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  1. Roll Cage

    Hi Guys, Just a quick note to let you know we are open right throughout Christmas and the New Year holiday period. Closed public holiday only. Hope Santa is kind to you! Cheers, Redlee
  2. Roll Cage

      Hi Brad, Yes mate, well spotted and very good point. I checked up and that particular cage was built for a customer in early 2011. The regulations at the time stated: 3.2.3“Backstays: These are compulsory and must be attached near the roofline and near the top outer bends of the main roll bar on both sides of the car" When connecting a diagonal brace or stay to a main hoop or lateral bar, a maximum of 100mm is normally allowed from the bend for the connection. When a cage is built it needs to comply with the regulations at the time of certification. For those of you out there considering a new cage build, CAMS are about to introduce the biggest change in regulations for CAMS approved cages in the last 10 years. The review of regs for 2012 includes the following regulation: 2.14 Backstay "a straight and near-longitudinal member located rearward between the top of the main roll bar or of a lateral roll bar, and the body shell/chassis" For the guys out there that are currently getting a cage built, if the paperwork is submitted before December 31st, 2011, the cage will only be required to comply with the regulations in force for the 4th quarter of 2011. Complicated isn't it! That's what we're here for. Redlee
  3. Roll Cage

    Hi Whistle, hi Muski, Thanks for your enquiry guys. We can most definately ship to other states and yes we can provide you with rough pricing for the different sorts of cages. If you guys would be kind enough to go to http://www.agi-precision.com.au/contact-us/ and leave your contact details and details about your model of car or kind of cage you're after I'll make sure you both have an answer or a quote within 24 hours. All the best. Redlee
  4. Roll Cage

    Hi guys, Just wanted to update you on our roll cage business. We started advertising on the forum a couple of months ago and we've had a huge response from the Silvia community so thank you guys!!! Three more Silvia cages booked in this month so there are plenty of you out there! To check out who we are again please click on www.agi-precision.com.au I thought I'd just upload a couple of pictures of recent roll cage jobs we've completed so anyone out there who is thinking of getting a cage can see what we do. There is a lot that goes into deciding what sort of cage you need, full cage of half cage? How to be CAMS or ANDRA compliant and do you choose a bolt-in or weld-in option? We can help answer all your questions and get the right cage into your car. Our bolt-in cages are assembled on our purpose built jig (check out the picture below) This was a drift spec half cage for a Nissan 180SX. Here's another one we did for a Nissan Silvia S14 drift car. And here's our in-house roll cage jig. We use it to make sure each and every piece fits correctly and all our bars are matched and pre-drilled for effortless installation, takes a massive amount of that particular headache away! So guys, any questions or enquiries or if you just want to chat call us on (02) 9584 2002 or if you're ever in the Sydney area drop in to the workshop and say g'day! And remember to check our www.agi-precision.com.au, great site and it shows you what else we do too. Roll cage jig pictured with a Nissan 180SX bolt-in full cage

    Wow. that is some crazy stuff!
  6. Hi Guys, I work for a company that has just specially developed this harness bar for the Subaru STI WRX MY11. It's a 3 in 1 Harness bar, camera mount and strut brace and the only one around for this model at the moment. Pretty cool hey! Check it out at http://www.agi-precision.com.au/ Give Adam a call to chat about anything you want to get tricked up for your Subaru. Cheers, Redlee
  7. Hi there guys, New member to the forum, put onto it by a client and have recently bought some banner advertising on Hardtuned.net so yes, this is a business plug! www.agi-precision.com.au is the business and basically we run an automotive fabrication company. Experienced in everything from motorkhana to circuit racing to F1 we can supply custom fabrication for any vehicle. Check out the website to find out more about the company, our experience and the products we supply. In the latest news, we have recently set up a second roll cage jig which gives us great accuracy and repeatibility on our roll cage designs. Check out the photos below for a completed CAMS approved Nissan 180SX bolt-in roll cage for circuit use that we recently shipped out to a client. It's a pretty clean workshop hey!! Give us a call if you have any questions or queries or just want to chat about all things custom! Redlee