around the whole track and luckily didnt even rash my rim. blasted it on again then went out for one more lap. 3rd / 4th session went smoothly, did a few tandems but my tyres were pretty f**ked but ehhhh just keep driving and adapt to it. car also had a werid stutter which i later found out was the battery terminal popping off. was pretty damn happy i hardly had to touch it and the kendas lasted me all night. but the whole night i still had no clutch!! was having to shift with rev's and just drive very aggressive as i could clutch kicks and handbrake is for girls. so got home, sussed the peal box and found my issue... now i have clutch so bring on the private day soon. might chuck the boost tee on give it some more ponies
  6. lower, add some neg camber done. Although cops dont like that
  7. Loki's zil80

  8. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    wow i havent updated this in a while!! Did stadium drift round1 and came 3rd after i was a shit *milkshake* and spun Painted the front end and put a smaller FMIC core on as it was getting warm. then headed out to mallala drift prac, wasnt a bad night but bent toe arm's ended the night when i snapped all the mounts off my fuel cell and it ended upside down in the boot. so the Car went back to MetalCrew fabrications to fix that. now.... i kinda got carried away haha. Installed a typex front bar, made a nudge bar, gave it a more aggressive wheel alignment then did Satdium drift round2. Ended up coming 5th because i drove like shit all day. Car felt under powered and just wasnt liking life. Turns out my lift pump died and took my 044 with it. So on the trailer it went! Car went back to Metalcrew where i fixed a few things and installed a new aeroflow and carter fuel pumps. Drove the car home and got defected + a fine. was never 100% happy with the low mount wing so bought a s14 dmax wing and roof wing.
  9. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    Yep! I wanna chuck a 25 turbo and my pfc in soon as a tad more power would be nice. I just love how it feels! Im An agressive driver so the low power snappy set up suits me :
  10. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    So alot has happened since i was on here last!! Ended up comp testing my other motor and finding it was quite low so a cheap shell popped up which came with an rb20, box, JIC coilovers and other goodies stupid cheap. so picked that up and reshelled. Unfortuantly it wasnt all fun and games but it came out alright! we ended up tubing the front end purely because we could which turned out minto. installed my solid rear end, pulled engine out to replace everything etc etc. worked till 4:30am getting it finished the morning of prac as we came across alot of stupid issues just clutch not working and my waterpump let go. then work up and hour later to drive it to the wheel aligners. ended up getting pulled over, no defect and the copper escorted me to the the shop! got home only to find my rear calipers f**ked out, so swapped the, 30mins before my tow rocked up. Got to drift prac and the car drove sweet all night! For a dead stock rb20 it goes hard! Spec list Engine: Low km rb20det Rb20 turbo Custom cooler piping Oil cooler Custom radiator set up NPC h/d organic clutch Hardened engine mounts Nismo box mount Suspsension Front: 25mm extended s14 lca's S13 ball joints SMM Drift Modded knuckles Ikeya Formula rack ends S14 Tie rod ends Superpro rack bushes Cusco Castor rods with offset bushes Aftermarket s13 5 stud hubs R33 brakes Braided lines Suspension rear: Cusco camber arms KKR Toe arms Random China traction arms 5 bolt shafts 4.3 welded r200 solid subframe risers Subframe brace plates Braided brake lines Accessories: Uras ns02 17x9+15 Mesh 17x9+10 P1 buddy clubs 17x9+37 Uras exsol 18x9+30 Nardi woodgrain steering wheel Bride zeta seat Yashio factory okachan Greddy Gauges Fuel cell 044 / merc lift pump Surge tank carbon boot aftermarket Pods, Skirts, Front bar Dmax bonnet
  11. Storm Trooper

    Ignore me, for some reason i thought you must've been in sa Shame because there was decently hot chick in the passenger seat
  12. Storm Trooper

    spotted near the freeway today?
  13. RB30 into S13 Silvia Help!

    tailshaft: S13 Manual shaft. Diff: Anyone will bolt up. im running a 4.3 ratio r200