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  1. Club stickers

    Will do thanks for the reply
  2. Club stickers

    Hay guys I need to have some stickers printed they have been designed and have the files ready looking for a place in sydney that can do them if you know somewhere please post up thank you
  3. Fujitsubo Rm01a catback S14/S15 SOLD

    the blitz one he put on is as close to blast pipes you can get without actually putting blast pipes on hahahahah
  4. Fujitsubo Rm01a catback S14/S15 SOLD

    Heard his car with this on I can say it sounds really really good and the best part it's not to loud good buy whoever gets it
  5. S15 catback and more

    Catback and both mufflers sold other parts still here
  6. S15 catback and more

    Hi guys I have a blitz nur spec catback thats on my s15 selling as its to loud for me as I work night shift and live next to an old fart it is in good shape just has scratches under the resonate as its the lowest part asking $375 pick up only also have a xforce twin tip axle back that bolts up to the blitz system will sell for $100 with the blitz or $200 on its own. Finally have s15 coils $100 stock ecu $100 and a k&n pod filter $30 located in sydney SMS on 0405642075 thanks. Can SMS pics and will try get some up tonight.
  7. WTB: Stock S15 Wheels

    I have a set but haven't found new rims to buy if some come up I will let you know
  8. Advice on a 93 TT Soarer

    Very boat like slow and boring in stock form you will get sick of that mod it and it will be just like any other modded car been there done that haha
  9. So who is this that made it on ACA?

    The fact that he changed his profile pic to this makes me hope he gets away with it hahahaha
  10. So who is this that made it on ACA?

    Well there is pics up of the 2 cars at the front of there house now
  11. So who is this that made it on ACA?

    I find the hole thing funny well anything that AAC shows is a joke. I mean sure he should be doing it on a track but oh well we all do stupid things and even if they find the cars there's no proof of who was driving and no plates means not registerd in anyone's name. Also that truck driver what a nob if your driving a big ass truck and you see "hoons" doing this maybe slow down like I do near taxi drivers not stay on it and beep. If this was filmed in Japan with someone like team burst that are known for street drift everone would be loving it. Anyway would be nice to get the name of imports out of the dirt so I don't get pulled over on the way to work and this dosnt help.
  12. Car not running enough boost

    I can see you pic but what are the blue lines off the boost tee running to? Also is your boost tee facing the right way should be an arrow on it if not it will just block the pipe and have no effect on boost?
  13. S15 not reaching full boost

    Sorry but why would you have to change all these things just so the turbo can make boost my old evo had stock piping exept a cat back changed the turbo to fp green had no trouble making 30psi. If the car was making the boost and power before something has gone wrong.
  14. S15 not reaching full boost

    Internal gate getting stuck and not closing all the way? I had it happen to any old turbo and it wouldn't make boost under 4k